Shabbat Shalom…Back from the Alaskan Frontier!

I just flew in from Sitka, Alaska and arrived home Thursday evening. I spent more than a week 75 miles SE of Sitka at a remote location called Little Port Walter, which is accessible only by boat or float plane. We flew in and out of LPW by float plane.

While there, I spent several days deep sea fishing, hiking into the subalpine areas behind and above LPW, sightseeing by boat the neighboring coastline, inlets, coves and fjords, filming the flora and fauna along with the pristine and majestic scenery, reading and writing, and catch and eating fish and more fish! Had an encounter with a grizzly bear (up close), while in the back country, swam in the ocean and a mountain lake, toured two fish hatcheries, helped to do scientific research of salmon, read my Bible and prayed, was given my Shavuot sermon/teaching (fresh manna from heaven), and conducted interviews of people who live and work in Alaska for my several upcoming videos on this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Here are a few of my photos:

View from Little Port Walter Bay looking out toward Chatham Straight and the Pacific Ocean.


Nathan deep sea fishing in Alaska.

Nathan and Gary’s catch of the day.

Bob and Nathan’s catch of another day.

Our Alaskan wilderness backdrop while fishing.

Nathan journeling with Little Port Walter in the background.

The sign says it all!

Fresh grizzly bear footprints on our trail while hiking into the back country.

Hiking in the Alaskan back country.

Nathan encounters a giant old growth Sitka spruce in the mountains of Alaska.

Sashen Lake—a pristine and unspoiled spot where almost no humans ever go. I drank water directly from the lake!

Nathan savoring Yehovha’s creation after having just taken a swim in the lake.

Hope you enjoyed these.

There are still places on the earth that man hasn’t ruined and where the voice of Yehovah’s  is louder than that of the world and the devil!

Shabbat shalom.


13 thoughts on “Shabbat Shalom…Back from the Alaskan Frontier!

  1. Welcome back, Natan. That’s awesome! A very good snapshot of your frontier explorations and great catches! What kind were they? Let me guess. Halibut, Red Snapper, and Rock Fish?

    Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the memories and the lessons. I look forward to seeing and hearing more. Shabbat shalom.

    • Bingo on the fish species. Good job. Obviously you’ve got some experience deep sea fishing. Technically, the red fish isn’t a red snapper, even though folks here call them that. True red snappers are only native to tropical waters. What you see there is a yellow eye, which is a type of rock fish. The only reason I know this is because we had a PhD marine biologist on board.

      Over the next several weeks, I’ll be making and posting some videos on the trip.

      • Hahaha! Very funny. Nope! No experience…..yet. I wish! The only reason you knew is because you had a PhD marine biologist on board. The only reason I knew is because I have google on board. I was pretty sure it was a red snapper, probably should have known it was a halibut, and I’ve known of the rock bass and maybe can see some similar features, but didn’t think I had a clue about that one either, before researching about and confirming them all.

    • One of Sandi’s and my next trips to AK will be Fairbanks—possibly early next year. We want to catch the northern lights and film them. Maybe we’ll see you then, Yah willing!

      • Toda rabba Natan, for bringing back memories for me. I spent 21 winters in Southeast including Baranof Island.
        As far as Fairbanks, I would recommend seeing a few days in Anchorage during Fur Rendevouz, where having dinner with the mushers at the Iditarod Banquet, meeting the dogs before and during the ceremonial start to the Iditarod Sled Dog Race, (1st Shabbat in March) and the Running of the Reindeer race. Then the next day see the Iditarod ReStart on frozen Willow Lake.
        The next day, fly into Fairbanks and get out of town away from the lights of the city.
        I recommend two nights in a yurt at “Just Short Of Magic” Mushing School in Two Rivers Alaska. The yurt has a nice warm wood stove inside and Michelle brings a great breakfast to you both mornings. The only concern I had was my wife, Amanda Miller, using the outhouse early in the morning. It turned out to be one of the coldest starts to the Iditarod and Amanda was a real trooper. Both mornings she brushed aside the frost buildup on the toilet seat, and “got er’ done” at -40 (Forty Below)!!!!
        We got to mush with Matt Hall, this years winner of the Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race which is billed as the “toughest race on Earth”. (1,000 miles). In 2018 the Yukon Quest starts the first Shabbat of February in Fairbanks to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. Some of the trails you will be mushing on are part of the Yukon Quest Trail. A fantastic experience you will never forget!
        Just Short of Magic is a nice dark quiet cleared off area which is ideal for Aurora viewing and your cell phones even work there!
        There are also a couple of lodges nearby that also have good Aurora viewing yards.
        Early to mid March is beautiful with lots of clear skies. Just dress warm… merino wool and down.
        If you need more information just write or call me. I’ve spent lots of my life in Alaska.

        Chag Semeach! Glenn Miller

      • Glenn…..Natan now “knows” someone in Fairbanks so I hope he will feel free to holler if he would like a place to stay that does NOT require use of an outhouse!!!! We are not fancy….a rented townhome in a former military base housing complex, but we are warm and comfortable and have plumbing for Sandy:<) drb

  2. Absolutely beautiful, and looks like you had a blessed time away. I sure love and miss the outdoors. Thank you for sharing these photos. Shalom, Shalom.

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