4 thoughts on “Whose Side Is God On? Russia or Ukraine? Democrats or Republican?… or?

  1. Yehovah is on Yeshua’s (left) side because Yeshua is on His right side! Truth and Righteousness. He preached the Truth-He pre-ached for us! Pray or be prey. Even so, come King Yeshua!

  2. This video was interesting because of something I heard recently. A well-known conservative commentator said on one day, whether he was talking to patriots or Americans or conservatives or everybody, I don’t know, but he said “Have faith because God is on our side“. Within a few days he said “About this evil agenda of our nation, God must be very angry with us and has good reason to punish us severely”. I thought to myself, wait a second, aren’t these two comments contradictory? Which is it, is He going to protect us, or is He going to punish us? This video attempts to answer that question.

  3. Not to deter from your message but…we up North in Canada call Trudeau Little Potato: aka Sparkly Socks boy.

    I agree with what you are saying. We are supposed to be on GOD’s side…Just like when Joshua came upon the Commander of Yah’s army. He asked Him whos side He was on. We all know what the Commander said to Joshua.

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