Biblical Reasons NOT to Get the C0V!D “Vax!nati!on”

(Please note: misspellings in this article are intentional to circumvent potential internet censors.)

Biblical Reasons to Claim a Religious Exemption Concerning the C0V!D Shot

  • There are questionable or unknown ingredients in the vaxines that may not be biblically kosher.
  • Some vaxines contain aborted fetal tissues. 
  • Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and it is our divine mandate to care for our bodies (1 Cor 3:16–17; 2 Cor 6:16). Those who defile their temples or bodies, Elohim says he will destroy (1 Cor 3:17). Not only that, but our bodies do not belong to us, since we were purchased with a price—the blood of Yeshua (1 Cor 6:20; 7:23; 1 Pet 1:18–19). Therefore, he owns us, and he is our Lord and Master, and we cannot go against the commands of his word or violate our conscience which is our personal spirit and which is linked to and directed by the Spirit of Elohim. As such, we are forbidden to put things into our bodies that we deem to be harmful. No one knows the long term effects of this shot. Even the short term affects have been called into question by countless medical experts. No one has the right to force us to do anything that we think may harm our bodies.
  • The C0VI!D shot and any so-called C0VI!D passport are preparing people mentally to accept the mark of the beast of Revelation 13:16–17. The saints cannot afford to go down this slippery slope spiritually path. To do so potentially opens one’s thinking up to all kinds of ungodly possibilities. The Bible is clear. Those who eventually take the mark of the beast will forfeit their eternal salvation (Rev 14:11).
  • We do not know how the experimental C0VI!D “vaccines” will affect our DNA if at all. Medical experts disagree on this point. Noah was “perfect in his generation” (Gen 6:9), while the earth was “corrupt before Elohim” (v. 11). The Hebrew can also mean that Noah was pure genetically. Yeshua declared that as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of Man (Matt 24:37). Genetic degradation was occurring in the days of Noah due to the angelic incursion into the human DNA resulting in the nephilim (Gen 6:2–4). Yeshua indicated that similar things will be going on in the last days prior to his return. We do not know exactly what that means, but we do not want to do anything that might even potentially tamper with our Elohim-ordained DNA.
  • I do not want to be controlled or deceived by the world-ruling, oligarchic Babylonian big business merchants, who are attempting to control the world, including the thoughts and actions of humans, through their sorcery and witchcraft, that is, pharmaceutical and other drugs (Rev 18:23).
  • No one knows for sure how their body will react to the shots until they have been taken. There are adverse affects that can be moderately harmful to lethal for some people. That is why the US government has the VAERS (Vaxine Adverse Affects Reporting System) system in place, where thousands of people have reported adverse side effects from taking the C0VI!D shot. Again, my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and belongs to YHVH Elohim through the redemptive sacrifice of Yeshua my Messiah, so I cannot and will  not do anything that will even potentially harm my body. My faith is in Yeshua to protect and to heal me. 

Please help me out here. If you can come up with other biblical reasons, please let me know in the comments sections, and I will add them to the list. We need to put our collective understanding to work here to help each other out. Then let’s spread this information to everyone we know.


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  1. Shabbat Shalom, I leave close to Roseburg. A dead fetus is not enough? I am not
    one taking any vac, let alone this one! I put my trust in Adonai. I believe you are
    right about this brings us closer to the mark of the beast. I even wonder if something is in it to make one do as they want. Like the G5, have you heard
    about some have found magnet force in it?
    I do not think they will exempt anyone, we need to be a force of our own in Yeshua.
    Many are refusing! Let us not give in, The Lord is our Healer!

  2. I have been thinking of my defense biblically and what you mentioned is definitly in there. The following passage came to me as well: Exo. 15:26  “If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of YHVH Elohim, and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I am YHVH that healeth thee.” Whether they accept our reasons or not, I still will not take it. My spirit has bucked this thing from the beginning. Thank you for helping us to stay focused Natan!

