Biblical Reason to Claim a Medical Exemption

Well, I guess I’m part of an elite club now: The Censored-By-YouTube Club. I uploaded this same video to the Hoshana Rabbah YouTube channel last night, and they promptly banned it. They claimed my video contained medical misinformation—the devil worshipping liars and deceivers! But HalleluYAH!!! We ticked off the devil, which means we must be doing something right. Satan hates biblical Truth, especially when it goes against the Babylon the Great, New World Order narrative to kill, steal and destroy everything that is godly and righteous.

So, let’s see how long YouTube allows this video to stay up. Same video, different title.

If they ban this video, then I will establish a new channel on another platform that allows for free speech for the videos that the demonic spirit of Antichrist doesn’t like.

Stay tuned.…


4 thoughts on “Biblical Reason to Claim a Medical Exemption

    • That’s exactly what I did this morning. We’re on the same wave length. So far, the vid is still up. Also pled the blood of Yeshua over it and asked YHVH to make it invisible to the enemy’s eyes.

  1. Here in Tasmania, we had been virus free for most of the last 2 years. One month ago, they opened up to allow mainlanders in, as long as they were double v@cced. Now we have thousands of infected people and it has been mandated to wear masks inside public buildings, not outside though. Yesterday, I was walking through Hobart and was astonished to find that 90% of people chose on their own free will to wear masks outside. I felt, I was walking amongst zombies. Do they ever think about their lack of oxygen and breathing back in carbon dioxide? This will make them much more vulnerable to any disease. Maybe, the v@ccine has already affected their brain?
    95% of Australians have already accepted the stuff. Now, a new v@ccine has come onto the market and our pollies are hoping that the last 5 % will accept that new stuff. Madness!

    • Amazing how blind people are to the reality in front of them. Their minds have been so socially engineered, brainwashed by the mainstream propaganda that they are totally blind. Joseph Goebbles would have been proud!

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