Video of Riot-Ravaged Downtown Portland, Oregon—November 2020

I shot this video of downtown Portland several days ago. It speaks for itself about the ravages of the God-hating, mentally deranged, drug-addicted leftist demoniacs who are attempting to destroy our society.


8 thoughts on “Video of Riot-Ravaged Downtown Portland, Oregon—November 2020

  1. Sickening and repulsive! As the old Beatles song said, no one can be saved, that can’t be saved.At this point I wonder if the door to the wedding feast had been shut, and no one else will be admitted. YHVH’s children will now go through the crucible! We may be in the warning and witness phase.

  2. I am mortified. It’s hard to believe this is in the land of the free! Looks like a third world country. Yah have mercy on us and those who yet have ears to hear!

  3. It may be time to let the evil be evil and the good do what is good.
    Natan, it may be time to move my brother (just a thought).
    May Elohim be with you.

      • That’s about a 5 hour walk. Hopefully you don’t live right off a major connecting road. I live about 16 miles from a city of about 22000 people. Still to close, as you said. If the time comes, we may have to do our impersonation of Lot!

  4. It reminds me of certain science-fiction movies where the whole world is in ruins and violent people have banded together in gangs, inhabiting the most livable places and terrorize the few godly ones that are still alive. Science-fiction movies have a habit of becoming reality!

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