  3. On Shemini Atseret, I opened my Bible randomly up into Jeremiah 32:26-41.
    In verse 28 there is a king of Babylonia named Nebukhadretser, as opposed to Nebukhanetser.
    (Not all Bibles will show the two different spellings.)
    For the few years that I’ve known about the two different, but close spellings of that name, I’ve wondered if Nebukhadretser is a future king of a future Babylon.
    As we read on into verse 34, “they put their (״שקוצי״ “shekutsi” or “idol, abomination, detestation” which may come from the root, “קוץ” “koots” or “thistle, thorn, prickle, spine, blackthorn, briar” and “שקץ” “shekats” or “reptile, unclean creature”) into the Temple (our own bodies?), upon which My Name is proclaimed, to “טמא” “tama” “contaminate, defile, unclean, profane, untouchable” it (our bodies or temple).”
    Also, as we read on into verse 37, we can see that these verses are not about an already fulfilled prophecy of ancient Babylon, but a future prophecy about a future “thing” in future Babylon because it says, “Behold, I will gather them back from ALL THE LANDS to which I have dispersed them in My anger……. to dwell in security.”
    All the lands sure seems like a “Second Exodus” end times scene rather than a “already came home from a 70 year dispersion theme.”
    The word for “shekootsi” seems like it could be the “jab, shot, prick or as some erroneously refer to as a vaccine” and the Temple seems like it could be referring to our own bodies.

         Jeremiah 32:34 could mean, “they put their jab/needle/prick/mark into our bodies, where the Name YHVH is imprinted into our DNA, in order to contaminate/defile/Obaminate/profane you.”

         Verse 35 seems that it could represent those parents who don’t trust in YHVH, but “trust in the science” of Fauci, Gates, Biden, the surgeon general, WHO, the FDA, or the CDC and hand their own children over to get the “mark/jab”… but it can also include the multi-billion dollar abortion industry.

         As we read on, we see “Light” at the end of the tunnel/tribulation/Jacob’s Trouble, where we will dwell securely in the land of milk and honey where YHVH will be our Elohim and we will be His people.  Look up…. Your redemption is near!

    • Wow…revelation to YHVH’s children. Thank you for that explanation. I also “stumbled” on Isaiah 47, verses 9-12 in particular, “But these two things shall come to thee in a moment in one day, the loss of children, and widowhood: they shall come upon thee in their fullness for the multitude of thy sorceries, and for the great abundance of thine enchantments.” The entire chapter seems applicable to these times. Revelation 18:23 fits in there too I think; “for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.” Sorceries translating pharmakeia. Natan has started something again.

    • Interesting. Not sure what to do with this, Glen.

      Nebuchadrezzar is simply a different spelling of Nebuchadnezzar according to several reputable lexical sources I have on hand.

      You make a good point that this prophecy has an end times fulfillment: a) Verse 37 is definitely referring to the regathering of the scattered Israelite exiles (aka the second exodus), which I see occurring primarily after the second coming, not before. That is not say that brother Yehuda is not being regathered now, but for the rest of us, not yet. Just try to move to Israel now if you’re not Jewish and see what happens. In the first exodus, the children of Israel left Egypt after YHVH’s judgment on it, not before. The same will happen in the future re. Babylon the Great. b) Verse 40 talks about the everlasting covenant that Yeshua will make with regathered Israel. This, as I see it, is the finalization of the New/Renewed Covenant that Yeshua initiated at the Last Supper, but that he will finalize at his marriage (the marriage of the Lamb).

      With regard to shekutz in verse 34, you correctly point out this word’s main meaning. The lexicons, however, do not tie shekutz to the 3 letter root to which you make reference. That is not to say there is not a tie-in there, but not being a Hebrew linguistic scholar, I have to rely on the experts for my word definitions. Correct me if I am wrong, but most people who attempt to tie Hebrew words to their three and two letter roots are not experts in Hebrew. That is not to say there isn’t a connection, but I am not confident enough to make these assertions (and I have studied foreign languages at the academic level and have a degree in a foreign language, as well). If you can direct me to a scholarly, expert who has been academically trained who makes these connections are made, I would be most grateful to you. There are so many people out there who claim to be biblical experts but who lack the disciplined training in languages and yet they make all kinds of questionable linguistic connections and lead people astray in their teachings. For myself, as a Bible teacher, I fear doing this, because the teacher will suffer double penalty or judgment from YHVH if he is wrong.

