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Startling Insights from the Koran—The True Face of Islam Unmasked

It is important to educate yourself with the facts!

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The Koran (or Qur’an) is the sacred book of the religion of Islam. It contains the sayings of Muhammad, the founder of Islam. In the Koran, Muhammad (ca. 570 to 632) claims that the sayings of the Koran came to him from God (or Allah) via the angel Gabriel. Based on a passage in the Koran (Sura 7:157), many believe that Muhammad was illiterate and was incapable of writing these sayings down himself. At the very least, he was unlettered and unlearned. Shortly after his death, some of his followers who had memorized his sayings met together and recorded in written form what they remembered Muhammad to have said. This is how the Koran came to be.

The Koran forms the bedrock of the Islamic faith, although there are other sacred books belonging to the religion of Islam that have sprung up since the Koran was compiled.

Since some of the practitioners of Islam are presently on a crusade to forcefully convert many countries to Islam, and since many Muslims terrorists have demonstrated a particular hatred for Jews and Christians, and since there is much misinformation being broadcast in the western media, by western politicians and western educators as to what Moslems believe and what the Koran actually teaches, I took it upon myself to read the Koran from cover to cover to see for myself what it says. Below are some of the amazing facts about Islam that I learned from reading the Koran.

The following references are taken directly from the Koran. Chapter (Sura) and verse references may vary from Koran to Koran. Those listed below are from The Koran by Ivy Books (published by Ballantine books in 1993, a division of Random House, New York, ISBN 0-8041-1125-1). I will occasionally provide some alternate versions of the Koran as well for the purpose of confirming some of the more controversial passages by several translations.

Alternate versions of the Koran that I use for comparative purposes are:

  •  AKa (The Qur’an, by Abdullah Yusuf Ali; Elmhurst, N.Y. : Tahrike Tarsile Qur’an, Publishers and Distributors of Holy Qur’an, 2005, ISBN 1-879402-29-7)
  • AKb Koran: Quran—The Final Testament; Authorized English Version; translated from the Original by Dr. Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D. by Islamic Productions, 2003, http://www.quran-islam.org/93.html).

According to the Koran—

The Purpose of the Koran

  • The main purpose of the Koran is to warn all creatures (p. 294, Sura 38:79).
  • The Koran is a warning to the God/Allah-fearing (p. 375, Sura 69:48).

Muslim Theology

  • Moslems are to believe the Koran and the Bible (p. 58, Sura 4:136).
  • The koranic law of abrogation states that if something was written later in the Koran that contradicts something that was written earlier, the later cancels out the former (p. 10, Sura 2:100; p. 153, Sura 13:39).
  • One earns (immortality and) a spot in paradise or heaven by doing things that are right, and on the basis of one’s good works (p. 57, Sura 4:23; page 92, Sura 7:42; p. 198, Sura 20:111; pp. 251 and 255, Sura 29:6 and 57; p. 318, Sura 43:72). A sinner can be forgiven of his sins by paying alms, by being prayed over, through repentance and by his good works (p. 121; Sura 9:5–7). Paradise or heaven is guaranteed for those who fight and slay for the cause of Islam (pp. 121–122, Sura 9:11).
  • Those who oppose Allah and Muhammad will receive eternal hell fire (p. 117, Sura 9:64; p. 113, Sura 9:17; p. 164, Sura 16:31). The Koran portrays the torments of hell in the stereotypical manner reminiscent of Dante’s inferno (p. 208, Sura 22:20).
  • Allah misleads some people and guides others (p. 152, Sura 13:27; AKb 13:27; p. 154, Sura 14:4).
  • At the creation of man, Allah commanded angels to bow down to worship man (p. 159, Sura 15:30–33).
  • Allah gave the Torah to guide the children of Israel (p. 171, Sura 17:2; AKb 17:2; p. 264, Sura 32:23).
  • There are seven heavens (p. 214, Sura 23:17).  This is a concept that the Koran borrows from the pagan Greek philosophers.
  • Ishmael was a prophet and an apostle (p. 190, Sura 19:55).
  • Camels are used for sacrifices (p. 209, Sura 22:37) and for eating (p. 210, Sura 22:36).
  • The Koran teaches that Allah and the God of the Bible (YHVH Elohim) are one in the same, and the same God sent down the Book of the Law (the Torah) and the Koran (p. 254, Sura 29:45–46; AKb 29:46–47).
  • The soul of man is immortal soul (p. 255, Sura 29:58). This also is a concept that the Koran borrows from the pagan Greek philosophers who taught the concept of dualism.
  • There is no variableness in the way of Allah; that is, the word of Allah does not vary; i.e., the Bible and Koran do not  contradict (p. 279, Sura 32:45), since the Koran teaches that both books came from the same God (p. 254, Sura 29:45–46). At the same time, the Koran claims to clear up (or correct the errors of?) the Bible and replaces it (p. 64, Sura 5:18; p. 127; Sura 10:38).
  • Allah created the earth in two days (p. 307, Sura 41:8; AKb 41:9).  If this is true, how can the Bible and Koran both be truth and the word of God, since the Bible states the earth and everything else in six days? Elsewhere, the Koran claims that the earth was created in six days (p. 338; Sura 50:37).
  • Paradise or heaven is guaranteed for those who fight and slay for the cause of Islam (pp. 121–122, Sura 9:11).

