Islam Vs. Christianity

The persecution of Christians by Muslims is finally being reported by the mainstream media. It’s not anti-Islam bigotry to report on this — it’s simply reporting the facts. Now even the U.S. State Department is highlighting this issue (see article below).

You see, the Koran calls for the persecution of Christians and Jews, which it calls the “people of the book.” You can read these verses for yourself in the Koran at or Also, check out my video on this subject at .

Historically and at present this is how it works: Muslims immigrate into a county, and begin to increase in numbers until they have a large enough population to begin exercising dominance over that country’s native population. Once in control, Muslims then give the people the option to convert, be killed, flee or pay a heavy tax depending on the situation. Historically, many African and Middle Eastern nations were predominately Christian until Islam took over through the means listed above.

Don’t think it can’t happen where you live. Unless YHVH’s people repent of not whole-heartedly following and obeying him, the Bible speaks of YHVH using the wicked (e.g., the descendants of Edom, the Persians, Gog and Magog and the Syrians et al [i.e., the Muslims] to discipline his people to bring them back to him.

Watch, pray and repent of what the Bible defines as sin (i.e., Torahlessness,1 John 3:4).

State Department: Christian presence in Middle East becoming ‘shadow of its former self’

religious persecution_Reuters_660.jpg

Egyptian Christians gather outside the Coptic Orthodox church after a car bomb attack, in Egypt’s northern city of Alexandria, January 1, 2011.Reuters

The State Department issued a dire report Monday on the state of religious freedom around the world, with an alarming warning that the Christian presence in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East is becoming a “shadow of its former self.”

The analysis was included as part of a comprehensive report on religious freedom around the world in 2013. The report cited a flood of examples of governments and militant groups cracking down on religious minorities, everywhere from Pakistan to Egypt to China. The victims included Christians, but also Hindus, Muslims and others.

The report offered a pointed warning about religious violence in the three-year-old civil war in Syria.

“After three years of civil war, hundreds of thousands fled the country desperate to escape the ongoing violence perpetrated by the government and extremist groups alike,” the report said. It said that in Homs, the Christian population has plummeted from 160,000 before the conflict to “as few as 1,000.”  (To continue reading: )

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