The Florida School Massacre—My Response

YHVH has blessed my wife and I with four beautiful, healthy children. There’s no way for me to even remotely imagine losing a single one for any reason, much less at the hands of a deranged murderer.

“YHVH Elohim, have mercy on the parents, spouses, children, families and friends of those who were murdered. May beauty come from these ashes and out of the midst of this unspeakable tragedy, may people’s hearts be stirred to look heavenward toward you. Help them to seek and to find you, so they can experience the love, peace, joy, mercy and forgiveness that comes only from you. Instead of being angry at you, may they be angry at the sinfulness of fallen humanity that has willfully separated itself from you and now is reaping the consequences of its actions. May this reality cause many to turn to Yeshua the Messiah and to fall repentantly at the foot of his cross in search of redemption from their sins. May they find there the river of life that comes from you as they surrender themselves to your path of spiritual light and righteousness as revealed in your Word, the Bible. Amein.”

In response to the Florida school massacre, I received this note from Jennifer S.

In light of the recent violent shooting, about 20 years ago, I wrote a simple comment in our local newspaper…it was 7 words. “”God out, guns in. Think about it.”” I guess it must have been in response to the Columbine shooting. There were lots of positive comments that came in response to that brief offering. But now, it is ever more relevant today than it was then!  Now that all the so-called “experts” have spoken, this is what needs to be said: If young people were learning “thou shall not kill”, etc., and “bless those who persecute you, pray for those who despitefully use you, do good to them who hate you”, as well as, “forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us”…there would not be so much extreme violence.

To the list of the reasons behind the increase in mass shooting in the U.S. I would add several other causes.

On that list would NOT be the mindless, mass hysterical response of the leftists that the government needs to confiscate and ban guns. Just ask people who have lived in countries where guns have been confiscated and banned how this has worked out for them! On the other hand, a couple of countries come to mind where the citizens either are required to own guns or have open carry laws for those who are trained in the proper use of guns. They don’t have the same problem with gun violence that the U.S. has. These countries are Switzerland and Israel.

Now to the other reasons contributing to the mass shootings occurring more and more frequently in the U.S.—

  • Prayer and Bible reading being kicked out of our public schools. For those us who are older, we can easily remember when chewing gum, spit wads and throwing food in the cafeteria  was the worst “crime” that occurred in school and where the school janitor, the counselor and principal were the law enforcement authorities!
  • The genocide of the unborn called abortion that has been occurring in the U.S. since 1973 where tens of millions of babies have been murdered. You think this doesn’t have spiritual consequences on a nation? The demonic spirit of murder has been unleashed! Some of these mass murderers are likely the embittered survivors of this holocaust called abortion.
  • The violence that Hellywood has foisted upon the populace through so-called entertainment. Are you seriously going to tell me that the endless river of sewage that flows from television, movies and video games doesn’t affect the psyche of impressionable adolescent minds? Take away church attendance, the break-up of the family along with the lack of morals being taught in the home and in our public educational system, and is it any wonder that young people no longer know the difference between right and wrong?
  • How about the break-up of the family? A strong case could be made that for several decades the godless leftists in our nation have  been been engaged in a relentless war to destroy the family institution through abortion, redefining marriage, pushing the homosexual agenda, encouraging gender confusion, the promotion of pornography, encouraging the immorality of “sexual libertinism,” the woman’s lib movement where father’s are no longer needed and a woman’s place is in the workplace and not at home raising the children, and the list goes on and on. All these things have contributed to the destruction of the family and the moral breakdown of society. And who are the victims? Children. Many have been wounded and hurt for life. The anger and woundedness therefrom gets passed on down generationally. What are the affects on society? Look at the fruits!
  • The drugging of our young people through “legal” psychotropic pharmaceuticals as well as the use of illicit drugs. Did you ever read the side of effects of some of these prescription drugs?  I have. “Depression, suicidal thoughts, etc., etc.” Is it any wonder…
  • How about the rise in Satanism, witchcraft and the incursion of other demonic (e.g. Eastern and Edomite) religions that directly oppose the Judeo-Christian spiritual values that have prevailed since this nation’s birth? Again, more eroding at the biblical moral fabric of the nation.
  • Let’s not forget the incessant and relentless attacks on Biblical values waged by the God-hating left. In their minds, Biblical values are passé, outdated, constraining, ridiculous and irrelevant. This garbage along with moral relativism, atheism, secular humanism is being promoted in our institutions of “higher” learning as taught by left-leaning, secular humanistic “educators.” It is any wonder that the younger generations is all confused about what is right and wrong, and that they have largely lost their faith in God and the Bible? And we keep sending our children to these places!
  • Whole national political parties have publicly and boisterously rejected Elohim/God at their nominating conventions.
  • How about an American government that is controlled by deep-state puppet masters bent on promoting American murderous militarism all across the globe for who knows what reasons! It certainly has nothing to do with self defense. Our government is the biggest promoter of terrorism that world has ever seen. Those chickens are coming home to roost. America, you’re reaping what you’ve been sowing all over the world…murder and more murder!
  • Combine all of these reasons with the panty waist and emasculated Christians preachers who care more about their paychecks than preaching the Word of Elohim with its strict moral guidelines. Combine this with the the largely Laodicean, spiritually asleep American church and is it any wonder that the U.S. is currently in a moral and spiritual crisis?

