4 thoughts on “New Video: Who to Vote For in the 2016 US Presidential Elections

  1. Thank you, once again for your sound thought.
    My expression may be simplistic, but this is it. I have friends in both evangelical and messianic circles who will go to great lengths to find, let’s say, a dentist or a surgeon who has a plastic fish on his door or a star of David, rather than look into the persons education and training.
    If I need life saving expertice, I will take a person with proven experience over a man with good intentions, any day.
    Our country is, yes an Idealogical and Moral institution to begin with. But, right now, in history, it is a business, a very badly failing business. If we can not find a way to save the fiscal USA, No body will care how well intended we are. I think Donald Trump is our best hope to do that, if it can be done.

  2. I love you Nathan, but I have to part with you here. I don’t have the space to write here all of the reasons, but simply put- Trump is a con. His “conversion” came because his plan to win rested on South Carolina. Of course, I don’t know his heart, but I can judge him by the fruits and he has done nothing to illustrate anything other than doing what is necessary to win. Sadly, I believe many have been duped into believing in his conversion.

    Let me just state that, since his conversion, he has attacked good men with awful lies (Ted Cruz’ dad was involved with JFK assisination, Cruz had multiple affairs, Carson worse than a child molester, etc.), taunted about his manhood, continues to brag about his female conquering. Read his hourly tweets and ask yourself if this is a man we can support or trust.

    I’ll have to pull the lever for someone else and accept defeat. I lost at the same time America did, when Trump won the nomination.

    Now, I will not vote for Clinton either, but I believe her to be the safer option for the purpose of Liberty going forward. She would be ineffective and help build a truly conservative coalition. Trump, on the other hand, would change the definition of “conservatism” to populism; a counter to our foundational principles. Many of the issues that he sided with evangelicals on he has already flipped in order to win the general.

    My vote won’t be a waste. It will be a protest vote (not for Johnson the libertarian candidate) that goes to show who I will support in 2020 (all things being fairly predictable).

    As Chares Spurgeon said, “Between two evils, choose neither”.

    • You make good points with which I can’t disagree. It all punctuates the difficulties we face in navigating these difficult water. As much as I despise many things about Trump, we will still be better off if he wins, UNLESS, as I stated in the video, Hillary’s winning brings Christian revival to this nation sooner.

      I do appreciate your counter point comment. I could easily agree with you and find myself in your camp. In the past, I have been there more times than not. However, our country is at a different place now than at any time in the past. This is why I am supporting Trump instead of doing the feel-good action of, in reality, throwing away my vote in favor of someone who has no chance to win.

      Our country is in a life or death struggle, and drastic times call for drastic measure.

      • Nathan,

        I do not mean to argue with you; but something you said frightens me a bit. “However, our country is at a different place now than at any time in the past”.

        I agree with what you said – but also feel that the Jews were saying the same thing at the time of Christ. For months now I have heard Christians who are Trump supporters excuse Trump’s obvious lies, accusations, and disgusting rhetoric with that same excuse – and worse; they define all of these reproachable attributes as a positive. Most frightening is that I’ve heard him described as “the closest to the Messiah” we will get, and “finally, a savior” by these Christians.

        I cannot find any place in the Bible where men who were immoral and ambitious for ubiquitous power and were able to become leaders lead their people into a better place. In fact, I would argue that because we are in dark days unlike any other we should flee even further from those immoral men who would attempt to lead us.

        Yes, it is true that Hillary is unfit to be our leader. Yes, I concede that not voting for Trump is essentially helping Hillary. However, I will not vote for Jeroboam to save us from Rehoboam – I will stand by and trust in God.

        Please consider this piece I just read (there are many like it) and consider how far the Church is being lead astray.


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