7 thoughts on “Happy Passover 2016!

  1. Thank you Nathan. Happy Passover to you also. I pray many more blessings on your ministry this comming year.

  2. Happy Passover to All

    I am new to this and celebrated the first month last month on hearing the Aviv Barley had been found. Not to worry though. He will bring us all to His desire, whatever that actually ends up being. We can trust Him to teach us. May Elohim of Hosts and Mercy bring us All into the Unity of Faith soon & in our days.

    Much love and blessings to All who Love our King Messiah and honour Him and His Father as best as they understand with all their heart!

    • With all due respect to those who disagree, aviv barley was NOT found last month. Those who claim to have found it anticipated that it would be aviv in time for Passover. This approach isn’t not kosher per Torah. I dealt with those issues on this blog at the time, so there is need to rehash. Just because someone claims to be a barley expert and claims to know what aviv barley is and claims to have found it does not make them an expert or credible. Caveat emptor!

      It’s a learning process, and though there may be some disagreements along the way, I believe with all my heart that the Father is pleases that his children are doing their best to rediscover biblical truths and to walk them out. For this reason, I bless those who kept a Passover last month, as well as those who kept the Passover this month.

      May YHVH’s name be glorified and keep following the Lamb as the restoration of all things is occurring, so that Yeshua can return!

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