Let’s Go to the Movies Again

I’ve got another movie for you! It’s entitled, “The Deity of Yeshua and the Spirit of Antichrist.” In this hour-long video, I address issues pertaining to the deity of Yeshua and how those who are rejecting his deity status are of the spirit of antichrist—not because I say so, but because John the apostle says so.


Sadly, too many people are questioning or outrightly rejecting Yeshua’s deity, his Messiahship and incarnation. Unless they repent, my Bible says that they have no hope of eternal life.

As you watch these videos, you will have your own faith strengthened, and you will be able to help others who may be faltering in their own faith.

I shot this video from inside my office turned movie studio, which used to be chicken coop. Talk about humble beginnings!

Enjoy and be blessed!


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