Was the NT Originally Written in Hebrew?

For more information on evidence that much of the NT was originally written in Hebrew, do an internet search of Dr. Miles R. Jones. I have watched many of his videos, and am intensely intrigued by his scholarship and discoveries.


5 thoughts on “Was the NT Originally Written in Hebrew?

  1. I have read Vol 1 and 2 of Dr Mile’s books and just received the “Writing of God.” Yes. His books are fascinating reading and are personally recommended. He posits something most interesting: the alphabet was given at Mr Sinai by God Himself (!) Also something more—“the Jew’s Passover” was an added phrase in the gospel account was not in the original account.

    • Just found out about him and ordered all of his books today. I have watched a lot of his videos, and think that he’s on to something. Am also blessed that he’s pro-Torah and a Hebrew roots guy. This adds to his credibility as a truth seeker. Such a person is more likely to receive revelation of Truth.

    • Mike, which book/page does he mention the added phrase – “the Jew’s Passover”? (Personally, every time I’ve read that phrase, it struck me as odd. If anyone knew Whose Feast it is, it would be Yehudah.) And Natan, since the first believers/followers of Yeshua had to know Hebrew (since the Torah scrolls were written in that language, and they read/heard it every Shabbat) it makes sense that Abba would encourage us with the Hebrew gospels resurfacing in our day, would you agree? In recent times it is abundantly clear why liars (those who make a practice of it) won’t have a place in His Kingdom. I join you and Mike in encouraging others to check out this fascinating evidence being revealed.

  2. Ordered his books two weeks ago, currently reading “The Writing of God”.
    It seems a lot of archeological evidence has been suppressed by those who haven’t received a love of the truth. Natan, check out Bill Cooper, who dug up suppressed evidence for the Scriptures. He wrote: The Authenticity of the Book of Genesis. Also one each on the Books of: Daniel, Esther, Joshua, Judges and the N.T. Sandi can download on her Kindle, as copies are hard to come by (I ordered mine from England). As Yeshua stated, if the people don’t cry out, the rocks will — and they have.

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