      Again, that’s not to say that your points aren’t valid. They may be. I appreciate that fact that you’re not dogmatic in making your points.

      Having said all of this, I remain open minded to new understanding and to learning new things.

      Finally, with regard to covid and attendant issue, we’re all trying to figure this thing out and how it fits into end time prophetic scenarios. I am blessed that this blog can be a forum where people can discuss these issues from a biblical perspective so that we can try to make sense of it all. Thank you for your contribution to the process!

      • You are right. I’m not an expert in the Hebrew language, although I’ve been studying Hebrew for 20 years and love the language. I reckon I should e-mail my findings to Ephraim and Rimona Frank and see what they think. After all Hebrew is her first language.

        As far as the two different spellings of Nebukhadretser and Nebukhanetser, I still think there are two different spellings for a reason and especially after reading that portion of Jeremiah 32:28 ….. where we should know that it’s a future prophecy and I believe a future “Nebbie” and a future Babylon. I do wonder why some versions do not differentiate between the two “Nebbies”?

      • Hebrew is Rimona’s first language, not Ephraim’s who was born in the US and later moved to Israel and married Rimona. But you are right, I would trust them and consider them to be experts in Hebrew.

      • From the latter comment of my findings in Jeremiah chapter 32.
        I sent it to Ephraim and Rimona and they pretty much said what you said Nathan. My Hebrew language skills are still in infancy.
        I thought I had something and I’m sorry to throw anyone off track.

        In verse 28 there is a king of Babylonia named Nebukhadretser, as opposed to Nebukhanetser. (Not all Bibles will show the two different spellings, but there truly are two different spellings).
        For the few years that I’ve known about the two different, but close spellings of that name, I’ve wondered if Nebukhadretser is a future king of a future Babylon, while we know Nebukhanetser was the ancient king of ancient Babylon.

        This is not the only time when names of people and places have varied spelling, especially so between Kings and Chronicles. Jeremiah’s predictions in that section and its context was fulfilled when Jerusalem and the temple were destroyed. V. 34-35 are a description of, for example, 2nd Kings 21:1-7a.

        As we read on into verse 34, “they put their ״שקוצי״ “shekutsay”, meaning “idol, abomination, detestation”. Within that word is the word, “קוץ” “koots”, meaning “thistle, thorn, prickle, spine, blackthorn, briar” (making me think of prick, needle, jab, shot, mark, vax) and “שקץ” “shekats” or “reptile, unclean creature”) into the house/temple (our own bodies?), upon which My Name is proclaimed, to “טמא” “tama”, meaning “contaminate, defile, unclean, profane, untouchable” it (our bodies or temple).”

        Shikutz and thorn are different, in that the latter is kotz, while kootz means to abhor, to be disgusted with something. Shikutz is connected to the latter. appears 46 times in the Tanach, and it is always an abomination, or an abominable thing (such as an idol). In verb form it is to abhor, or to be defiled. So although etymologically it is not connected to a “jab”, what is going on in our day can be related to the very spirit and type of action which is described by the term

        Also, as we read on into verse 37, we can see that these verses are not about an already fulfilled prophecy of ancient Babylon, but a future prophecy about a future “thing” in future Babylon because it says,
        “Behold, I will gather them back from ALL THE LANDS to which I have dispersed them in My anger……. to dwell in security.” “All the lands” sure seems like a “Second Exodus” end times scene, being gathered from the north, south, east, and west, rather than an “already came home from a 70 year dispersion from ancient Babylon theme.

        You have a point there, although by that time Israel, northern kingdom, had already been cast away. Thus, this section of the prohecy is projecting a latter day, although the process of the dispersion has obviously started taking place even before Jeremiah’s day.

        “The word for “shekootsay” seems like it could be the “jab, shot, prick or, as some erroneously refer to as a vaccine”, and the house/temple seems like it could be referring to our own bodies.

