Deborah—A Fiery Woman of YHVH

Judges 4–5

During the time of the judges, the nation Israel was languishing under oppressive foreign powers, yet on numerous occasions, YHVH mercifully sent them a savior to deliver them and through miracles and against overwhelming odds, Israel defeated its oppressors and the nation was brought to a new spiritual level. During this time, YHVH raised up powerful leaders, some of whom were prophets, to lead his people in national spiritual revival and to defeat their oppressive enemies. Most of these leaders were men, but when no man would step forward, he would use women to deliver his people. Deborah, a fiery woman of Elohim, was such a leader.

I have encountered no better description of Deborah the prophetess than this one found in a dusty old book in my library:

Deborah—what a strong solitary ray of light strikes from her story and song, upon the peaks of the past! A mother in Israel, the wise woman of her neighborhood, curing diseases, deciding differences, perhaps, at times, conducting the devotions of her people—how little was she, or were they, aware of the depth which lay in her heart and in her genius. It required but one action and one strain to cover her with glory. In her, as in all true women, lay a quiet fund of strength, virtue, and courage, totally unsuspected by herself.…The Great Spirit, seeking for a vent through which to pour a flood of ruin upon the invaders of Israel, found this woman sitting under her palm tree, on the mountain side, and she did his bidding.…The calm matron becomes the Nemesis of her race, and the mantle of Miriam falls on her shoulders, and the sword of Joshua flames her hand. [Her] prophetic fury sinks not, till the enemy of her country is crushed, and till she has told the tidings to the earth, to heaven, and to all after-time. And then like a sword dropped from a hero’s side, she quietly falls back into her peaceful solitude again.…How wonderful are the gust which surprise and uplift men, and women too, into greatness—greatness before unknown, and terrible even to themselves. (The Bards of the Bible, p. 98, by George Gilfillan, 1851)

The story of Deborah often brings up the question concerning the role of women among YHVH’s people. Proponents of women in leadership roles point to Deborah as a champion to their cause. Those who decry any sort of women leadership within the Christian church often blush when the example of Deborah is brought up, and are quick to add that she was a one-time exception to this rule. What does the Bible say about women leadership among believers? 

As proof that on numerous occasions, YHVH raised up to prominent leadership roles among his people, please note the following examples as Batya Wootten points out in her book, Mama’s Torah—the Role of Women:

  • Miriam was a prophetess and coworker with her brothers Moses and Aaron in leading Israel (Mic 6:4).
  • YHVH used the daughters of Zelophehad to help instruct Moses, and on the basis of their wisdom, the Torah was amended (Num 27:1–11).
  • Huldah was a prophetess and an advisor to King Josiah (2 Kgs 22:11–20).
  • Queen Esther helped to write law (Est 9:29).
  • Phoebe was a deacon or minister within the spiritual body of early Messianic believers (Rom 16:1–2).
  • Junia along with Andronicus, her husband, are listed as apostles (Rom 16:7).
  • Priscilla and Aquila were a husband and wife ministry team and pastored a congregation that met in their home. There are times when the Scripture even records Priscilla’s name first. She was evidently a dynamic leader, along with her husband (Acts 18:2, 18, 26; Rom 16:3; 1 Cor 16:19; 2 Tim 4:19).
  • The women in Corinth prayed and prophesied publicly (1 Cor 11:5–6).
  • Philip had four daughters who prophesied (Acts 21:9).
  • A nucleus of women developed a congregation at Philippi (Acts 16:12–15,40).

Wootten then deduces from the biblical record that “believing communities should be aligned with biblical patterns of the Scripture. And while it clearly depicts a pattern of male leadership, is also clearly shows female participation” (ibid. p. 37).

In light of the example of Deborah we must ask the question: will YHVH’s plans and purposes be put on hold or thwarted simply because there is no person of the male gender to fulfill those plans? For example, can he who spoke through the mouth Balaam’s donkey, and who, Yeshua declared, could raise up rocks to declare his praises not also use women as he so chooses, when there lacks male leadership for the job? At the very least, could he not use women in powerful and instrumental ways to assist men in fulfilling the purposes of Elohim?


6 thoughts on “Deborah—A Fiery Woman of YHVH

  1. Etzer kennedgo comes to mind. Some women are warriors just a some men are. We come in many shapes and sizes, we come in many colors we are one in Messiah. We gather our strength in Him. The Worthy brief put out a quote this morning that reminds me of this story

    true courage will depend on righteousness; and those who are righteous live by faith; and faith comes by hearing, and hearing, through the word of Christ, that is, Divine revelation. So, real lion-like courage will come direct, by faith, from the Lion of Judah, Yeshua our Lord.

    live by faith, be righteous in Messiah, and you may be the lion that leads, inspiring a pack that follows! Courage is infectious… spread it far and wide!”

    May we all be Courageous and be as Lions for our Redeemer.

    Rak Chazak!!!

  2. Thank you Natan, I have been wanting to read this since posted. I frequently remind myself of Deborah, as women leaders in my area are frowned upon. I feel like I have fire shut up in my bones and am looking for a place to release it. I know Yah’s timing is everything. Working hard and waiting on Him.

    • I just checked out your ministry website. Yah bless you for your heart of outreach! I encourage anyone living in your area who may be reading this blog to pray about being a part of what you are doing to advance the kingdom of Elohim.

      If you have your husbands blessing in your ministry, which you obviously do, and he is our spiritual head, if even done so quietly behind the scene, then go forth and be the Deborah that YHVH has called you to be.

      For those who have a problem with women teaching and leading, then I have a couple of suggestions. First, whenever you get up to speak, have your husband introduce you. I know that he is a man of few words, but if he just introduces you, then this will signal to the naysayers in the crowd that he is behind you, that he supports you, and that what you are doing is with his approval and under his eldership. Second, if they don’t accept this, then they can go elsewhere and pound salt. This is because they are sexists who do not recognize YHVH’s gifts in you. This is their problem, not yours!

      Rise up and may the fire of Yah that is shut up in your bones come forth under the inspiration of the Ruach and for the glory of YHVH!

  3. Thank you so much! Your suggestions and encouragement give me the refreshing I need in this season. Yah bless you always.

  4. Yesha’Yahu 6:8 Then I heard the voice of Adonai saying: “Whom should I send? Who will go for us?”
    There was no specification whether Adonai wanted a male or female volunteer. It seems that Adonai will use anyone who is sincerely willing to do His work.
    Shalom, Sonja

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