Shabbat Shalom from the Ghost Forest on the Oregon Coast

 My wife Sandi and I are spending the weekend at the world class scenic Oregon Coast, which is about an hour-and-a-half drive from our home. Today, Shabbat, is our anniversary. Twenty-two years and four children ago, we were married on this day.

From one of my business clients, we have rented their beach home that overlooks the mighty Pacific Ocean.

As the sun was setting, from the picture window of the house, I saw some cool light patterns on the beach, so I quickly put on my boots and donned my heavy jacket and headed down to the edge of the ocean where I snapped this photo.

Interestingly, the stumps sticking up out of the sand are a story unto themselves. They are a unique geological feature that is known as the Neskowin Ghost Forest. You can Google this and read about it. In brief, these tree trunks aren’t driftwood or old pier pilings. Rather, they are the remnants of an old Sitka Spruce forest that 1700 years ago sat perched on a knoll just above the beach. Due to an earthquake, the bank slipped into the beach area and the trees were submerged under water and sand where they were preserved until about 15 years ago. At that time, some violent storms eroded the sand away from these old trees exposing them for the first time.

Some of these now barnacle-encrusted spruce trees were originally six feet in diameter. I found one stump on the beach that is still about five feet in diameter, which means it was hundreds of years old when it was buried 1700 years ago. This stump was probably already several hundred years old when Yeshua was born! Imagine this! Here’s a close up picture of this ancient wonder. I placed my hat next to it for size comparisons purposes.


I am continually in awe of the wonders of YHVH Elohim’s creation. It speaks silently, yet at the same time shouts loudly for those who have ears to hear, of the unfathomable greatness of our Creator.

This Sabbath, please join me in giving YHVH Yeshua, the Creator of all things, the praise He deserves for all that He has done, all that He is, and for the salvation He has given you and me!


2 thoughts on “Shabbat Shalom from the Ghost Forest on the Oregon Coast

  1. Congratulations on your Anniversary, what a blessing it is to have found a life long mate to share your life with, To have raised children together, which to me is one of the many purposes YHVH has for us to bring forth HIS Kingdom. May HIS Love and Blessings abound in your life together, Shalom

  2. Thank you and amein to that!

    BTW, I took the Shabbat Shalom photo, but my wife put into Photoshop and picked the fonts for the “Shabbat Shalom” and added it to my picture. She’s a professional typographer and graphic designer. I couldn’t have done it without her.

    Praise Yehovah!

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