“I used to go…”

Psalm 42:4, I used to go. The psalmist declares that as a result of his deep hunger and thirst for the Living Elohim (vv. 1–2) that he used to go with the multitude to the house of Elohim—with those who kept the pilgrims feasts (i.e. Passover/Unleavened Bread, the Feast of Weeks/Pentecost and the Feast of Tabernacles. It says that “he used to go…” implying that he no longer goes. Why? There could be many reasons for this, but for whatever reason, he is no longer able to go. This is not because he doesn’t desire it, but evidently because the opportunity no longer presents itself for him to go with the multitude to worship at the house of Elohim. 

I can easily relate to the psalmist’s dilemma. Many of us today find ourselves in the same situation. I, for example, live in a large city of millions of people. When my wife and I were leading a congregation, for many years we—almost single-handedly with little outside help—organized numerous gatherings of the saints year after year around the YHVH’s feasts. Once we retired from this ministry due to age, health and weariness, no one else in our region picked up this anointed mantle, this righteous burden and yoke, this mitvah. So my wife and I are now alone with nowhere to go on YHVH’s pilgrim feasts, even though out soul still thirsts for the Living Elohim.

Can anyone else relate to this?


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  1. Yes. We also used to go, and for various reasons, we moved to a small town over ten years ago and have been on our own ever since. Although still learning more Biblical Truth, it would be nice to spend time with like minded people, but that seems unlikely until the regathering of Israel. Till then , we will see you then!

  2. I was invited to go to Monte Judah’s Sukkot gathering this coming year but because they couldn’t allow animals to the feast our group had many animal owners and because of the restrictions decided on a Congregation closer to where we live in Florida where animals are welcome. Monte’s Lion and Lamb ministries relocated in Oklahoma is a long way from Florida. Fortunately 2 Congregations will be hosting Sukkot this coming year.

  3. Different details but same here. We are as of yesterday back in lower 48, so hope to have opportunities again.

    • It’s kind of sad that this is the best we can do and that it has come to this. This ministry is largely my go to place too. I’m reminded of Malachi 3:16; “Then those who feared YHVH spoke to one another, And YHVH listened and heard them; So a book of remembrance was written before Him For those who fear the LORD And who meditate on His name.”

  4. I can relate.
    We came into Torah 2003 with a group and met for many years, and then it broke up. So i led a small group but people move away.
    We spent a few years as a family watching you, and then found another group that fell apart.
    I have intended to contact you and see if there’s a group here (i live not far from you).
    Just retired and need to get busy contributing.

  5. Shalom to All

    The going up to Jerusalem for Feasts is being lamented but we don’t have to stay downcast even over the FEAST gatherings we have experienced in community away from Israel….Feasts that very many people have not had such opportunity EVER to participate in.
    Don’t fret too much…….be grateful for what you have tasted.

    Remember Yeshua’s Comfort of the New Testament.
    Jhn 4:21
    “Woman,” Jesus replied, “believe me, a time is coming when you will worship the Father neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem.

    Jhn 4:23
    Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks.

    The lamenter wasn’t able to go up to the Temple and you can no longer gather together but still are so BLESSED as through Yeshua we ALL can Worship in Spirit and Truth and be in the Father’s Presence.
    We will all be gathered in the greater Exodus to be together as Yah calls.
    Love in Messiah to All
    Praise our King who Dwells with us in Spirit.
    Shavua Tov.

  6. Reading this post I used to go….Psalm 42 … ..I wonder who wrote this particular Psalm ..? David wrote 73 of the 150 Psalms Several people wrote the others..

    I enjoyed reading every ones comments.. .I like most people have never had the experience of going to Jerusalem for a Feast but enjoy learning what that may have been like by reading the word.. and trying to gain insight thru the scriptures..

    Passover this year was celebrated & remembered in the confinement of our homes.. due to the situation in the world … but I am grateful that we had a messianic congregation live stream to watch & listen to the leaders who led the Passover for this year 2020.. it was very different.. & lots of reflection due to the seriousness of what was happening in the world. and in our own State of Vic where we live..

    well said F.J on your response/comment and the verses you gave… lovely to read.

    I guess personally for me..thinking about how as we grow older due to circumstances ,age, physical ability etc.that one day as I grow much much older than now… I too may relate to this Psalm . I treasure right now that I have my health,energy & mental faculties still together & intact…but can relate to this Psalm how I used to go from a growing older perspective..

    • Blessings F.J. yes your words were very encouraging & uplifting.

      Love & blessed fellowship to you also F.J

    • John I was born in the Wilderness State of Tasmania… Queenstown Tas.

      Lived there with my family until 1982 when I married my husband & we later moved to Victoria..

      • Stay safe Christine. My prayer is you are well clear of the suburbs that are entirely locked down. Stay under the shadow and Praise our King. Shalom FJ

  7. Shalom John️
    from FJ New England region Northern Highlands NSW. Stay warm & may Yah bless you abundantly.
    Praise our King!!❤️

  8. We used to be with the UCG (Armstrong splinter group) for 8 years and enjoyed all of Elohim’s Feasts with them. Our southern group and the northern group would meet in the middle and had services together and everyone contributed to a beautiful meal. For Sukkot, we also had people visiting from the mainland; it was well organized and enjoyable. I do miss it. However, the Truth is more important.

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