Elohim’s Blessings Upon the Family

Psalm 127 along with Psalm 128 are two of the greatest pro-family passages in the Bible.

Psalm 127:1, Unless. Building, creating, achieving anything in life that is of meaningful and of redeeming value is difficult enough as it is, but even more so without YHVH’s help. Additionally, our spiritual endeavors unless sanctioned and supported by Elohim will, at the very least, be a monument to human achievement, if even that, and nothing more, and at the most will be a fruitless effort that is doomed to failure (in the full and ultimate sense, that is, temporally and eternally). This goes for just about everything we do, unless we put Elohim first and seek his highest ways.

Psalm 127:3, Children. Two of the first seven implicit and explicit commands that Elohim gave to the first humans in Genesis chapters one and two involved procreation: be fruitful and multiply and engage in marriage. Anyone that deems having children is a curse goes against the will of the Creator and is listening to the devil who wants to kill, steal and destroy. He is liar, murderer and destroyer of all that Elohim called good including marriage, children and families.

Contrary to what the selfish atheists, secular humanist and murdering abortionist nihilists will tell us, children are a blessing from Elohim, and with them comes blessings as this and the next two verses declare. Anyone or any philosophy or ideology that says otherwise is a damnable, devilish lie. Too much of society has embraced this lie that includes other lies such as the legality and acceptability of abortion, the need to de-populate the planet by having less children, and the idea that pedophilia and the sexploitation of children is acceptable. These things are manifestations of an all-out war by Satan against Elohim’s grand and glorious design to recreate himself, in a small sense, through marriage and family.

Heritage. Children are a blessing from YHVH. Those who listen to the devil, knowingly or unknowingly, believe the opposite. Such are selfish and miserable people. Do they ever stop to think that if they’re parents had had their attitude toward children, they would never have granted the gift of life?

Reward. What comes from the womb is a reward, not a curse, contrary to what the God-hating, secular humanist atheists, nihilistic, materialistic evolutionists would tell us.

Psalm 127:4, Like arrows. As arrows are shot out to hit targets, so are children in the hand of a father. Through children, families can accomplish goals, create enterprises, advance the kingdom of Elohim, combat evil and create more children.

Psalm 127:1, 3, Builds the house…Children. What does building a house and having children have to do with each other? Why does the psalmist juxtapose these ideas in the psalm? Simply this. A house is more than a building. It’s purpose is to house families. The home and family are the foundation of society, which is comprised of houses or families. One who has a home full of children is blessed and happy, and with a large family comes honor (not shame, v. 5) and influence with if not power over one’s enemies (v. 5).

Psalm 128:1, Fears YHVH. The fear of YHVH and walking in his ways is the basis for a blessed life, since such a mental disposition and spiritual orientation in one’s life ensures that one is lined up with the Word, ways and will of the Creator, which bring life, prosperity, blessing, love, joy, peace and happiness in this life and eternally. The Bible is clear on this and human history, starting from the fall of man at the tree of knowledge, proves that when people go against the Word, will and ways of Elohim, things don’t go well for him.

Psalm 128:2, Labor of your hands…happy. One of the benefits of fearing YHVH (vv. 1, 4) and walking in his ways is that we will experience joy, fulfillment and happiness in the work of our hands no matter what it may be. This shows that mental attitude and spiritual orientation is the key to success and happiness in life regardless of one’s circumstances.

Psalm 128:3, Fruitful vine…children. Those who fear YHVH (vv. 1, 4) will be blessed with a fruitful womb and a large family. Nowhere does the Bible state that children are a curse, only a blessing. Only those who are tuned into the voice of the devil, who is intent on killing, stealing and destroying, view children as a curse, a burden and an inconvenience.

Psalm 128:6, Peace. Heb. shalom. Shalom here is spelled here with all of its letters and not defectively minus the letter vav. This indicates a full, undiminished peace from Elohim—a peace that is full and complete and that covers all areas of life present and future. Such is the blessed heritage of those who fear YHVH and walk in his ways (vv. 1, 4). This psalm shows that marriage and families combined with fearing YHVH and walking in his ways are what bring this blessing along with YHVH full peace.


7 thoughts on “Elohim’s Blessings Upon the Family

  1. God/Elohim is a family=complex unity=Father, Son ,Spirit=not a trinity as in 1 + 1+1=3 but as in 1x1x1=1! You and your spouse are one couple, you and your spouse and child/children are one family=One 🙂 which is why hasatan wants to destroy it all.

      • At the same time I agree and disagree with both of you. Allow me to explain. Our feeble human minds cannot comprehend the Godhead. If we could, we’d be on the same level intellectually as Elohim. Obviously we’re not. I think you would both agree with is

        Having established this proposition, can we also agree that things like mathematics which quantify physical things in this physical existence do not automatically transfer over into the spiritual dimension? I don’t see how this is possible. If this is true, and I’m sure that it is, then 1+1+1 or 1x1x1 equalling Elohim both equally fall short in describing the Godhead, which in its spiritual dimension is far above any possible human physical method of quantifying it. The truth of the Godhead is far above any simplistic mathematical equations or any limited human theological vocabulary to describe be it trinity, twinity, unity, oneness, tri-une or whatever. He is so much bigger than that and can be and do whatever he wants to the confounding of our limited and finite human intellect.

        So I said at the beginning that I both agree and disagree with you at the same time. That said, according to my feeble understanding of the Godhead after studying it daily for more than 50 years tells me that the real Truth of the matter is at a much higher level than any of us can even remotely comprehend. Therefore, I suspect that 1+1+1 and 1x1x1 are both equally true at the same time when attempting to describe the Godhead, and in reality, the Truth of the matter is far beyond that. He can be 3 or 1 or whatever he wants to be in order to relate to and interact with his creation in any way he wants whenever wants. This is the understanding that I’ve come to after pondering this issue for many decades, reading all the Scriptures on the subject, studying the ancient languages and men’s theologies on this issue. I pray that you can receive this, for it in no way diminishes but elevates the Godhead above simplistic labels and sophomoric and puerile theologies of humans in their attempts to describe him.

  2. Of course our finite minds cannot comprehend the “fulness of the Godhead bodily” even , however Yeshua our earthly example was given so that we may at least see, for those who has eyes to see. Simply stated “they” are one in agreement, as in a house divided cannot stand kind of thing, it helps us to glimpse the awesomeness of our Creator 🙂

    • Absolutely. But even beyond that, and this stretches the mind out of our theological boxes a bit, I think that Elohim was one spiritual entity before the creation, then split himself/herself into three for the purposes of interacting with the creation, and most importantly with humans, and then in the time of olam habah (after the Millennium and into eternity) will be back as one entity again. That’s what I see in the book of Revelation—one throne, one entity ruling in the New Jerusalem. Moreover, I view the Ruach as the feminine side of Elohim, not as a masculine entity. There is no scriptural support to justify the masculinity of the Ruach, only men’s unbiblical traditions. No one ever accused me ofI suffering from the spiritual ailment called non-rock-the-boat-itis do I, that’s for sure!

    • I base, ‘we are one but we are many’ upon Yochanan 17 and the fact that Elohim is a multiplication that is being added to daily Act 2:47.
      The 1+1+1 = the adding and the 1x1x1 is the multiplication of the adding.
      Result: YHVH Echad (family). Go forth and multiply.

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