The Godhead & the Trinity Discussed

Often people ask me what my view of “the Godhead” is: trinitarian, unitarian/ones, or binitarian? I say yes and no in respect to all of these labels in favor of what the Bible really teaches on the subject of “the Godhead”. This short video explains my thoughts on these matters.


4 thoughts on “The Godhead & the Trinity Discussed

  1. Your thoughts on the Nature of God was a worthwhile listen. Thanks for sharing what you understand about God and that you are always looking to understand what God reveals about Himself in Scripture. Men’s ideas will never reveal spiritual truth.

  2. Is YHWH 1,2,or 3? It is so simple:YHWH, the Father, Yeshua, YHWH’s word that bcame flesh.YHWH spoke the word Yeshua and Yeshua {the word] became the Son.Gen. 1 and YHWH said let there be light;YHWH said let there be animals, let there be birds,ect. These words did not become birds,animal trees ect. The words created all things.Yeshua is the Word that bcame flesh.The spirit is the breath of YHWH.

    • The Spirit merely being the breath of YHVH and not a separate entity is one interpretation, but not the only one as I mention on my video. We will agree to disagree on this point. But this is not a salvational issue nor a point that should divide people.

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