Liars and Hypocrites in Congress!

So what’s wrong with this picture?
First, several years ago, these same hypocritical Democrat politicians and their political cronies were publicly in favor of a border wall to protect America from foreigners entering the nation illegally. Now, that President Trump is for a border wall, they’re suddenly against the very thing they supported during Barak Obama’s tenure as president. This is sick!
Second, it’s highly probable that these same jokers all have armed body guards, have Secret Service protection, live in gated and walled homes or communities, have security systems protecting their homes and offices, and have locks on all their doors, but they, at the same time, refuse to protect the US’s border, and you and me, from an invasion of illegal aliens.
Don’t know about you, but I’m sick of lies and hypocrisy from our political leaders who are trying to sell out our country. 
Unless spiritual revival occurs, this nation is going down quickly. I am concerned about civil war of one type or another engulfing us. Keep your eyes on Yeshua. He’s our only hope!
Now the article…

Shutdown showdown: Pelosi says ‘no,’ Trump says ‘bye-bye’

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By Jonathan Allen

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump abruptly walked out of a closed-door meeting with congressional leaders Wednesday in the White House Situation Room after Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said she wouldn’t fund his border wall even if he ended the government shutdown.

“She said ‘No,'” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said, adding that Trump slammed the table. “He said, ‘Then we have nothing to discuss’ …He just walked out of the meeting.”

Trump quickly confirmed Schumer’s version of events in a tweet, making the details of the testy exchange the only thing the president and his Democratic counterparts could agree on in their fight over reopening a partially closed federal government and funding a border wall.

At one point, a congressional aide familiar with the meeting said, Schumer asked Trump why he wouldn’t open the government to relieve the suffering of Americans hurt by it.

“Because then you won’t give me what I want,” Trump responded, according to the aide.

White House officials described the president as calm during the meeting and one said afterward that he felt that he had called their bluff by offering to end the shutdown immediately if Democrats would agree to his border-security demands.

Several federal agencies have been shut down since Dec. 22. Trump has demanded that Congress include $7 billion in border security and humanitarian aid — including $5.7 billion in money for the wall — in any spending bill to re-open the parts of the government that have been shuttered for nearly three weeks.

As he met with Republican and Democratic leaders and Vice President Mike Pence, the White House issued a threat to veto a series of House spending bills that would open individual agencies because they don’t include money for the wall. The threat said Trump’s advisers “would recommend” that he veto the bills, rather than using the stronger language that the “president would” veto the bills that the Office of Management and Budget sometimes uses.

Pelosi opened her remarks after the meeting by describing the discussion as frigid.

“It’s cold out here, and the temperature wasn’t much warmer in the Situation Room,” she said outside the White House.

Pelosi cast Trump, the wealthy son of a real-estate developer, as insensitive to the plight of government workers who are due to miss paychecks this week.

“He thinks they could maybe just ask their father for more money, but they can’t,” she said.

Vice President Mike Pence said Trump has been clear about his priorities all along and that Republicans will “stand firm” on keeping the government shut down until Democrats agree to build the wall.

“There will be no deal without a wall,” Pence said. “There will be no deal without the priorities the president has put on the table.”

And, though Trump had just walked away from the actual negotiating table, Pence said Democrats “should come back to the table” to work on a plan to build the wall and fund the government.

Trump is scheduled to visit the southern border near McAllen, Texas, on Thursday, and he has said that he is considering declaring a national emergency to give himself greater authority to direct his administration to build a wall if Congress doesn’t appropriate money for that purpose.

The Pentagon, which undertakes military engineering and construction projects, has $4 billion in authority to transfer existing funds if the secretary of Defense deems such a move to be in the “national interest” — regardless of whether the president declares an emergency. But there are conditions on shifting the money around that could turn the maneuver into a major political and legal fightbetween Congress and the White House.


20 thoughts on “Liars and Hypocrites in Congress!

  1. Oh you can bet China and Russia are loving the Defense Department moving money for a wall.

  2. Yes, Yeshua certainly is our only hope, and I have been sharing with everyone I talk to to cling to him and the word of Elohim with everything that is in us. In travail, I have literal pains in my chest sometimes when I see how things appear to be going. As I was reading the article, knowing the need for Spiritual Revival, I had this sense that there is an underground simmering if you will, of purification and individual Revival taking place. And like a volcano, one day will erupt collectively. It will be unexpected and dynamic. I have discontinued Facebook and haven’t had the television on in months, just to keep up with what Elohim is downloading into me, work, and keeping Ministry going, all at the same time. Thank you Natan for your blogs and videos. It helps keep me current without having to sift through all the media junk. May we all cry out as the prophets did for National repentance so we can give Elohim a chance to forgive us and heal our land!