        Jeremiah 32:34 could mean, “they put their jab/needle/prick/mark into our bodies, where the Name YHVH is imprinted into our DNA, in order to contaminate/defile/Obaminate/profane you.”

        Verse 35 seems that it could represent those parents who don’t trust in YHVH, but “trust in the science” of Fauci, Gates, Biden, the surgeon general, WHO, the FDA, or the CDC and hand their own children over to get the “mark/jab”… but it can also include the multi-billion dollar abortion industry.

        We can certainly apply v. 35 to what is and has been taking place in our day.

        As we read on, we see “Light” at the end of the tunnel/tribulation/Jacob’s Trouble, where we will dwell securely in the land of milk and honey where YHVH will be our Elohim and we will be His people. Look up…. Your redemption is near!

        Again V. 37 – 44 certainly do speak of a day which has not been fulfilled yet.

        I am interested in your thoughts about what I found in Jeremiah 31:26-41 and especially the word, “שקוצי”. I know that’s the letter “ש” can also be a prefix when used as a prefix it means “which” or “that” so I wondered if “שקוץ” in context with the whole verse in Jeremiah 32:34 could have another meaning other than what the translators have written. Toda rabba.

        Hope this helps, even if isn’t exactly what you had in mind.

    • Thank you for sharing this link. I watched this video and have been aware of many of these things and encourage others to watch it as well. This is Satan’s world, and he and his human minions are out to kill, steel and destroy. The sooner that we wake up and stop being ignorant of his devices, will be the sooner that we can protect ourselves from it all. All of this info, which seems too hard to believe, should spark a spiritual revival in each of us and drive us to Yeshua and to the promises of protection found in the Bible. Our faith in Elohim is our only hope and source of protection from these end time plagues. The sooner we get our heads out of the sand and wake up, the better. The book of Revelation is coming to pass. Hello!!! Any one listening or are YOU too lukewarm spiritually and in love with your carnal, earthly lifestyle to even care?????

      Wnat to add more fuel to this fire regarding questionable and toxic ingredients in the COVUD vaccines? Then also check this out:

    • .

  4. I’m new to this site. It seems my longer posting has disappeared. A couple hours ago I wrote (among other things) that I haven’t heard of anyone using the risks from the shots of miscarriage or spontaneous abortion as being a reason to avoid them. According to VAERS some 2,000 miscarriages have been reported. That’s the number the CDC admits to. Which means the real number could be up to 100x more. And that doesn’t even include all the reproductive injuries, loss of fertility, etc.

    From Corvallis

    • The medical profession does many good things to help people. At the same, there is a dark side to it as well. This is the case with many things in life. We have to be led by the Spirit of Elohim and know what to do and when. In everything, keep your eyes on Yeshua and look to him for guidance.

  5. COVID…
    *Home Remedies
    *Wearing Mask
    is dangerous with
    negative health effects
    cause oxygen level to drop.
    *No Covid Vaccines
    because it causes
    autism,contractions or vulnerable of other
    infectious diseases.
    *Covid Vaccines
    contains substances like
    biological matter from
    fetuses or animal products
    or micro chips
    devices meant to track
    or identify those who have
    received it.
    *Covid Vaccines
    will alter a person’s DNA
    with nano tecnology
    *Covid Vaccines
    don’t reduce contracting
    Covid 19
    *Don’t listen to advices
    of the Local Authorities &
    Medical,Sientific Community
    (WHO) World Health Organization.
    *Covid 19 is not cause
    by a viral infection.
    *Covid 19 is not contagious
    *No Social Distancing
    Self-Isolation & Lockdowns.
    *Deny the existence
    of Covid 19
    *Virus no longer exists
    & the Pandemic is over.
    *Covid 19 is less or equal
    to a Common Cold
    or Seasonal Flu.
    *Avoid Asian Foods
    to prevent Covid 19
    *Setting Fireworks
    can clean the air
    to not spread it.
    *Covid 19 caused by
    radiation of 5G Network.
    *Covid Vaccines
    will kill people.
    *Covid 19 for population reduction.
    *Herd Immunity through
    Natural Infection is safer
    than Vaccines

  6. Better not to take this jab.
    If you do, there is no turning back.
    Except, if one repents.
    For nothing is impossible
    with Elohim.
    Those already vaccinated
    read (Mk16:18).
    We are Elohim’s temple.
    No unkosher in our bodies
    Sorcery or drugs
    e.g. Covid Vaccines
    or more accurate Injections
    in the End-Times

    • Amein! Also, altho the context is preaching the gospel as in fulfilling the great commission, my prayer for those who have taken the vaccine out of fear and ignorance is the promise of Mark 16:18 which says, “They will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them.”

