Americans: Know Your Rights Concerning “Mandatory” [0v!D Injections

Many Americans are currently facing firings from their jobs because they are refusing to take the C0v!d-i9 shot. What are the issue here, and what are YOUR legal rights in this regard?

Refusal to take injections because of one’s sincerely held religious beliefs (this is a key phrase to remember) has been viewed by US law as a fundamental, God-given right since time in memorial. After all, who has the right to tell you what you can or cannot put into your body? Your body belongs to you, not to someone else or to some government entity. The basic issue is this: If someone can force you to put something into your body against your consent, then you no longer have God-given right of ownership over your own body. That is, you no longer own yourself, someone else does. When this occurs, you are now, by definition, a slave, who is under the control of a tyrant.

What are sincerely held religious beliefs? It is whatever YOU determine them to be at any moment in time. No other human except you has the right to question or to determine what your sincerely held religious beliefs are. YOUR religious beliefs are personal and are no one else’s business. This is because the US Constitution and other US laws guarantee the right to practice one’s religion freely as a God-given right, which cannot be infringed upon by government or anyone else (unless doing so violates certain other fundamental or basic human rights [such as taking the life of someone, or stealing from someone]).

Furthermore, no one has the right to ask you why you believe what you do, how long you have believed it, or to seek information regarding the tenets of your religious faith. Moreover, you do not need the stamp of approval from any religious “official” or organization confirming your sincerely held religious beliefs. Your faith is yours and yours alone. It is personal and belongs to you and is nobody else’s business. Do not tell those seeking this information anything about what your believe. Make no mistake, any information you give them in this regard can and will be used against you in order to bully you into going against your sincerely held religious beliefs.

Here are some informational resources to help you maintain your personal, Elohim (God)-given rights if you choose not to take any shot or injection:

  • Know your HIPAA (i.e., Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) rights. The HIPAA Act “The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a federal law that required the creation of national standards to protect sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient’s consent or knowledge. The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued the HIPAA Privacy Rule to implement the requirements of HIPAA. The HIPAA Security Rule protects a subset of information covered by the Privacy Rule,” (from For more information on the HIPAA Act rules and regulations including “Covered Entities,” and “Permitted Uses and Disclosures” go to
  • If your employer is demanding that you get a C0v!d-i9 shot, then your next step will be to file a complaint with the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. According to,

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is a federal agency that was established via the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to administer and enforce civil rights laws against workplace discrimination.[3]: 12, 21  The EEOC investigates discrimination complaints based on an individual’s race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, and retaliation for reporting, participating in, and/or opposing a discriminatory practice.[4]

The Commission also mediates and settles thousands of discrimination complaints each year prior to their investigation. The EEOC is also empowered to file civil discrimination suits against employers on behalf of alleged victims and to adjudicate claims of discrimination brought against federal agencies.

When confronted with an EEOC complaint and the threat of a lawsuit over YOUR religious rights, no right-minded employer is going to want take this on. Be aware of one thing, however. An employer can fire you for many other reasons that are not religious in nature. He may not like the way you comb your hair or the color of your pants. That is to say, an employer can fire you ostensibly for one reason, while, in reality, he is secretly firing you for another reason. That is why, as a child of Elohim, it behooves you to be the best employee possible, so that your employer will NOT want to fire you, for your loss to him will not be worth his enforcing the shot mandate on you. If your employer is recalcitrant with regard to the shot mandate for their employees, then civil litigation may to an option. At the same time, consider the idea that YHVH Elohim, the one who directs the footsteps of the righteous when they trust in him (see Ps. 37; 1, 3–7, 23–24), may be closing a door behind you, so that he can open the door to a better situation in front of you. Remember, the just shall walk by faith.

To learn more about your religious rights as protected by the EEOC and other government laws and how to claim and ensure these rights are not violated, go to To file a complaint, go to

For more information on the harmful effects of the C0v!d-19 injection from medical experts, go to or or


22 thoughts on “Americans: Know Your Rights Concerning “Mandatory” [0v!D Injections

  1. Oh Boy, do you not understand, they do not give a darn about our rights!
    I am 76 and have not taken the vac, so glad I do not work at this time.
    We are in the mist of an time like never before.
    My son who lives in CA. for a Co. less than 100, so far he is safe. We are in
    the biggest take over of the World.
    YAH help us!

