Blog Scripture Readings for 11/3 through 11/9/13

Parashat Vayetzei — Genesis 28:10 – 32:3(2)*
Haftarah — Hosea 12:13(12) – 14:10(9)*
Prophets — Judges 18:1 – 21:25; 1 Samuel 1:1 – 3:21
Writings — Psalms 41:1 – 47:9
Testimony — Matthew 25:31 – 27:31

Most of this week’s blog discussion points will be on these passages. If you have general comments or questions on the weekly Scripture readings not addressed in a blog post, here’s a place for you to post those. Just use the “leave a reply” link below.

The full “Read Through The Scriptures In A Year” schedule, broken down by each day, can be found on the right sidebar under “Helpful Links.” There are 4 sections of scripture to read each day. One each from the Torah, the Prophets, the Writings, and from the Testimony of Yeshua. Each week, the Torah and haftarah readings will follow the traditional one-year reading cycle.

* Verse numbers in parenthesis refer to the verse number in Christian Bibles.

Weekly Blog Scripture Readings for 11/3 through 11/9/13.



4 thoughts on “Blog Scripture Readings for 11/3 through 11/9/13

  1. Perhaps you could suggest some resources to learn more about:

    1. The Ten Commandments: I didn’t know till recently there are three versions, Catholic, Protestant and Jewish. I also heard a teaching that said #1 commandment was actually Exodus 20:2 :”I am the Lord your God Who brought you out of Egypt. The implied command is: BELIEVE IN ME, the specific God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, whereas that identification is removed from Catholic and Protestant versions. So I am looking for teaching that will clarify these points.

    2. We are interested in getting some more resources for line-upon-line commentary of the Bible with a “spirit-filled, Hebraic perspective” (if one is available).

    3, An overview of the various “denominations” among Messianics: Messianic Jews, Messianic Christians, Messianic Israelites, Hebrew Roots, Jewish Roots, Christian Roots. OY VEH! My head is reeling! 🙂

    • Yes, the Jews (as do I) view Exod 20:2 as the first command. Actually, the term “ten commandments” is a man-made term and misnomer. Look at it, and there are closer to 14 commandments if you look at all the imperative commands. Actually, Exod 20:1 calls these “the words” of Elohim. Hebrew for “words” is “devarim” meaning “words or statements.” This has led the Jews to refer to these as the ten statements, not the ten commandments. This is a more accurate way of describing them.

      On point two, good luck. You can get a lot of valuable commentary from various rabbinic Jewish sources, but from a Spirit-filled perspective?? — I’ve never seen one, except Torah commentaries by Spirit-filled (as in having received the baptism of the Holy Spirit), Yeshua-loving, Hebrew roots Torah teachers like myself.

      On point three, that’s a tough one too. We can speak about these “denominations” and loosely define them, but nothing is set in stone and it’s very fluid. There really aren’t any denominations like the SBC, PCUSA, ELCA, RCC, etc. etc, or something like that in the Messianic Movement. I guess the MJCC and UMJC would be the closes thing to a denomination. Other than that, you have a bunch of loose knit organization or associations of like-minded people that rally around their beloved spiritual guru/s. I’m not part of anything, expect the body of Yeshua, or the congregation of the redeemed or any other biblical term you want to use.
      I’ve come to the place where I refuse to use labels —— at least for myself. I’m simply one who loves Yeshua and keeps his commandments, or one who keeps the commandments and has the faith or testimony of Yeshua. Period.

      • Thanks for your reply. It helped sort out my puzzlement!

        Re: #2. I am most interested in contact information to any authors of Torah commentaries that have the depth of a spirit-filled perspective. Commentaries we have used are notably not verse by verse — not even close. I just read your bio and see that you are working on a 2,000 page commentary. Wow, that should be thorough enough!!! And I do hear the Holy Spirit speaking through your blog articles, so I am interested to know how close you are to having your commentary publishable. Perhaps you didn’t want to say anything on this blog because you asked us not to market anything. So if you want this conversation to be off line, I could email or phone. Thanks for some direction.

        Re:#3: I hear you! The more I review different websites of Messianic ministries, the more I grimace when I think that all of us with diverse opinions are going to have to adjust a lot to graciously be the One New Man in actuality not just in theory.

      • Check out my gospel oriented, Spirit-filled Torah commentaries on the website. I have written a weekly year-long commentary for adults and one for teens and pre-teens. Maybe this will fit the bill for you.

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