New Video: Sukkot NW 2014 Highlight

Well, I finally got this project completed. Had to go through hours of film footage and scads of photos, and then all the editing, adding titles, sound effects and music. Here it is:

This fun video presents highlights from Hoshana Rabbah’s Sukkot Northwest 2014 eight day long Feast of Tabernacles celebration on the Rogue River near Grants Pass in SW Oregon, USA.

We’re happy to announce that we’ll be hosting Sukkot NW 2015 in the same spot again this year, except this year we’ve reserved the entire campground for us —— exclusive use. Only redeemed Israelites (no foul-mouthed, racist, drunken heathens outsiders to ruin our righteous fun in YHVH Elohim!). Consider joining us this year! Stay tuned for details on this blog and at


3 thoughts on “New Video: Sukkot NW 2014 Highlight

  1. I had a good laugh at all your frivolity during Sukkot. The best one was the one about Noah bringing HAM onto the boat. Really, now!!! 🙂 Frankly, I was disappointed though that you didn’t include any full length teachings like last year’s video. I so enjoyed yours, Natan, along with Sandi’s ,and Dr. Joe’s, but I know the editing is a lot of work, so I’ll register my complaint and then be happy with the video as is! 🙂

  2. I thought the Feast looked like a tremendous blessing. Seeing children participate blessed my soul. I think you did a fabulous job of video editing and seeing it makes me want to come and join you next year. I live here in Southern Oregon so I know the weather is consistently pleasant this time of year. Thank you for all the hard work you folks contributed to not only make this video but to organize a beautiful feast. Thank you for sharing.

    • Please consider joining us. We’ll be at Griffen Campground on the Rogue River just west of Grants Pass again this year. Stay tuned for details at Cheers!

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