New Blog Scripture Reading Schedule Is Now Available

Sukkot is almost here! The Feast begins later this week and each year the Parashah readings begin anew at this time because of the instruction in Deuteronomy 31:10-13. This means our “Read Through The Scriptures in a Year” plan also begins again!

On the blog’s right sidebar under “Helpful Links” is where you will find the link to this year’s “Read The Scriptures in a Year” plan throughout the year if you want to just print one sheet at a time. We will continue to post the weekly overview on the blog at the beginning of each week.

We’re looking forward to studying along with you this year as we read through the Bible in a year.

Why study the Bible? I can think of a million reasons, but how about this one? — The future of the world depends on it! The Bible is YHVH’s answer to all the problems of the world both individually and collectively. It holds the keys to a bright future for this world. And YHVH’s kingdom spreads one life at a time starting with you. That’s how his plan of redemption and the imposition of his kingdom on earth works.

As always, some of my blog posts will be “the best of” from previous years. But I’m also always coming up with new stuff. I’m a perpetual Bible studier and have an active and inquisitive mind. So I’m always studying. Been doing so since I was eight and have never stopped up to this point. I’m also a writer and Bible teacher, so I like to share the insights YHVH has graciously given. As Yeshua said, “Freely we receive and so freely we give.”

Be blessed and we invite you to join us on this spiritual journey!


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