Back From Our 27th Anniversary Trip to Hawaii

Ever since our first anniversary, Sandi and I have been trying to get to Hawaii. When our first anniversary passed, we told ourselves we’d get there for our tenth anniversary. Well, 17 years after that, we finally made it!

We praise YHVH for the blessing of it.

Please enjoy a few of my photos.

Sunset over Waikiki on the island of Oahu

Beach scene somewhere south of Waikiki

In the mountains of southern Oahu looking west.

Even in the winter in Hawaii, the flowers are blooming everywhere.

A juvenile pineapple plant.

On the beach on the island of Maui.

Due to an error by our travel agency, our reservations were canceled at our coach level resort and we were upgraded to first class level resort at no extra charge to us.

Natan and Sandi—celebrating 27 years of marriage.

In the mountains of Maui in the Iao Valley,

A sea turtle beach on north Maui.

Sea turtles resting on the beach.

One of the countless waterfalls on the road to Hana.

Coastal scene en route to Hana.

Coastal scene on the road to Hana.

Sub-tropical forest scene en route to Hana.

When you think of the Hawaiian Islands, you think of flowers, palm trees, beaches, sunsets and more flowers! Flowers are everywhere whether on the beaches, in the mountains, in the city, in people’s hair, flowered shirts and dresses, flower leis on the neck or flowers in the hair.



9 thoughts on “Back From Our 27th Anniversary Trip to Hawaii

  1. Several thoughts………..1) Beautiful pictures! 2) If all else fails, you can make a living as a photographer:<) 3) Abba was looking out for you regarding the upgrade, and 4) We have said the same thing….plans for going to Hawaii SOMEday. We are going on 43 years married and haven't made it yet, but who knows? perhaps yet:<) Thanks for sharing

    • I hope you can make your SOMEday soon! We had a HUGE head start for finally making this trip happen. We had $800 in airline vouchers for a voluntary bump we took last year (Alaska Air) that needed to be booked by February. Additionally, we decided to make lemonade out of lemons and had our mandatory health insurance premiums autopay go to a points reward card from our Credit Union, giving us enough points for free car rental plus additional extra points to use.

      Everything looked in order until we showed up and were told our hotel reservations had been cancelled and there were no rooms available. The error was at the brokerage tour company that our travel agent has used many times before. We were issued travel documents with all the confirmation numbers at final payment, so no indication anything was amiss. Our travel agent worked hard to get this resolved and a room for us, which turned out to be a huge upgrade blessing! Having a room with a kitchen helped save on food costs as well as a stop at Costco to stock up.

  2. What a wonderful blessing from YHVH our Elohim! We prayed for you often…it is good to know you are home and had a wonderful time…Praise Elohim…Praise YAH!!!!!

  3. You guys look so refreshed. The weather looks so nice and the pictures show the true glory of the creation of Yah. I’m so happy you and your lovely wife had a wonderful Anniversary, may Yehovah bless you with many more. Shalom my friends.

  4. Your beautiful photos took me back to the mid-1970s When we lived on the Big Island of Hawaii. Did you visit there ? My husband and I were born-again in Kona in 1973.

    • Wow, you guys have lived in a lot of places! We were only in Oahu and Maui. Next time, Yah willing, we want to visit the Big Island and see the flowing lava and then go to Kauai.

      • Although lava flows sometimes move slowly, I would suggest you become a high stepper if you’re going to be anywhere near an active flow!

        When we lived on the big Island from 1973 to 1977, we invited some friends visiting from the mainland to view MaunaKea’s Rim Of Fire which was active at the time. Elohim reached their hearts through his fiery display, and that evening both gave their lives to the Lord. Awesome memories of Hawaii! So glad you and Sandi and got to visit there.

  5. “Happy Trails” to you….and a Joy filled 27th. The Eternal is awesome how He can create beauty out of a remote islands of lava flows…..

    (I was searching for Passover info & I came across you post)

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