    • Joann, you are very wise. Unfortunately, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected a case in late October brought by healthcare workers in Maine based on religious grounds. The court rejected the challenge. This case is one of several were the court agreed with mandatory so called vaccines. The noose will continue to be tightened and at some point, we all will be brought into conflict with the beast.

      • It’s time for civil disobedience.

        Many decades ago, I chose to go into business for myself and not go into the so-called corporate world, so that I could be the “captain of my own ship,” and so that I would not have to compromise my sincerely held religious beliefs through compromising by going along to get along. Though it has not been the road to material riches, this is move that I made at age 25 has served me well to this point.

        However, as you correctly state, the noose will continue to be tightened until it affects us all. At that time, we will have to start making some hard, life-changing choices. Will we serve Elohim or mammon? Will seek FIRST the kingdom of Elohim and righteousness or this world. Will we walk by faith and not by sight? This will be the test we will have to pass to be the elect, chosen bride of Yeshua.

        Eventually, really hard choices will have to be made like coming out of Babylon all the way——whatever that means exactly.

        One thing is certain, if the Bible is correct, and I’ll stake my life on it that it is, a time is coming when the true saints will be forced out of society as we know it. They will have to go into the wilderness and rely on YHVH for their survival and sustenance as did the children of Israel when exiting Egypt. The first exodus will repeat itself as the saints make the hard choice to “come out of her my people,” or else partake of the plagues that are about to come on her as part of YHVH’s end time judgments. Heaven’s gavel will drop, judgments will come, and the saints will have to decide.

        The rest of you who are asleep, or half-asleep and refuse to hear the cry of the watchmen, well, go back to sleep. Your blood is on your heads, and may YHVH have mercy on you.

  2. My daughter was fired last month for refusing the jab. She told OHSU that she had never had a vaccination, that her parents never had as adults, nor had her children, based on sincerely held religious beliefs. But since her church (Living Church of God) did not strictly prohibit vacs it was not a valid belief!. Her immediate supervisors had fought hard to keep her. Just before her last day she added the discrimination angle and was reinstated after 2 weeks without any explanation.

    In the 1970’s I won 2 civil rights cases over Sabbaths & Feasts, the other 5 firings I didnt bother to fight. But the EEOC later decided that if a Sabbath keeper caused an inconvenience to a company getting someone to fill in it was good-by, there’s the door. I was a bit slow in figuring out the self employment route, but my first year in business was better financially than the 15 years I’d worked for others.

    Just this year I’ve come to believe that the USA is Babylon. For over 50 years I’d believed it was Europe. A bit slow there too.

    As Hitler was coming into power the German Mennonite Leaders who had been an anti-war sect decided to make an exception in their belief. As a result 10% of the SS (Hitler’s personal body guards) were Mennonites! After the war all of my German Mennonite ancestors had vanished, along with their personal beliefs.

  3. Here is another resource: Liberty Council

    Yes, filing a religious exemption doesn’t always succeed, or may succeed for only a limited period of time, But that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t try. I have also heard of cases where employees were told in advance that religious exemption requests would be rejected, but then when the smaller number of requests were submitted, they were approved. So you have to try. Don’t just quit. Try to negotiate privately with “them”, Maybe you can keep your job by agreeing to weekly testing. Or only working off-site. If none of that works, submit your exemption request and “make” them turn it down and then fire you. Because you filed a request before being fired, you created a record in writing should you later file a complaint or file for unemployment benefits. Think of this as a test drive for dealing with minor types of persecution. It’s practice for greater persecution to come. Don’t just scurry away like a mouse.

