Eight Things You Can Do Now that Donald Trump Will be President


Yehovah Elohim, the Creator of the universe, has granted the USA a reprieve from a well-deserved spiritual judgement by allowing Donald Trump to win the US presidency in a stunning and historical election upset over Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump IS NOT the answer to America’s problems. No human is. Only Yeshua the Messiah is. Period. Yet down through the ages, Yehovah has chosen to use human instruments to accomplish his purposes no matter how flawed they may be. The Bible records several notable examples of amazing flawed individuals and even a heathen leader that the Creator has used. Two examples of this were Samson the womanizer who helped liberate the Israelites from their wicked Philistine enemies, and Cyrus the heathen Persian king who sent the Jews back to the land of Israel to rebuild the temple. Beyond that, Moses, King David (he as also an adulterer) and Paul the apostle were all murderers. Also let’s not forget how the Almighty Creator used Balaam’s donkey to accomplish his purposes!

The choice in my mind was clear who to vote for. Admittedly, I never cared for Donald Trump from the time I read his best-selling book back in the 1980s, The Art of the Deal. This was because of his extreme arrogance and his womanizing. However, as the owner and operator of a business since I was twelve years old, I can’t but help but respect anyone who is a success in the business world. Most business fail in the first five years. Anyone who can make it, deserves credit and respect.

Beyond that, the choice was clear. I will be blunt here. This may offend some, but I don’t care. You can switch the channel if you don’t like it. It’s time wake up and get real. Our choice was between a woman who is a lying, megalomaniac, Jezebel witch and sexual deviant who was also a traitor to her country and totally sold out to the Babylon the Great New World Order and a very flawed and rather typical carnal man. That’s all.

America had a choice to make. It could continue down the road of leftist progressivism that has failed everywhere in the world where it has been tried. It could choose a leader who was bent on promoting policies destined to further destroy this nation (e.g., open borders, government mandated universal health coverage, the murder of babies, the promotion of radical Islam and the slaughter of Christians in other countries and a whole long list of other wicked and unbiblical—yes, Satanic—agendas). Or America could choose a leader, though a very flawed and carnal one, who, to one degree or another, represents more traditional American values. For example, Donald Trump has come out against abortion and against the muzzling of the church preachers through the IRS 501 C-3  tax code, which he has promised to repeal. He is also opposed to the unrestrained importation of Moslems into this country as well as open borders and socialized medicine. He also wants to put more conservative justices on the US supreme court—something that will effect this nation for decades to come.

Yes, though by a slim majority, Americans chose a president who will hopefully begin to help to turn back the tidal wave of evil that is sweeping this country. That speaks positively of the silent majority of American voters who see that this nation has been headed in the wrong direction. Largely speaking, that wrong direction has been away from Elohim and the traditional biblical values that made this nation blessed and great. Please hold Donald Trump up in prayer that YHVH will use him for this purpose!

Now with Trump’s election, no one in their right mind is expecting an instant spiritual turn-around much less an overnight spiritual revival. This is where we the people come in.

It appears, at least for the time, that the sword of YHVH’s judgment upon America has been stayed. Whether that sword will fall or not in the future will depend on you and me. Here’s what you and I must do:

