Rantings: Scalia’s Death, Bernie Sanders, Apathetic Christian Voters


Rant #1

The sword of Elohim’s judgment is hanging by a hair over the United States at this moment. With the recent death of Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia, the next court appointment will determine whether the court leans toward a more traditional view of the US Constitution or not. This will have a profound impact on America—whether it moves toward a more socialistic, Leninisque orientation or holds truer to its more conservative, Judeo-Christian values. Only repentance and spiritual revival can save this nation. If Sanders or Clinton become president of the US, and I suspect one of them will (because YHVH Elohim continues to lift his hand of mercy off this nation because it has largely rejected him), if sufficient numbers of Americans don’t return to YHVHJ Elohim, and because of the apathy of Christians who refuse to vote, we are headed for severe judgment. This judgment will effect our daily lifestyles in negative ways never before imagined. This judgment from heaven will be necessary to wake up the secular humanistic and apathetic American people to their sad spiritual state. Spiritual revival doesn’t start with the other guy. It starts with you and me!

Rant #2

Bernie Sanders, the Leninist-Socialist, could become the next president of the US. Make no mistake about it, this would be a severe judgment of Elohim against America—and a well deserved one because this nation has forsaken him! Sadly, many naive individuals are being sucked in by Sanders’ rhetoric. Yes, he is correctly identifying many of the ills facing America, but his solutions are wrong! He’s for more government regulation, bigger government to control the lives of Americans. More and bigger government has never solved any problems; it just impoverishes and enslaves more people, and takes away their liberties to boot. How will it feel when your liberties are taken away to implement Bernie’s agendas? His solutions are no different than those of Castro and Lenin and Mao except a little more benign. It’s called Fabian socialism! It’s the slow, gradual road to Marxist Communism. People like Bernie Sanders are secular humanists and are God-haters. Loving Elohim-God and being a secular humanist are mutually exclusive concepts. The philosophy of secular humanism comes from the lying devil-serpent in the Garden of Eden at the tree of knowledge. Don’t believe me? Go read any of Francis Schaeffer’s books. He lays it all out!

Rant #3

I am fed up with Christians who refuse to vote! Yes, I know that the big NWO guys have a lot of control over America’s national elections, but this is no reason not to vote. We still have a say, so let’s it! We can, at least, be a fly in the big boys’ ointment! If all the conservative Christians had voted, we’d not have gotten Obama as president. Obama was not only a judgment against the the God-hating secular humanists in this nation, but a judgment against apathetic Christians who refuse to vote. Believers are to overcome evil with good. Yeshua told us to occupy till he comes. We’re to be salt and light. How can we say we’re doing these things if we refuse to act including voting? As a wise man once said, “For evil to triumph, all it takes is for good men to do nothing.”


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