  7. Hi Natan. Thank you for addressing the issue. I’ve just realized that it’s not about “taking THE va**Ine” – It’s all about submitting to the SYSTEM of va**Ines, because it’s NOT GOING TO STOP. Apparently the green card from where I’m from, are only valid for 3 months then needs to be renewed. It’s not going to stop.

  8. Daniel 2: 42 – 43. It is now being reported that graphine is part of this cocktail. Graphine is a carbon based substance and may provide the environment for what some are calling parasites of some kind, as well as being highly conductive. If graphine is in the iron, metal family, we have an interesting connection to the book of Daniel! Beware!

    • I don’t know if this has any relevance, but under a microscope graphene is a hexagon (six sided) looking like a bee’s honeycomb. On the periodic table of elements, carbon is the number 6 and has 6 protons in their nucleus, and 6 neutrons. Sounds familiar?

      • A “hex” is to cast a spell, black magic, etc. Just a coincidence right?

  9. Another thought. Why is Ivermectin effective for so called civic 19? Why is a wormer, parasites killer useful? Hmm! Spelling error on purpose

    • Apparently COVID is a parasite (viruses are also classified as parasitic in that they feed on other living things), and the vaccine appears to have parasitic components. This we know because lab analyses and microscope photos that have been taken by medical experts of the vaccine itself show worm-like parasites contained therein. Since we’re dealing with parasites, there are many powerful Elohim created, natural essential oils that are both anti-viral and anti-parasitic. If I ever got COVID, I would be drinking some of things by the gallon, so to speak, and praying like crazy, while standing on and confessing the biblical promises of healing.

  10. I’m sure you recall that the media first called this disease C0R0N@V!RU$ and shortly changed the name to C0V!D-Nineteen saying that it was an acronym for C0R0N@ V!RU$ Disea$e 2019.

    Have you heard that it really could mean Cerific@te 0f Vaxx IDentific@tion? The 19 or 1 and 9 are the first and ninth letters in the alphabet. A & I or “artificial intelligence”, which many say the “jab” does to our DNA in their gene altering technology.

    You may have heard of a Doctor Yeshayahu Rubinstein and others who claim that there are two polynucleotide helixes in our DNA that are held together by sulphuric strands in a sequence of 10-5-6-5…the same numbers corresponding to the Hebrew alef-bet letters “yod””י”, “hay””ה”, “vav””ו”, “hay””ה” or the Name YHVH.

    We don’t want to be fooling around with any possibilities of a gene altering “jab” that may turn our “houses” “temples” “bodies” into DNA altered “artificial intelligence”. Our temples are created in His image and we want to guard them.

    And to all of us who have loved ones and friends who’ve already taken the “jab”…. we’ve been hearing that maybe 30%-40% of those were only saline solution. May Master YHVH Eloheinu hear our prayers and guard our families and friends and wake us all up to Your ways.

    His mercies endure forever!

  11. According to Karen Kingston, graphene oxide in nanoparticle form produced by a Chinese company called Sinopeg is the proprietary and main deadly ingredient in the shots. Graphene causes blood coagulation and blood clots both great and microscopic. Others have found masks and PCR cotton swabs contaminated with graphene. Graphene also causes “ C@v1d symptoms”. If the shots and most masks and PCR testing swabs are contaminated with graphene, and graphene directly or indirectly causes positive PCR tests, avoiding such contaminated shots, masks and swabs will help you “avoid C@v1d”. Most of what are called C@v!d cases or fatalities appears to be graphene poisoning in disguise!