  4. Here is another resource to add to your list:

    Liberty Council

    Yes, filing a religious exemption doesn’t always succeed, or may succeed for only a limited period of time, But that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t try. I have also heard of cases where employees were told in advance that religious exemption requests would be rejected, but then when the smaller number of requests were submitted, they were approved. So you have to try. Don’t just quit. Try to negotiate privately with “them”, Maybe you can keep your job by agreeing to weekly testing. Or only working off-site. If none of that works, submit your exemption request and “make” them turn it down and then fire you. Because you filed a request before being fired, you created a record in writing should you later file a complaint or file for unemployment benefits. Think of this as a test drive for dealing with minor types of persecution. It’s practice for greater persecution to come. Don’t just scurry away like a mouse, afraid of your shadow.

  5. The Poem Invictus=captain of my own ship type thing as you mentioned made me recall my version if you will allow: CONVICTUS
    In the Light that shines on me, bright as the sun from head to toe
    I thank Yehovah, blessed be He, for saving my selfish soul.
    For He is the God of circumstance, in the which I have cried aloud
    In the clutch of happenstance, my heart is open, my knees are bowed.
    In this place of joyful tears, I see the glory in the glade
    And yet the passing of the years fills me with wonder of all He made
    For I shall find that narrow gate, reprieved of the punish-mental scroll
    For He is the Master of my fate and He is the Captain of my soul.

    All glory to God, stay blessed and faithful,

  6. Of course, try everything that might help to keep your job.
    However, I am afraid that in the long run, the beast power will succeed until our Lord’s return.
    My friend, a theater nurse, lost her job despite her legal fight together with 500 other healthcare workers; and we don’t even have the virus here in Tasmania. Now she is resorting to cleaning jobs etc. to keep her family fed and pay off her bank-loan, to keep their home.
    All over Australia, everyone has to sign themselves in whenever they enter any type of shop. Fines of $ 800 apply for none compliance.
    Having your own business is certainly better than being employed, but there will come a time when even that will be impossible.
    Presently, here in Australia, an unva… person can’t even visit their family members if they live in another state. In some of our states, they have only the unva… under lockdown.
    In Singapore, the unva… cannot access medical services anymore now unless they pay for it themselves.
    I can easily believe the 6 stage prophecies of Mike Yeadon (google him) which says soon, cash will be none existent and of course, the unva… won’t be able to buy or sell unless they have the QR code, which will morph into the mark. Private properties will be taken over and unless one becomes part of this system, I expect government pensions will be taken away too.
    It becomes clearer every day, that the New World Order IS the beast with its many heads; some of its heads are the WHO, UN, EU, Nato etc. No one voted for it, it just came into being and through deceit (pandemic, dangerous global warning) people will accept it, hoping it will offer solutions.
    Scripture informs us that some of the saints will have to die and others will be imprisoned. So gird up your loins and expect the worst and hope for the best. Ask for increased strength so we will be a bride without wrinkles and spots for our coming bride groom.
    Shalom Sonja

    • You spelled it out pretty well in black and white on what is coming down on us all eventually. You are on the cutting edge of what is beginning to happen worldwide. Sadly, too many people are still living in their dream world of thinking that all things will continue as they have been up until this time. They refuse to face the reality and acknowledge all of the signs and warning around them, and they think you’re crazy when you try to warn them. They scoff, mock you and then run away refusing to even talk about it. They prefer instead to listen to the babble of the talking heads out there who spew their politically correct rhetoric that keeps most of the people lulled to sleep. This condition is all around us, and sometimes even in our own close sphere of influence. The people weren’t mocking Noah anymore when it started to rain and YHVH shut the door of the ark!!! As it was in the day of Noah… Thank you, Sonja, for the update. May those who have ears and eyes to hear and see do jus that. May YHVH be praised and may our hearts be strengthened, and Yah help us to keep our eyes on Yeshua and his Word!

    • Sonja. Can you please explain in a little more detail what you mean when you say that people have to sign themselves in to shop and prove that they have had the shot. How widespread is this in Australia? Does it apply to all stores or just some? Are people able to buy food if they don’t have the shot? If not, then what are people doing to survive? How are they getting food?

