There’s No Shalom Like Shabbat Shalom!

I just got this email question from someone:

I was wondering where it is stated in the Bible that the Sabbath is to be a day of shalom?

This was my response:

I don’t know if it’s explicitly stated anywhere in the Scriptures, but it’s certainly implicit. Here are scriptural reasons that immediately come to mind:

  • YHVH sanctified the Sabbath, which means his blessing (including his shalom) is on it.
  • It’s a moed or a divine appointment (Lev 23:1), which means YHVH will show up to fellowship with his people on this day. With him comes his love, joy and peace.
  • Because it’s a day of rest and no work, then it naturally follows that with rest comes peace.
  • For those of us who have walked in the Shabbat for a long time (and who have done Sunday as well), we know from experience that there is a special blessing of peace on the Sabbath like no other day. There is no shalom like Shabbat shalom!
  • The Sabbath is a picture of Eden, and a prophetic picture of the Millennial kingdom  of Yeshua when peace will reign on this earth. The weekly Sabbath is a foretaste of that peace that once was and is yet to come

There are probably some other examples that I could give, but this is what comes to mind  quickly. Can you think of any biblical reasons that imply that the Sabbath is a day of peace? If so, please share.


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