  3. “And when you turn the least of them away, you turn me away”. So yes, lets keep our eyes, (AND EARS) on Yeshua 🙂

  4. Amen.
    In 1993 an Angel told a major prophet, “America’s sins have surpassed the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah.”
    America fell in the 90’s when Clinton promoted homosexuality and abortion. Now thanks to Obama, we have children dressed up as tyrannies at beauty contests.
    You can’t save America, as it turns into a third world country, but people can be saved through Yeshua.
    God’s wrath and His judgments will continue to get stronger against America and the world.
    However there is great hope for those who know Yeshua and keep His commandments, (Holy Everlasting Covenant).

    God is gathering the Ephraim, (ten lost tribes) from the four corners of the world and will be an ‘exceeding great army.’ (Ezekiel 37:10)
    Daniel 11:32 “… but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.”



    • Amein! Let’s keep preaching the gospel, identifying sin, calling the nation to repentance and gathering in the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

      BTW, what did Yeshua mean when he told believers to be salt and light? What did he think of saints who are so effete and lukewarm that they are no longer salty? He said that like unsalted salt, they’re good for nothing, but to be tossed on the ground and trodden under foot (Matt 5:13). I don’t want to be such a person! We are to occupy till Yeshua comes and to spiritual warriors, to use Pauline analogies. This doesn’t mean sitting in the corner of the church and singing kumbaya waiting for the rapture bus to take us to heaven, while, at the same time, criticizing those of us who are trying to be salt and light. Absolutely not!

  5. Obama was never our president, he was however a precedent. I find it sickly ironic that in one “hospital” room they murder the unborn (the innocent) and all the while in another room try desperately to save a life! The principalities we wrestle against want to overpopulate our country with their offspring all the while murdering the offspring of “infidels.” As they pour into our country, they don’t assimilate but they do spread like the leaven in bread dough. Do the dummy-crats see this? Is N.P a woman riding on the beast who then turns on her? Does she need our prayers for YHVH to open her eyes as He did with Nebuchadnezzar? All I know is the “fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” I don’t now how this will play out, but I do know WHO 🙂 Prayer, supplication with thanksgiving.

  6. Hello Natan sorry this is a bit of a late share your thoughts: it is interesting as I read these 2 posts so much comes to mind …what I have been researching, praying,reading about & what is shown by the Ruach..

    Has anyone seen the Front cover of The Economist magazine for 2019..tells what the dark side are doing – ( Shadow Gov’.t Elite..Politicians) .symbolic pictures are many; but one of the pictures is The figure of Pinnochio ..remember the story: he told a lie and his nose grew longer

    Well there is the face of Donald Trump ,Putin, barcodes, Cell Phone, 4 Horseman of the Apocolypse, British Bull dog & Brexit -UK. plus more re legalisation of marijuana Billion dollar business called the “New Green Gold Rush” – John Boehner head of the legalise cannabis campaign & business ventures.

    Take a look @ this link.I found it on Dec 6th.-sent it to another friend in the states….+plus a video link attempting to explain the symbology on the front cover…the first cover they put out for 2019 was all BLACK. ( The Economist that is)>

    John Boehner link-

    both very interesting links…I take a look @ the Endrtime blog as the Ruach leads me…and research & read & PRAY.!.

    • Very interesting. It’s almost like the Economist/global elites are a) telling you what their political leanings are and b) what they envision (or are planning) the world will be in the near future.

      Re.John Boenher, follow the money. It’s all about money with these guys and seldom, if ever, about the moral or spiritual values of an issue.

  7. According to Jewish thought, Sodom and Gomorrah’s main sin was allowing people to die at the gates of those cities. The gates would be closed at sunset and would not re-open until morning. Since they were desert communities, many people waiting to get in would die of thirst or starvation by the time the gates re-opened in the mornings. Sexual sins sure were a big problem there but was not the main reason those cities were destroyed. They were destroyed mainly because of they’re hardness of hearts. Sound familiar? Does history always have to repeat itself like this?

    • With all due respect, if you intend to post on my blog, you’d best have your facts straight and represent the Bible correctly, or you’ll be called on it. Moreover, instead of looking to Jewish thought for our biblical understanding, how about going directly to the Bible? Jewish thought also declares that Yeshua is NOT the Messiah. So “Jewish thought” must be taken with a huge grain of salt, and, in most cases, can’t totally be relied on as the basis for biblical understanding.