The Koran on Muhammad

  • Muhammad was an “unlettered prophet,” which is interpreted to mean that either he was illiterate or was unlearned (p. 101, Sura 7:157; AKb 7:157 says Muhammed was a “gentile prophet” in place of “unlettered prophet”).
  • Muhammad had many slaves and wives and lots of sex (p. 269; Sura 33:49–51; AKb 33:50–51).

The Koran on the Fate of Infidels (Non-Muslims)

  • The Koran teaches Muslims to seize the infidels (non-Muslims), to slay them wherever you find them and befriend none of them (p. 53; Sura 4:91; AKa 4:91).
  • The infidels shall be slain, crucified, have their alternate hands and feet cut off and banished from the land (p. 65, Sura 5:37; AKa 5:33; AKb 5:33).
  • Infidels are Muslim’s enemies (p. 55, Sura 4:105; AKb 4:101).
  • Strike off heads and fingertips of infidels (p. 106, Sura 8:12; AKa 8:12; AKb 8:12).
  • Non-Muslims must convert to Islam or die (p. 112, Sura 9:5; AKb 9:5).
  • Cut off the heads of infidels, make a great slaughter and enslave the rest (p. 328, Sura 47:4; AKb 47:4 leaves out the part about the great slaughter and tones down the part enslaving the rest).
  • Do not obey the infidels, yet abstain from injuring them (p. 268, Sura 33:47).

The Koran on the Bible

  • The Koran teaches Muslims to believe the Bible (p. 58, Sura 4:136).
  • The Torah, Prophets, Gospels and the Koran are from God (i.e., Allah, p. 66, Sura 5:48; p. 67, Sura 5:50,52; p. 140, Sura 11:12; p. 190, Sura 19:52; p. 309, Sura 41:45).
  • The Koran replaces the Bible (p. 64, Sura 5:18).
  • The Koran corrects the confusion of the Bible (p. 127, Sura 10:38).
  • The Koran declares that the word of God does not change (p. 129; Sura 10:65), and the Koran on numerous occasions calls the Bible the word of God, yet implies that the Bible is confusing and states that it needs “clearing up.”
  • The Bible is the word of God (Allah) and is truth (p. 131, Sura 10:94 ; p. 311, Sura 42:16).
  • Allah tells Muhammad that if he is in doubt about what he (Allah) has told him, Muhammad is to go to the Bible to confirm the truth of it (p. 131, Sura 10:94). From this, it would appear that the Koran asserts that the Bible is the ultimate standard of truth and that only the truths of the Bible that the Koran enumerates are to believed.
  • The children of Israel were given the Torah or Hebrew Scriptures (p. 323, Sura 45:15).
  • The Torah confirms the Koran (remember that Muhammad was either illiterate or unread, so he probably never read the Torah, p. 325, Sura 46:11; p. 101, Sura 7:157).
  • The Koran confirms the Bible (p. 327, Sura 46:29).
  • Man was created from clots of blood (p. 404, Sura 96:2).

The Koran on Jews and Christians

  • The Koran teaches that there are righteous Bible believers—both Jews and Christians (p. 37, Sura 3:109–110; p. 49, Sura 4:48–49).
  • A curse is upon the Jews and Christians for not believing the Koran (p. 8, Sura 2:82; AKa 2:89).
  • God (Allah) has turned some Jews and Christians into apes and swine (p. 68, Sura 5:64–65; AKa 5:60).
  • The Koran describes ‘hell fire” as being like a Dantes inferno for Jews and Christians (p. 208, Sura 22:17,20).
  • Christians and Jews are to burn in the fires of Gehenna (p. 405, Sura 98:5).

