Back From Celebrating Sukkot in the Wilderness

Shalom dear ones in Yeshua. Sandi and I are back from celebrating Sukkot 2021 in the mountains and high desert of Central Oregon not too far from where we live. Our children and a couple of close friends gathered around us as we camped in our travel trailer. While out of “Babylon,” we did not have access to the internet, so I was not able to upload any blog posts. Now it is time to play catch up.

Here are a few phots from our sukkah-ing in the wilderness en route to the Promised Land of our spiritual inheritance. Please enjoy.

This is an early morning view of a foggy meadow not far from our campsite in Western Oregon where we spent the first part of Sukkot before we escaped to the high desert country of Central Oregon (about 200 miles SE of our home.

The following pictures are from along the river a few minutes walk from our campsite.

An early morning view of the river with frost on everything.
Another morning from the same spot on the river. I took these photos during my early morning prayer walks.
The high desert in bloom.
A 100 foot tall waterfall we viewed while on a hike in the mountains.
Nathan with the Cascade mountains in the background. I have climbed almost all those those mountains in my younger days.
Nathan with Kaeli, our youngest daughter, who came out from North Dakota to spend Sukkot with Sandi and I along with our other children.
Nathan looking through a hole in a rotten trunk of a large maple tree.

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  1. Praise Yah, breathtaking! We were not able to do what you did, but the introspective spiritual side we did all week long. It was most blessed. He truly honors every little step we make. What love and mercy He extends toward his children. Thank you for always sharing your life and wisdom with us!

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