Alaska 2018—Bubble Net Feeding, Glacier Calving, Denali, Grizzlies…

In this video, visit Alaska via cruise ship, plane and train including Hoonah, Ice Strait Point, Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay, College Fjord, Denali National Park, Mount McKinley/Denali, major glacial calving, wild grizzly bears up close (a few feet away), humpback whales bubble net feeding up close and much more.


3 thoughts on “Alaska 2018—Bubble Net Feeding, Glacier Calving, Denali, Grizzlies…

  1. Thanks for the memories of your latest trip to Alaska. I lived there from 1975 – 2002 and have many fond memories.
    You were blessed to have seen a great display of Glacier calving and Humpies bubble net feeding.
    You’ll have to keep going so you can see Denali in all it’s splendor and some Aurora Borealis.
    Right now in late August to mid September can be awesome with good chances to see Denali, the northern lights and beautiful Autumnal foliage on the tundra.

  2. What beautiful scenes He has provided for you to video (you’re so good at it!) Saw the Grand Canyon years ago-literally couldn’t breathe-it was so very breath taking-don’t get out much anymore since my invalidism and financial situation so thanks so much for taking me on this video vacation! So happy for you guys 🙂

  3. Thank you Natan & Sandi for this wonderful video of Alaska ; beautiful breathtaking scenery.Wildlife etc.Yes it maybe the only chance to see all that you have shown.

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