The Koran’s View of Biblical Theology

  • The Koran teaches that Elohim, the God of the Bible is Allah, the god of Islam (p. 60, Sura 4:161). Please note that those who believe this believe the truth of the Koran over the truth of the Bible.

The Koran on Yeshua (Jesus)

  • The Koran teaches that Yeshua wasn’t crucified, didn’t literally die or resurrect, though God took him to heaven (pp. 59–60, Sura 4:156).
  • Yeshua died and was taken up to heaven (p. 32, Sura 3:48).
  • Yeshua is not the son of God and not God (p. 10, Sura 2:110; pp. 59–60, Sura 4:59–60; pp. 60–61, Sura 4:9; p. 69, Sura 5:76; p. 114, Sura 9:30; p. 225, Sura 25:2). It is a lie to believe that Yeshua is the Son of God (p. 179, Sura 18:2–3). Yeshua was only a man (p. 318, Sura 43:59). These quotes from the Koran should serve as ample proof that Allah and YHVH Elohim of the Bible are not the same God.

The Koran on the Biblical Narrative

  • The biblical patriarchs were Muslims (p. 12, Sura 2:126; AKa 2:132–133). Remember, the Koran makes this claim more than 2000 years after Moses penned the Torah, which records the stories of the patriarchs!
  • The disciples of Jesus (Yeshua) were Muslims (p. 32, Sura 3:45; AKb 3:52, reads “submitters” instead of “Muslims”).
  • Abraham and Ishmael founded Islam and established Islam’s holiest shrine, the Kaaba, in Mecca (p. 11; Sura 2:119–122; AKa 2:127).
  • God made the Abrahamic Covenant with Abraham and his descendants through Ishmael (not Isaac, implied, p. 11, Sura 2:118–119; AKa 2:124; AKb 2:124–125)
  • Abraham “sacrificed” Ishmael at the akeidah (not Isaac) and Isaac was born after this incident (p. 287, Sura 37:100–110; AKb 37:102–103).
  • The Koran equates Ishmael with Elisha (both were righteous, p. 292, Sura 38:48).
  • Moses was the apostle of Allah (p. 317, Sura 43:45).
  • The Koran confuses Saul with Gideon (p. 24, Sura 2:250).
  • The Koran teaches that Allah sent the flood and the plagues upon Egypt (p. 98, Sura 7:130; AKa 7:133 says “plagues” instead of “the flood” ).
  • The Koran confuses Mary (the Mother of Jesus/Yeshua) and Miriam (the sister of Moses and Aaron) by calling Mary the sister of Aaron (p. 189; Sura 19:29).
  • The Koran states that Adam and Eve ate from the tree of life (p. 199, Sura 20:118) rather than the tree of knowledge, as the Bible teaches.
  • The Koran states that Pharaoh and Haman were contemporaries (p. 244, Sura 28:5–7; p. 302, Sura 40:25). In reality, Haman lived nearly 1000 years after Pharaoh.
  • According to the Koran, Pharaoh had Haman build a tower (the Tower of Babel?) (p. 303; Sura 40:38).
  • The Koran states that the ancient Israelites who violated the Sabbath were changed into apes (p. 6, Sura 2:61; AKa 2:65).

The Koran on the Status of Women

  • Men are a step above women (p. 21, Sura 2:228; AKa 2:228 or “have the better right”) or are superior to women in the qualities God has given them (p. 48, Sura 4:38; AKa 4:34,  or “men are protectors and maintainers of woman”).
  • Wives are men’s possession, lit. “their field”  (p. 21, Sura 2:223; AKa 2:223 or “tilth”; AKb 2:223 “bearers of your seed”).
  • Scourge disobedient women (p. 48, Sura 4:38; AKa 4:34, or “beat them [lightly]”; AKb 4:34, “beat them”).
  • It is permissible to have up to four wives (p. 45, Sura 4:3).
  • Unrestrained sex with wives and slaves is permitted (p. 213, Sura 23:6; AKb 23:6, instead of “their slaves” reads “those who are rightfully theirs”).