      Now to the point:

      It is a myth and a misunderstanding of Scripture to say that YHVH Elohim primarily destroyed Sodom for its lack of hospitality. This argument was raised to justify homosexuality, and is based on a mis-reading of Ezek 16:49. Those who proffer this myth not only overlook all the other biblical scriptures that talk about the sins of Sodom, but also overlook the context of Ezek 16:48 including the very next verse——Ezek 16:50. Here it is stated that Elohim overthrew Sodom because they proudly committed abominations, which was in addition to their lack of hospitality. What abomination is this? The Bible only calls a few sins abominations. Homosexuality is one of them (Lev 18:22).

      Now let’s address America shutting it borders to illegal immigration.

      First from a secular perspective. A nation has to have laws or there will be anarchy, mayhem and it will not be a safe place for its inhabitants to live. A nation also has to have borders, or there is no nation. Period. True, our nation is one of immigrants. My grandmother was born in Germany, and my great-grandfather in Sweden. Both came here legally. They didn’t crash the border. And when they got here, they went to work and assimilated. They didn’t come here with their hands outstretched looking for social assistance in the form of welfare benefits. They also weren’t full of diseases and with criminal backgrounds. Such people were turned away at Ellis Island and sent back home. Those who were deemed to be an asset to this country were allowed in. This is not the situation with many, if not most, of those crashing our southern border illegally. Few of them seem to care about our laws and legal immigration. They feel it is their right to come to the US simply because they want to. Many of them are criminals, drug runners and will go on the public dole as they can. The US can’t handle this. Currently 27 percent of all criminals in the US Federal Prison System are foreigners from our south.

      Second, let’s address immigration from a biblical perspective. (This is a quick overview and brief study, not a comprehensive discussion of this subject.) Did Israel have borders? Yes. Did the Israelites defend these borders from foreign invasion? Yes, and by Elohim’s instructions. Did Israel have laws? Yes. That body of laws was called the Torah, which tells us how to love Elohim with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength and our neighbor as ourself. Read the Bible. It’s all there.

      Now, under what conditions were foreigners allowed to immigrate into Israel? First, they were to be treated with respect, but they had to accept YHVH Elohim, the God of Israel, and to follow the laws of Israel, namely the Torah of Elohim (Exod 12:43–49; 22:21; 23:9; Lev 24:22; Num 15:16, 29). Second, they didn’t come into Israel as welfare dependents or criminals, nor were they allowed to bring in their foreign, satanic religious systems. They assimilated into the tribes of Israel and went to work, while accepting the God of Israel and his laws. They weren’t working to overthrow the borders, language and culture of Israel, or God of Israel, nor were they sucking the economic resources out of Israel. If they fell onto hard times, like any other Israelite native or foreign born, they sold themselves into temporary servitude to their debtor and worked until their debts were paid off. There was no free lunch here!

      • It’s funny, I never once read or heard of Yeshua condemning a homosexual, a fornicator or adulterer/adulteress. I’m sure he knew these were sins but he usually saved his righteous anger for the hypocritical religious leaders who were the self-proclaimed “preachers of righteousness” of they’re day. Didn’t Paul say, “not inputting they’re sins upon them but delivering the Word of Reconciliation being ample ministers of the New Covenant”?? ♥️ (with all Love and respect brother Nathan)

      • With all due respect, I have some questions for you:

        So what put Yeshua on the cross?

        Is silence on a subject a logical argument in favor of acquiescence or even of condoning a sinful behavior, especially when the rest of the Word of Elohim clearly addresses such and such sin issues?

        Moreover, who is Yeshua? He is the Word of Elohim incarnate. He and his Word are one, so says John 1:1. His words, actions and the written word of Elohim are one in the same—indivisible. To isolate Yeshua from the rest of the Word of Elohim, as the church tends to do in its anti-Torah tirade, destroys the unity of Scripture and the character, person and nature of Yeshua the Messiah.

        Based on these truths, I stand and even dig in by my calling evil doers evil (e.g. adulterers, baby killers, etc.), and by calling them to repentance and faith in Yeshua.

        To be sure, I do not suffer from the spiritual disease called non-rock-the-boat-itis that has infested most in the backslid, lukewarm, politically correct, cowardly, accommodating, mainstream, secular humanistic-tending mainstream church.

        Were I John the Baptist (or Isaiah, or Jeremiah, or Paul, or Jude and Peter et al) reincarnated, I would be defending myself from these same accusations and having to address these same issues from these same people. How sad.

        The Christian church, which once was such a mighty moral force in this nation, has largely withered and succumbed to the pressure and heat of the spirit of secular humanism and Antichrist, so that now no one can say anything except “Jesus loves you” if that for fear of retribution. I fear no one except YHVH Elohim and his word (Isa 66:2).

