We’re Back from Alaska—Inside Passage, Calving Glaciers, Denali, Grizzlies, Moose and More

My bride and I just returned from our fourth annual pilgrimage to Alaska. Sandi and I seem to be addicted to the endless, expansive, inimitable and inexpressible natural beauty of Alaska. We can’t get enough, so we keep going back for more. Not a bad addiction!

We did the Inside Passage again, but this time hit some spectacular areas we hadn’t seen before. But the prize was getting into the interior of Alaska and journeying up by rail to Denali National Park and taking a tour bus almost 93 miles into the park itself to the end of the road. Not only did we see Denali (formerly known as Mt. McKinley), the highest mountain in North America and third tallest peak on the planet at 20,320 feet or 6,190 m), but we experienced, what I’m dubbing, the Noah Anointing—the animals came to our tour bus ark of safety including many grizzly bears! More on that later including photos and videos of bears, moose, bighorn sheep and caribous up close—only feet away! Suffice it to say, Yah blessed us immensely. Did I mention the epic glacial calving we experienced in Glacier Bay? Again, stay tuned for pics and vids.

Here are several teasers that I snapped with my iPhone. We had five cameras going! There’s much more to come… 

This is the inside door of the pit toilets in Denali National Park—GRIZZLY BEAR COUNTRY!

Please stay tuned for more. You have seen anything yet. These are just a few photos snapped from an iPhone! We had five cameras (still and video) rolling…


2 thoughts on “We’re Back from Alaska—Inside Passage, Calving Glaciers, Denali, Grizzlies, Moose and More

  1. YOU saw some beautiful sites!! We are hoping to take the train ride at some point and “do Denali,” but haven’t worked it out yet. That mosquito sign is SO true!!!!

  2. Beautiful shots! I love the crystal calm waters.
    I recognize a few places…..a nice day in Skagway, Toklat rest area in Denali.
    Please put captions on your photos for us who know, love, and remember Alaska’s many charms.

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