Paganism creeps into our lives in many ways, and YHVH’s people love it!

An oak tree at the altar of the pagan Israelite temple at Tel Dan in northern Israel.

Jeremiah 17:2, Wooden images…green trees.In ancient times, sacred tree-like poles (like obelisks called asherah poles) and green trees were set up near pagan altars for the worship of the Babylonian and Canaanite sex goddess, Astarte (or Ishtar from which the Christian festival Easter derives its name).

In Exodus 34:13, YHVH commands the Israelites to destroy the pagan sex worship symbols that the NIV Study Bible describes as wooden poles, or carved images, that were set up in honor of this pagan goddess at pagan worship sites. The International Bible Encyclopedia (vol. 1, p. 317) states that a tree trunk with branches in honor of this pagan deity was often placed next to the altar of YHVH—something YHVH abhorred! (Deut 16:21; Judg 6:25, 28, 30; 2 Kgs 23:6). In Deuteronomy 16:21, YHVH forbids his people from placing wooden images or trees next to their altars. 

You shall not plant for yourself any tree, as a wooden image, near the altar which you build for yourself to the YHVH your Elohim. 

Today, at Christmas time, contrary to the Written Word of Elohim, Christian churches place trees next to their altars of worship.

Jeremiah’s description of such a tree in chapter 10 is eerily reminiscent of our modern Christmas tree, which finds itself placed in significant places where people gather whether it be in Christian churches and in homes. Sometimes this pagan deity was represented by a tree, sometimes by an obelisk type pole. The asherah pole is related to the matstebah, which is defined as “image, pillar, stump, tree or altar.”This type of pagan representation made its way into the religious system of ancient Israel, something YHVH forbad and something he expected righteous leaders to destroy (e.g. 2 Kgs 10:25–27). Have you ever wondered about the origins of the church steeple and about its striking resemblance to the ancient Egyptian obelisk, which was associated with phallic and sun god worship?


6 thoughts on “Paganism creeps into our lives in many ways, and YHVH’s people love it!

  1. We were to be holy-set apart-He does not like a mixture! every thing was created to reproduce after its kind and now we have gmo produce and “science” falsely, so called, has “created’ a mouse that is 4% human-and a pig-monkey=what the hell?! Do we see THE DAY approaching?

    • You know, I used to think totem poles were pagan idols too, but after several trips to Alaska where native tour guides have told us the meaning of the totem poles, I realize that they’re not idols. Rather, they’re the history of families and clans using symbols and metaphors not dissimilar to the banners the 12 Israelite tribes used. Scripture likens Judah to a lion, Joseph to bull and wild ox, Ephraim to a fruitful grape vine, Dan to a snake, Issachar to a donkey, Naphtali a deer and Benjamin to a wolf. Scripture also likens YHVH to an eagle with wings, Yeshua is a tree, a door, etc., the nation of Israel is an apple, whore, a fig tree, a grape vine, an olive tree and the saints are salt and light. So what’s wrong with the native Americans using similar symbology to represent themselves as long as they don’t worship it, and to the best of my knowledge, they don’t.

  2. I would be more concerned about a totem pole then a Christmas tree by the alter. That was something carved and made an image. To much like what they did do in the pagen past. The key words of the verse you gave is. You shall not plant for yourself any tree AS A WOODEN IMAGE near the alter which you build for yourself …The intention of the heart is what God is talking about, the person has an intention to use this tree for carving and using it for evil, to worship it, doing perverted things by it. This is why God says to destroy it and the whole area by it. Its not the tree in itself. We can have a church service up in the mountains by trees , its not the tree that’s the problem its the evil they plan to do with the tree.
    I do believe in not putting up a tree in a church, its to much to close to what was done. Now in a house Im still not convinced, (even though I don’t) I cant say if this is wrong or not, it is not clear to me. But making an Idol is what is wrong that is clear. Julie

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