Shabbat Shalom from the West Coast of the USA

Shalom aleichem from the faithful remnant warrior bride of the regathered sheep of Israel on the West Coast of the United States of America to all of our brethren scattered around the world as they love Yeshua the Messiah by keeping his commandments including observing the seventh day Sabbath.

I took these photos this erev Shabbat as the sun was going down. I could almost envision the clouds splitting at that very moment and Yeshua the Messiah returning as I viewed this stunning sunset. 

Please enjoy these pictures as my love gift to you and give glory, praise, honor and worship to YHVH Elohim, the Most High El Elyon and the Supreme and Majestic Creator of everything. Amein.

Natan Lawrence


8 thoughts on “Shabbat Shalom from the West Coast of the USA

    • HalleluYah! We’re brothers in more ways than spiritual. My great grandfather immigrated to the US from Sweden. My last name should be Olson, but he changed it to Lawrence. His name was Wilhelm Lars Olson and he changed it to William Olson Lawrence. He was very old and died when I was very young. One of these days, my wife and I want to come to Norway to see the northern lights. Shabbat shalom!

      • Great! Lars is the Scandinavian name for Lawrence, which might be translated The victorious (from “one from laurentus” {laurel} ). Not bad, “Mr. Lawrence” . Yes, we are spiritual Brothers. I have watched your sermons and now also your blog which I find very informative and biblically strong. You do not compromise. HalleluYah!
        If you come to Norway, let me and my wife know. May be God will make us meet each other. No problems communicating and we have guestrooms. I mean it!
        We could even drum together other believers “root people” and you have a lecture here. OK, Northern Norway is far north and we live East. But I am allowed to have wishful thinking .

        May God, Yehovah bless your ministry all the way to his coming!
        Brotherly hug

  1. Glory, glory…absolutely breath taking! The Ruach is certainly saying, “Look up, look up! I’m drawing nigh.” And the birds are singing on the East coast this Shabbat morning. The fruit of all our lips giving thanks to the name of Adonai! Thank you for sharing and welcome back from a blessed anniversary celebration.

  2. This reminds me of a quote when a child said to God “I didn’t think purple and orange went together till I saw one of Your sunsets!”

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