The Koran Forbids the Selling of the Koran

  • Woe be to those who sell the Koran and make a profit from it (p. 7, Sura 2:73). This author had to pay $6.99 to purchase his copy of the Koran!

The Koran on Sex in Heaven

  • The Koran promises much sex in heaven with multiple wives for Muslim men (p. 3, Sura 2:23; p. 29, Sura 3:13; p. 321, Sura 44:50). There are rows of beds in heaven on which to have sex ( p. 341 Sura 52:20; p. 349, Sura 55:50–59; p. 386, Sura 76:13–22; p. 394, Sura 83:32). The sex slaves in heaven are perpetual virgins (p. 351; Sura 56:35). In light of the salacious sexual afterlife the Koran promises to Muslim men, is it any wonder that Islam has no problems finding so many homicidal terrorists who are willing to kill and die for Islam?
  • The Koran declares that a heavenly reward or paradise awaits those who slay infidels for the cause of Islam (pp. 121–122; Sura 9:11).

The Koran Permits Slavery

  • It is permitted to marry married women who have become your slaves (p. 47, Sura 4:28; AKa 2:25 ).

The Koran Advocates Freedom of Religion in Muslim Countries

  • The Koran advocates freedom of religion when it says, “Let there be no compulsion in religion.” (p. 25; Sura 2:257; AKb 256).

The Koran Declares That God Gave the Israelites Their Own Land 

  • Allah gave the children of Israel the land of Israel for their heritage (p. 99, Sura 7:133; AKa 7:137).


Why is it important that you educate yourself about Islam? The Bible tells us that we are not to be ignorant of Satan’s devices (2 Cor 2:11). The spirit of Antichrist is behind the religion of Islam and that same spirit is knocking loudly on America’s door. As hard as it may be for Americans to believe, even our president, Barak Husein Obama, has Islamic connections, if not sympathies.

The prophets of the Bible speak distinctly about an end-time enemy of Israel (of both Jews and Christians) who will attempt through force to dispossess Israel of its land and heritage. This same aggressor will shed Israelite blood, and will gather other Israelite-hating nations into a confederacy that will attack the Israelites’ nations. The Bible refers to this enemy as Edom, who has a perpetual hatred for the people of Elohim (the God of the Bible).

The biblical prophets describe this time as being a low point in the national life of the people of Israel. This attack by Edom against Israel will be brought on by Israel’s (Jews’ and Christians’) spiritual apostasy from the Word of God—the Torah. But the same prophets declare that out of the depths of spiritual and economic despair, the Israelite people (both Jews and Christians) will repent of their sins, cry out to their God, Yehovah Elohim, spiritual revival will ensue, and Elohim will then magnify his name among his people and deliver them from the hands of their enemies. This event incidentally coincides with the second coming of the Messiah of Israel, Yeshua HaMaschiach (Jesus Christ).

For more details on who end-time Edom is, what his game plan is and how that will affect you whether you live in America, other Christian nations, or in the state of Israel, read my article Is America in End-Time Bible Prophecy, which is available for free download at http://www.hoshanarabbah.org/pdfs/america.pdf.


2 thoughts on “What the Koran Really Says

  1. The prophecy tells about Ahmad; ‘Servant of God’ whom will war to correct the wrongs and bringing judgement based on the law of God. He will also liberate Arabia from worshiping molten images. Wilderness (desert), villages and cities will glorify God since then. As can be seen today, whole of Arabia are worshiping,praising God and singing words of God daily.

    And we continue reading Isaiah 42:18 – 25; about Children of Israel, whom will still be deaf and blind neglecting the message brought by this ‘Servant of God’.

    In Isaiah 42:1, it is not a coincidence upon seeing the writing of both אתמך (Atmc) אחמד (Ahmd). And the word before אתמך (Atmc), is עבדי (Abedi~My Servant). For indeed, It is indicating Ahmad; Abedallah (Ahmad; Servant of God).

    Not to mention אתמך (Atmc) is a special term foretelling the coming of a righteous man and is used only ONCE throughout the entire Book. [could this be a copying error or an intended error?]

    Children of Israel have been foretold upon the coming of Ahmad but sadly, only a few accepts.

    • Hmmm? Does anyone understand what this person is trying to say?

      One thing is for certain. It’s illogical to think that a single verse lifted out of context from the Bible can disprove the entire Bible, prove the validity of Islam and the Koran, and prove the Allah and Yehovah Elohim are the same spiritual entity, which they are not.

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