PRAVDA: Obama re-elected by illiterate society’…

Today, while scanning the news (I keep regular tabs on about 20 to 30  internet news sites—I’m kind of a news junkie), the following article posted today on Matt Drudge’s site [] caught my attention. It’s from PRAVDA—yes you read that correctly.

The fact that Drudge—a major conservative American news site—would post anything from PRAVDA grabbed my curiosity.

For those of us who grew up in the Cold War Era, we remember well that in the former Soviet Union, PRAVDA was the major source of anti-American Soviet lies and propaganda. To our Western mindset, PRAVDA was anything but a reliable source of news and information, yet our American news media continually fed us a steady diet of PRAVDA quotes in an effort to “balance out the news.” Remember those days? As a youth, a journalism student and finally a budding journalist, PRAVDA and American media’s duplicity in quoting PRAVDA always infuriated me!

The headline on Drudge’s news site that made me do a double-take reads as follows:

PRAVDA: ‘Obama re-elected by illiterate society’…

Go read this article for yourself at

In this article, the Russian author derides America for re-electing Obama, whom he calls a communist. He claims that America is headed in the same failed direction as the former Soviet Union, and that Americans must be illiterate not to know this history to have re-elected Obama.

Furthermore, the author claims that while Russia is in a state of spiritual revival in that its returning to its Christian heritage, America, at the same time, is turning its back on God and its Christian heritage to its own detriment.

Okay, I’ve said enough. You need to read this article for yourself. I found it to be amazingly true and accurate. It definitely sounds like a speech that could have been given by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the late author, Nobel laureate and political dissident—if not by Ronald Reagan himself!

Please read this article and tell the hundreds of other who will read this blog post your thoughts.

Am I going crazy, or is this world going crazy?

Whatever the case, please join me in praying for the spiritual soul of America!


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