      • Actually, at the moment, signing in, is only done to help with the contact tracing. It has to be done in every part of Australia. People who have a mobile phone can download an app and outside EVERY store, there is a QR code where people swipe their phone over and they are signed in. For people like us who don’t have a mobile phone, we have to sign in manually (pen and paper). In a large shopping centre, there is a computer screen where we can sign in and then the info disappears.
        Presently, they use this information to track down people who may have had contact with an infected person. Like if someone new has tested positive, they can track where he has been and what other people have been in the same store. Then they can track them down and test them. One even has to sign in, at various playgrounds.
        People also have another app on their phone which serves as their vacc passport. On the mainland, some venues cannot be accessed by unvacced folks, like sports venues and other entertainment establishments. The pressure is enormous for people to get vacced. Here in Australia, people don’t even get credit for having recovered from covid.
        My daughter who lives in Germany told me that there, they acknowledge people who had the disease and they can do everything the vacced can. Not here in Australia.
        Some experts say, that getting vacced after having had the virus already, can lead to the immune system attacking their own body because of over-stimulation of the immune system; of course, they don’t care.
        It seems that here in Australia, we have everything in place for the next stage.
        I am sure that sooner or later, we will be prevented from buying food; luckily, potatoes grow well here.

  7. Sonja, Australia has been one of the most aggressive countries regarding the plandemic! It is also a country that is very strong on gun control. These may be somewhat related. I have no doubt that this is coming to all countries including the U.S.A. It is almost as though some countries like yours and Israel are test or beta sites for the rest of us. You are the tip of the spear. Stand strong!

    • Australia used to be called ‘The Great Southern Land of The Holy Spirit’.
      No idea who named it as such. When I moved here in 1980, it seemed a country of many freedoms; somehow, its all reversed now.
      May the Lord have mercy on us.
      Shalom, Sonja

    • Thanks for sharing this info. While I do not believe that getting a jab as is currently administered is the mark of the beast, I do believe that it is preparing people mentally and spiritually to receive the mark, for their own “health and safety”, of course. The technology mentioned in this article, if and when applied, to my thinking, is a huge step toward the mark of the beast. The mark of the beast is going to cause people to either lose their salvation or prevent them from being saved in the first place. To my thinking, this will mean that somehow the recipients thereof will have to deny YHVH Yeshua and swear allegiance to the NWO in some way, or it will change their DNA so that they are no longer human. Watch and pray!

      • Surely it must be clear that receiving the Ćòvîd shots is in many ways a denial of YHVH and an expression of allegiance to the satanic NWO. It is a physical violation and at the same time a spiritual violation. Now, 5 year old children are being offered up for child sacrifice,

        “Allowing someone to inject your child with a needle is child abuse, and an act of belief on your part in the demonic world system the Bible teaches us to oppose.”

        The above quote is from a post at the väccine impact website.

        The växxing of children reminds me of offering children to Moloch. This horrible practice was forbidden by Yah. Lev 20:2-5

        People everywhere are acquiescing to, or downright approving of, this system that violates human rights and increasingly injures and kills. In what way does the shots (and the vâx cards/pássports they eventually lead to) NOT fulfill the characteristics of the mark of the beast?

    • From the article, According to MIT bioengineers Robert Langer and Ana Jaklenec, small patches full of microneedles are first stamped on children’s skin to inject them with vaccines. After that, their proof of injection is stored on the other injectable components.

      With the simple scan of the wrist, forehead, or wherever else these components are injected, the government can quickly check whether or not a child is “up to date” on the vaccine schedule, which now includes Fauci Flu shots.

      The word mark from Revelation 13, a stamp, from the Strongs #5482, a palisade or rampart. Look up a picture of a palisade. It is used as a defense and has many poles pointed to a sharp point, like a micro needle!

      We will see!

  8. For those who don’t believe the “jab” is “the mark of the beast”…. Read on….. [edited out by NL]

    This link was already posted and commented on. Thank you for this good info. However, it’s not necessary to post the same link twice on this blog. — NL

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