  1. We need to repent of OUR (not the next guy’s) sins. Judgment begins first at the house of Elohim (the church, 1 Pet 4:17).
  2. We must humble ourselves before the Almighty and seek his forgiveness (2 Chron 7:14). Personal arrogance and pride must go. We must get the beam out of our own eye.
  3. Each of us needs to take a long hard look in the mirror and do some deep soul searching and examine ourselves against the unalterable truths and high moral standards of the Bible to see how we measure up.
  4. We need to start practicing what we preach and stop being hypocrites. If we are claiming to be Christian, Bible-believers, Torah-obedient and disciples of Yeshua, then live it out in public and in private.
  5. Pray for YHVH’s mercy and forgiveness. (Read Ps 51.)
  6. Seek first the kingdom of Elohim and righteousness in all areas of our lives (Matt 6:33). Anything that doesn’t measure up to that standard must either be eliminated from our lives or be diminished. That standard is YHVH’s Torah along with the rest of the Bible’s instructions in righteousness. If you don’t know what the Bible has to say about this, then continue reading this blog every day. You will soon learn.
  7. Be salt and light to those around you. We must get out of the comfort zones of our spiritual complacency and be working overtime to help spread the gospel in every way we know to those around us.
  8. In every way possible, we must point people to Yeshua by being a river of life to those around us. To be a river of life, you must first be in the river of life. This means that you must have a deep, abiding and vibrant spiritual walk with Yeshua the Messiah by his Set-Apart Spirit. Simply throwing our words, emotions and feelings at him, and maybe cracking open your Bible once every so often and uttering an occasional prayer in the shower, as your driving to the store or as your falling asleep at night isn’t sufficient. To maintain a relationship with someone takes time and effort. It means that other less important activities in your life have to either be eliminated, or be put on the back burner. What are your priorities? Whatever is the lord of your free time is the lord of your life.

Some reading this list will dismiss it by saying that they already do these things. Liar! You don’t—at least not as you should. None of us do. There is always room for improvement. Attaining spiritual perfection is a process that lasts a life time (Matt 5:48). Even the most righteous person on earth needs spiritual refinement. Remember Job in the Bible?

America, these are your marching orders. With Trump’s election, the work has now begun. This is just the beginning. Now go to it! Onward and upward for the glory of Yeshua the Messiah and the advancement of the kingdom of heaven one earth.



12 thoughts on “Eight Things You Can Do Now that Donald Trump Will be President

  1. Loved this blog this morning! Just what we all must think about and DO! I can’t thank you enough for posting this to remind each of us that we certainly have a very important job to do . . . Be His Light! Amein!

  2. Thank you Nathan, You words have struck so many this day and let it be a constant reminder to us all; like the Shema being a reminder between our eyes and bound about our hands. Father allow the lips to continue to be bold and stand upright! Amein!

  3. Good morning all believers & Natan & family. My what an outcome.! As a family late Wednesday afternoon ( because of time difference ) we watched intently the counting of the votes & the commentaries on our local TV STATIONS. 2 mainly : we flicked between but ended up just watching one of them as it was the best coverage.

    There has been so much written & said on this forthcoming election The battle between 2 opposing parties. & 2 people . As u say Natan a reprieve …?! But as believers u r correct in saying that we have a job to do also. Complacency can often set in after such a big event & it can seem such a feeling as “well what now.”? …time will tell exactly how everything will play out…needless to say everything u have mentioned in this article is so spot on…so THANKYOU for your input & putting spiritual light on the whole subject…

    it is quiet amazing as one commentator in a panel we listened to : it was a female but can’t remember her name but we kept hearing the word elite & the word NWO was mentioned …in times past we had not often heard anyone dare to utter those 2 words on mainstream TV. But they were obviously aware of the agenda of the losing candidate & party she represented. Yes we need our Elohim to waken the people up to the fact that only he can save us from our sin & not carnal man It is all in his hands not ours. Bless you all in the days ahead. It certainly will be interesting.

    • You’re in Australia, right? If so, it’s amazing how folks in other countries were keyed into our presidential election. It’s spine tingling to me to realize how much influence and impact the US still has on the world. I can only pray that somehow YHVH will help us to use that influence the best we can for his glory. In my very small way, that’s what I’m trying to do through this blog, our website and YouTube channel.

      • Yes Natan I’m in Australia…my family & I have always had a keen interest in Politics in the world …there is always so much on SBS & ABC.stations re the world…how things play out thru biblical prophecy etc.


        So in saying all that : I know Aust. & New Zealand were ?( still are testing grounds for the so called one world system) , I have kept a close eye on things as the set apart spirit shows me & has given me deeper understanding over the years..he will lead & show us as we seek his face so praise Yah !

      • I have heard this about Aust and NZ as well. When you say testing grounds, what do you mean? How can you prove this and what are some examples that you have seen of this? This watchman on the wall is always curious about things like this.