        Please, go listen to Billy Graham’s early preaching. Go back further and read the transcripts of the sermons of the English and American revivalists of the 19th and 18th centuries who spared no words in condemning sin and calling a spade a spade.

        It’s time to stop being nice to sin. This modern modus operandi of the church of soft-peddling sin is not transforming our culture. The church is going downhill, losing the culture battle. Time to change battle plans and get back to the Bible.

        If someone doesn’t like my style, then change the channel. I think PBS is still airing re-runs of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.

      • I’ve grown up with Mexicans and have worked with Mexican migrant workers all my life in the architect landscaping business and I can tell you first hand that they are hardest working people I know. They come here to work not to be on welfare with diseases. One of the best things George W. Bush did was to sign that bill that allowed all those workers, who were here illegally, to stay. He knew they were needed for our work force. They do jobs that most Americans won’t do

      • I too work almost daily with Hispanics in my business and have done so for 25 years, so I concur with what you have said. They have even been my employees. I have also outreached to the Mexican and Central American migrants who come here to work the fields in my backyard having taken them literal dump truckloads of food and clothing personally to them, while preaching the gospel to them and healing their sick in Yeshua’s name. I love them! Mexican food is even my favorite food! Yeshua knows. So I in no way disagree with you. But you’re missing the issue of my previous posts.

        A) We still have laws that have to be followed or we have no nation.

        B) Our federal prison system is full of illegal aliens.

        C) According to national statistics I heard just today, the vast majority of those coming to this nation from other countries (something like 75 percent, and those coming from Mexico are the worst) are still on government welfare into the second and third generation after having arrived here costing the taxpayers something like $80k per year persons or family. Big problem. We can’t afford this. Someone is paying the bill. It’s me. I can’t afford this. Because of socialism, my cost of living has gone up, and I can sometimes barely able to make ends meet dispute owing and operating a very successful business. This is not biblical approach nor Torah.

        I’m tired of people giving me feelings and bleeding heart stories. I want facts, reality and truth. How about Scripture and verse on how and when and why to take care of the poor, rather than parroting Marx and Lenin on the subject like so many do unwittingly!

  8. Hello Natan sent a comment but not sure whether it got thru ?? I don’t think it did so tried again..A couple of things come to mind as I read this post..based on early research in December & before the Ruach led me….I found a video explaining the Front cover of the Economist magazine.for 2019… on the front cover is much symbology..sent it to another friend in the US. also.

    The face of Donald Trump, Putin.. barcodes..4 Horseman of the Apocalypse…British bull dog representing the UK. & BREXIT… and on the right side of the main page is the face of Pinocchio- remember the story where he tells lies & his nose grew! ..well that is what the Dark Side-shadow gov’t does elites.politicians…etc…those wanting to push their NWO AGENDA..- PUPPETS…DO.!


    The front cover of The Economist 2019 shows all the current symbology for well as their push for legalising marijuana and the multi million dollar business it is creating called the “NEW GREEN GOLD RUSH…” hence another article i found on this site called Endrtimes…re John Boehner and his connection with The First Ever National Cannabis event.


    Very interesting …reading in light of what has been shown.

    The very first economist magazine they put out for 2019 was all BLACK ON THE COVER THIS IS THE SECOND ONE WITH ALL THE SYMBOLOGY..cell phones & a stork carrying a bar code…etc…much there to see & discern..

    Blessings – these are my thoughts ..

    plus the new female Democrats sworn in saw a write up in the BBC NEWS WHERE -RASHIDA TLAIB FROM MICHIGAN & MUSLIM WAS SWORN IN PLACING HER HAND ON THE QUORAN..and one other American just quoting the constitution…..

    .3 )

    A lot happening right before our very eyes.

    Blessings from CC.

  9. Well, it seems that Boaz in the Bible owned a very successful Kibbutz? The kibbutz in Israel system seemed to have built a successful country in less than 60 years. Why not have kibbutzim in the U.S.? There is plenty of space and plenty of resources. The Israelis had much, much less to work with we have and they made it work. I see the Bible as having both socialistic and capitalistic qualities. Obviously there could be Spirit and Bible/Torah based kibbutzim as well as secular. The time I spent in Israel I had met many people. Some told me that they were drifting through life and or got caught up in some of the wrong things. Obviously they needed Yeshua, and I was blessed as a matter of factly to be able to guide some of those people in the Holy Land to Yeshua. Others and myself included visited kibbutzim and or moshavs, (kibbutz’s where volunteers actually get paid) and they told me that it did them wonders. Working with the land, animals, and with other people, giving them comradery and sense of purpose as well as sustenance. I believe that this is an obvious coarse of events that should and will take place right here in this country and in many other countries as well. Israel has already taught the world about arid irrigation, de-salienation of water, and not too mention very hi-tech security, just to name a few. Why not collective farms with industry where the people there can make a living and sometimes all get rich together? It would benefit the nation as well , and in cases of Gospel/Torah kibbutzim it would bring much knowledge of the Kingdom to Light. Shalom to you Nathan and all!

