Why can’t you post comments?

We’re baffled. Our highly savvy tech department (my wife, Sandi) has been working behind the scenes trying to figure out why comments that you’re trying to post aren’t coming through. Yesterday, we sent ourselves a test comment and it came through just fine. Go figure!

To help us to solve this problem, could someone reading this try to post a test comment to  this blog to see if it’s now working. If your comment doesn’t go through, could you please email us at hoshanarabbah@earthlink.net a screenshot of your computer with the box that pops up. This will help us in diagnosing the problem.

Thank you. Shabbat shalom to all!



6 thoughts on “Why can’t you post comments?

  1. Shalom to all ….Just replying to see if the comments are working now. Blessings from downunder Australia to all who love and seek our Messiah and the Way of the Father in their lives and for all nations. FJ

  2. Hi Natan & Sandi..welcome back …testing 1,2,3, Fathers hand on all that you do this week may his guidance & sovereign hand be on us all. We certainly need it ;we r living in very DARK DAYS IN OUR LANDS..the nations & peoples lives….(his servants weep between the porch & the altar).. rend our hearts & not our garments

    if we his people seek him diligently we will find him with all our heart.

    I’m grieved in my spirit for what has taken place here in this land..Aust (Sydney particularly) ..on Saturday ..certainly the days of Noah & Lot .I am feeling a burden right now for the nation I live in …The sin of the land from the Top down..people in high places & offices eg Politicians…& so called secular leaders etc..media, education many areas..

    It has been a difficult week..thank goodness typing to Natan & Sandi….cheers me up!..!

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