Halloween—Combatting the Culture of Death

We are living in a culture that is preoccupeid with death. Halloween is the devil’s high holy day that celebrates and promotes death and destruction. This culture of death is out to destroy marriages, childhood innocence, our economy, our churches, our biblical and our historical heritage, our preborn babies, our youth, God and anything else that is good and righteous. This video is not only about standing firm but also combating this culture of death with the light and hope of biblical truth.


3 thoughts on “Halloween—Combatting the Culture of Death

  1. I Have shared the message of paganism in “the church” for years (and with my “Christian” friends) & NONE of them care. They continue in their paganism. I now meet with believers of like mind as I am.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to share this with us. I know, I will be using both of your recent articles to assist me in sharing the truth with my own family, namely my daughter. I praise our father for diverting her attentions today!
    Great insight! Praise YAH

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