  12. which is probably why if you remain unvexed they want you tested every week or so , so that they can still contaminate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Thank You so Much for Sharing this Current Post Natan; it is So IMPORTANT FOR US AS BELIEVERS TO TRULY UNDERSTAND THE AGENDA OF HOW THIS SO CALLED VIRUS ORIGINATED (Came about) & WHY IT HAS BEEN USED FOR CURRENT AGENDAS OVER THESE LAST 2 YEARS =. plandemic. (Many key Players) Organisations, NIH. WHO, CDC $$$ funding etc.

    I do not believe they have finished their plans, there will definitely be more in the pipeline of many other agendas yet to come, friend sent a link to me of the Rockerfeller .Lock Step Plan .Dates etc…probably tied in with WEF plans. AI. Digital world ,money system yet to come .One world Govt, Rel..ion, Monetary etc..

    I also have seen the account of Dr Carrie.M (videos-interview ,pictures & article) plus Dr Franc Z -Finds ”Aluminium Lifeform ” Tentacled parasite in Pfizer. brand.

    A friend sent a link to me; re the contents of the 4 main brands-
    one from UK contained less but other 2 main ones were the worst with the name of a Parasite- detailed list in Alphabetical order.

    Read each heading & Info Carefully. . Identified ones & Decaled ones .Long article.

    could be transhumanism aspect.. dna altering- messenger system in the body operating like a computer. -Spike Protein that cant be switched off, tracking system with the nano -technology also and i have heard also a substance last year 2020- Luciferase.

    How else ? could the evil one devise a plan to trick society to so readily accept harmful, potentially fatal substances into their bodies.

    ? How would society -Flip to accept mob.

    • To everyone contributing to this discussion: Thank you for sharing your information and research. All of this info is more than one person can gather singly, but together, synergistically, we can collect the data, assemble the puzzle pieces to form the bigger picture of what is going on around us. Thank you and may YHVH be glorified and Yeshua lifted up in all that we do!!!

  14. Before the great and coming Day of our Lord, there must first be a great falling away. We are witnessing this now. Not much longer to go. So hang on to your Tzitziyot and pray for salvation.
    Blessings, John

    • Interesting that falling away indicates a defection or like divorce, a separation. Deception is used here also. One who is decieved, does not realize they are decieved! Could this defection be from the human race, created as YHVH intended? As in the days of Noah! It very well could be!

      • The idea of “the falling away” or apostasy comes from 2 These 2:3. Although this verse doesn’t tell us what the falling away is from, if we go down to verse 10 we see that people will fall away because they did not love “the truth that they might be saved” and as a result, Elohim will send them a strong delusion that they might believe “the lie” (v. 11). As a result, they will be condemned or damned eternally because they didn’t believe the Truth, but loved unrighteousness (v. 12). These same people are following the man of sin (v. 3) who promotes “lawlessness” (Greek: anomia meaning “Torahlessness”). To me, the context is clear. These people knew the truth of Elohim to one degree or another, but have turned away from it. This seems to point to Christians who have defected from any remnants of Torah they might have followed and have fallen for the lies of the world because they loved the pleasures of this unrighteous world (v. 12) more than the Word and laws of Elohim. To my thinking, this certainly could include taking injections that change the human DNA so that they become trans-humans, although it seems to me that this is interpretation may be a stretch given the context of this verse. I am more concerned about Christian Bible teachers and pastors who teach that the Torah has been done away with and otherwise denigrate the Torah-Word of Elohim thru their lawless teachings, thus causing their followers to besmirch the divinely revealed Truth of Elohim and live a lawless or licentious lifestyle. The same people will likely be those who will be more likely to submit to big pharma along with taking the mark of the beast because they have no love for or clue what the Truth of Elohim is to begin with and thus will fall for anything including “the lie” of the devil (think serpent in the tree who deceived the first humans to transgress the Word of Elohim!).

  15. Something to be aware of, Dr. Vernon Coleman has a new video out on Brand new tube, disposing of dead bodies via liquidation. The liquid is then dumped in the sewer! Thus our drink water is contaminated worse than ever. The U.S. is already doing this in some states. Filter your tap water before drinking!

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