Recent Events in Israel and the US Affect and YOU


From Jerry Golden in Israel

August 22, 2014

Just the Truth

We know what is happening here in Israel, or at least we think we do. By ‘we’ I mean the average Israeli.  But the average Israeli is much like the average American. Our thoughts are being manipulated by the information we are being fed by the Media. And our Government has, by force or other means, controlled the Media and only theirpropaganda flows from the newsrooms, by introducing distractions or simply by refusing to cover the truth.

Here in Israel we have taken our eyes off Hezbollah in the north while concentrating mainly on Hamas in Gaza.  Hezbollah is controlled by Iran and like most of our Muslim neighbors have said time and time again, they will destroy us and kill all the Jews.  They control Hezbollah and have armed them with over a hundred thousand missiles with the capability to hit every Israeli city. Iran, however, has not allowed them to join in the fight with Hamas for a reason.  That reason is (in my opinion) not because they wouldn’t like to, but the timing is not yet right for them.  What they are hoping is that Israel will be weakened and possibly deplete much of their ability to fight off incoming missiles before they begin their assault on Israel.

Israel, like the rest of the world, depends on the one superpower, the USA, to maintain some level of sanity and (to continue reading


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  1. Great article I was just discussing some of these things with a fellow believer. We need to be prepared in spirit and supplies before it all comes down. Shalom

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