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  1. If someone would please answer me and in detail, I would appreciate it. Why are some saying that this year’s Passover does not begin until, April 26? Please will someone answer?

    • I have no idea and don’t really care. My reason for not caring is no different than why bank tellers do not spend all of their time studying counterfeit dollar bills. This is because there are simply too many. Instead, they study real money, so that when a counterfeit comes along, they can immediately spot it. Similarly, the dates for the biblical festivals including Passover that we put out on this blog are based on the Torah—the Word and law of Elohim. (We have written many articles on this subject, which you can read and prove for yourself from the Scriptures.) All I know is that this year the barley grain was abib in the land of Israel, and the new crescent moon was spotted, fourteen days later was Passover according to the Torah, and that is when we observed it. I could care less what other people are doing, and refuse to be distracted by that, or even to waste my time trying to figure it out. I know YHVH’s Truth, and that’s all that matters to me. Let others do what they will do, and let them answer to YHVH for it. Not my problem. If I made it my problem, then I would spend all of my time chasing down every wind of doctrine, refuting every argument of man against the Truth of Elohim, and, basically, wearing myself out trying to figure out every false teaching, and I’d never have time to obey and worship Elohim. Blessings!

  2. Thank you. I am very grateful for your response. I do understand what you mean, and I agree. I think that the reasoning for the later date is that the new moon on March 12 or 13 is before the vernal equinox and hence too early, and some say the barley is not yet present in all locations of Israel. I think it is said that the early date would make Sukkot very early. I might be incorrect. I agree that we must be busy in obeying the Lord (I Samuel 15:22). I appreciate the fine work you do and for the biblical insights you share.

  3. Dear brother Natan, Thank you for answering me. I apologize that I did not know about your mother and her passing when I submitted my question about Passover. I pray form the Lord to comfort you and loved ones (II Corinthians 1:3-4). Thank you for helping me with the insights you share in the studies you send to us. John Zuccarello

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