  4. Amen…thank you as always Natan! “Now the real work begins” is the message I rec’d. YHVH has given his followers and the U.S. a reprieve. We need to do all you stated and not look back; otherwise there will be way too many pillars of salt along the way and all the workmen of the ploughs who do will work that salt into the ground, rendering it and them unfit for the Kingdom of Elohim.

  5. Just an add on Natan in reply to your question re Australia & New Zealand being testing grounds.. I heard a man called Barry Smith he was speaking on the NWO. @ a church here in Melbourne..in the year Jan. 2,000. I had never heard or knew what that term meant but knew that it was somehow connected to the system that could possibly be part of the beast system mentioned in the book of revelation. One world religion, monetary & govt system..

    Barry Smith was a bit of an evangelist; he was in his late 50’s EARLY 60’s then perhaps, not sure but know that he is deceased now & his sons carry on his ministry.

    He was a farmer originally born in N.Z. & must have seen some changes in NZ. That he believed was getting GOVTS to align as part of the NWO. HE TALKED ABOUT GOVTS MAKING CHANGES CALLED GRADUALISM THEN U HIT THE PEOPLE HARD…HE HAD BOOKS & TAPES ON IT AS WELL….

    I have researched the eschalons of Freemasonary in this country & also much research on the subject in the US.The top 33 degree ones that form part of the illuminati.. Etc.. That has infiltrated @ govt level amongst many politicians here. ( not all but a good majority.) Of course in your country the US. GEORGE W. BUSH WAS A BIG PROPONENT OF THE NWO. …FOUNDING FATHERS WERE POSSIBLY F.M’s as well. Roots go deep.

    Some have catholic backgrounds, some can embrace any religion eg top Jews
    & others some can be Christian even..as long as you agree with the oaths that they take either in the York rite or Scotish rite..many women’s ones as well.

    So the agendas of that system may have been subtle originally but the big one now is Agenda 21 ( sustainability etc..The pope has met with Obama in Sept 2015 to bring in all these changes by the year 2030 Global ; there is much on Internet re Agenda 21. Fitting in with United Nations & other groups CFR, . Bildergerg etc.to be incorporated by the year 2030. If they are on track.

    A lot of our university reforms here: politicians etc met in the Sydney Masonic centre for those big changes saw that on the news. Then I found late in 2015 a newspaper article called The New Work Order to be introduced by the year 2030 in this country.
    A good video I watched is by a lady called Anne Bressington in this country & it is called Agenda 21.on you tube. So that’s about as much as I’m aware of ; know that our foreign minister has written much on Agenda 21 in line with the U.N. also.

    • I heard Barry Smith speak in my city in 2001 on the NWO. In the middle of his presentation, he interjected (totally out of context with his topic) a disparaging remark against the Sabbath. Then he disparaged the Sabbath a while later again. Then he did so later, again a third time, and called Yeshua a sinner because he broke the Sabbath. There were 2-300 people in attendance. The last time he make these remarks, in righteous indignation, I stood up and loudly opposed him for speaking against Yeshua and the Sabbath in this way. Needless to say, it disrupted the meeting.

      Within a year he was dead. I heard that he died while actually giving his talk though I can’t confirm it. If so, it makes one wonder.

      • As I read your reply Natan, I remember now you have mentioned this before. I had never heard of him ( B.S.) prior to the year 2000 but saw his talk advertised I think thru one of the churches. ( it was a small meeting here ; but I only went to one of them).

        Mind u it was not until Sept 2003 that my husband & I found/ stumbled upon the truth re the Sabbath..etc.
        And then the Christmas Easter thing followed & we both started looking into the prophetic significance of the feasts etc.( MOEDIM appointed times) so it has been a long journey into truth & we are still learning as we seek his face.

        So thank you for reminding me. …oh dear ! I just thought the 3 time bit ..remember Yeshua said to Peter that he would deny him 3 times…( the cock crowing etc..) …

      • We’ve got to be careful what we say. It’s scary stuff to be speaking against Yeshua, the Ruach and the Torah. Judgment begins first at the house of Elohim (1 Pet 4:17).

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