For these reasons and more, Elohim has taken his hand of protection off this nation.

Sadly, America is now reaping what it has sown. This is called the law of reciprocity. It is the spiritual, irrevocable and unstoppable law of cause and effect.

Until the evil, sinful heart of people is changed, the violence and mayhem will continue.

There is a one word answer to all of these problems. It is YESHUA!

It’s time that the United States had a spiritual revival. This won’t happen until the Bible believers stop pointing their finger at the other guy and start taking a hard look in the mirror at their own lives. It’s time for each person, alone with Elohim, to take stock of their spiritual walk, to repent of lukewarmness and sin, get serious about about putting Elohim on the throne of their lives. Then start being salt and light to those around you. Spiritual revival first starts with each individual, then moves into our marriages, families, relationships and spreads from there. It’s that simple. That’s how we can stop the mass shootings!

Unless we do these things, this nation is heading for a totalitarian, fascist dictatorship where the state is god and controls nearly every aspect of our lives. Go study your history books!



7 thoughts on “The Florida School Massacre—My Response

  1. Todah and Amein! This echo’s my thoughts and feelings. I pray that those who profess Yeshua as Messiah will awake and repent. Many are slumbering when they should be awake.

  2. It is high time to replace the guns in the hands of children with pens and books. I would say it is a serious strategic failure of the federal government. check out the statistics of school shooting all across the world. The United States is first on the list. As a solution, it is mandatory to change the romantic ideals of the Americans when it comes to the matter of guns and chivalry. The future generation should not end in gunshots.

    • The problem isn’t guns in the hands of children. For several hundred years, guns have been in the hands of children on the frontier, on the farm, in the towns and, yes, even in the city and there were no school shootings. The problem is sin. The problem is that America is reaping the consequences of turning away from Elohim, the Bible, the family, and the church. The problems is that the church in America is largely apostate and no longer preaches the gospel including the fear of Elohim which is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge. The problem is the forced and determined social engineering of the global elitists over the past 100 plus years to move our society at all levels away from the Bible and biblical values and into secular humanism where the state is the god, statism is the new religion and children are taught evolution and told they are animals, and that there is no God and no moral absolutes. How else do you expect them to act but like animals? Moreover, the family has all but been destroyed thanks to the attack by these evil and godless social engineers on the family, on marriage, on babies in the womb, on true feminism and masculinity, on the Bible and biblical values. The church has largely been silent. When I was an activist on the streets preaching the gospel, I could hardly get any church support for my activities. I could go on and on. What we need is repentance, the fear of Elohim, the preaching of the gospel by fearless Spirit-filled saints and we need spiritual revival starting with the church. That’s what we need. Nothing more or less. Any other solutions are mere silliness and the futile ramblings of the mind of man. Hard words, but those who truly know the Bible and history know that everything I’m saying is right on.

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