    • You bring up some very interesting points.

      Not sure when you were last in Israel, but the kibbutz system was ultimately a failure and gave way to the moshav system where people cooperate communally, but still own their own land. In the kibbutz system, no one owned land, so it was a failure. The same was the case in former Soviet Union where the socialized farming system was a disaster agriculturally, and my understanding is that the small privately owned plots that the Soviet peasants were allowed to own behind their little homes had higher agriculture productivity than the vast state owned farms. In fact, Ukraine, before the Soviet Invasion of the 1920s, was the bread basket of Europe for wheat. Not so afterwards. Since many of the Jews coming to Israel were from the Soviet Union, the kibbutz system was tried, since that’s what they were used to more or less. But, as stated, it ultimately proved to be a failure since people didn’t own any of their own land and were deprived of incentive (which is a major reason why pure socialism ultimately fails). Apparently, currently, there’s only one working kibbutz remaining in Israel as of several years ago. On the other hand, the moshav system has worked very well and continues to do so as you know.

      As far as Boaz goes, his farm was not a kibbutz. He owned his farm, which was his tribal ancestral land going back to the tribal land allotments in the time of Joshua. Because Ruth was poor, the Torah allowed her to glean the fields and harvest the corners of any field. This was the Torah’s way of caring for the poor, but the poor still had to go out and work for it. No one handed them a welfare check. So yes, there were some socialistic aspects to the Israelite society, but there were no free government handouts. It was neighbor helping neighbor except for the third tithe, which was collected very seven years for the widows and fatherless.

      Also, in the jubilee year every fifty years the land went back to its original owners. This effectively put a cap on the wealthy getting excessively rich at the expense of the peasant who had to let their tribal inheritance go due to debt.

      This is a big discussion, but suffice it to say, the “socialism” of the Bible is hardly the socialism of Marx et al, which, according to Marxist philosophy is but a step toward communism where the State ultimately controls the means of production and distribution of all or most goods and pretty much every aspect of the people’s lives as well. Our western democracies have been on this path to communism (called Fabianism or creeping socialism) for the past more than 100 years. The problem is that even though the US is moving slowly in that direction, wherever socialism has been implemented elsewhere, it has been an utter failure leaving in its wake poverty and debt. As Margaret Thatcher famously said years ago, “Socialism fails when it runs out of other people’s money [that they gained through free enterprise capitalism].”

      Capitalism has its problems too because of money and power hungry, avaricious oligarchs who, curiously, are almost all leftists! Why is this? Well, my guess it because of human nature, for when you have most of the money, now you want the power over people too. This is who is largely controlling our government, but that’s another discussion.

      Thanks for your comments. It’s important that we discuss these issues, since they are currently so relevant in today’s political and economic atmosphere.

  10. Amen Nathan, Socialism only works when the Holy Spirit is the Governor:

    Acts 4:32-35

    32 Now the full number of those who believed were of one heart and soul, and no one said that any of the things that belonged to him was his own, but they had everything in common. 33 And with great power the apostles were giving their testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great grace was upon them all. 34 There was not a needy person among them, for as many as were owners of lands or houses sold them and brought the proceeds of what was sold 35 and laid it at the apostles’ feet, and it was distributed to each as any had need.

    • Yes, except I would put “socialism” in quotes. Again, the biblical “socialism” of neighbor helping neighbor, which is really love in action or the second half of the shema (i.e. love your neighbor as yourself) is a whole lot different than the lying myth of secular socialism that the world currently proffers. In the former Elohim is God and the Torah is the law of the land, and in the latter the State is god and men’s capricious and secular humanistic laws rule in a so-called democracy, which in reality is mob rule.

      Acts 4:32–35 isn’t really pure secular socialism as the world now uses the term. Each person still had control of their property, could dispose of it as they wished and the State/apostles didn’t control the means of production and production of goods as is the case with Marxism. The middle class wasn’t overthrown. If you haven’t already, go read Marx! On the other hand, the early disciples were so focused on spreading the gospel that nothing else mattered. They gave all that they had to that end. This act of charity on their part wasn’t mandated by the government and enforced through the barrel of a gun. Big difference! What we see in Acts 4 is an ultimate expression of Matthew 6:33, don’t you think?

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