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We are no longer gathering as a congregation for Shabbat Services after Sukkot. After 18 years, Natan & Sandi are retiring from pastoring the congregation and hosting feast celebrations. We will continue providing the website ministry, blog, Scripture reading schedules, and calendars. Our attention will now focus on updating the Torah Studies, Torah Explorers, articles and website, continuing to share these materials and resources without charge.

Please note the upcoming Fall services dates and changes:

  • Sabbath 9/10: No services today. We will not be meeting on 9/10/16 due to a building conflict.
  • Sabbath 9/17: Shorter meeting times today. We'll meet in the Fellowship Hall for midrash from 2:00–4:30 pm. No oneg this week.
  • Sabbath 9/24: No services today as it's the 4th week.
  • Sabbath 10/1: Regular Shabbat services.
  • Yom Teruah 10/3: Yom Teruah (Trumpets) services begin at 2 pm. Bring your shofar! Oneg following.
  • Sabbath 10/8: Regular Shabbat services.
  • Yom Kippur 10/12: Yom Kippur (Atonement) services begin at 1:30 pm. Complete fast and prayer from sunset 10/11 through sunset 10/12. We will break the fast together at a local restaurant after sunset.
  • Sabbaths 10/15, 10/22, 10/29: No services in Tigard. See

When extremely HOT weather is expected on Sabbath, please bring only cold foods for oneg. Additionally, be aware that if you are sensitive to the heat or have health conditions, the air conditioning in the building is not sufficient to overcome the hot temperatures. It helps, but it can get warm in the building by the late afternoon before the evening cooling begins. Cold coffee and cold teas will be available.

If you or your children are ill, especially with a fever, please stay home and rest. Quarantine for health is a Torah principle. If services are cancelled due to inclement weather or power outages, that information will be posted here. Hit the refresh button on your browser to ensure you have the latest update to the webpage.

Shabbat Services

Shabbat Services General Format: 2:00 — 8:00 pm (including oneg). Please note: This is the general weekly format. Each week may vary. Plan to spend an extended time of praise, worship, prayer and study.

Praise & Worship


Scripture Reading & Midrash — led by Natan Lawrence & Dr. Joseph Dombek DC

This year we are reading the Scriptures through in a year as a congregation. The reading schedule followings the traditional annual Torah reading plan and the Prophets/Writings and Testimony of Yeshua are read every day during the year. Our reading on Shabbat will be the Scriptures for that calendar date. There is a coffee & snack break following the reading. Then we have a teaching and Midrash (discussion) on all the Scriptures that were read during that past week.

We do not offer nursery services. Parents are asked to please bring quiet activities for your younger children. We apologize for stating the obvious, but electronic toys with sound, noise-making toys, and hard plastic toys to bang together are not considered quiet activities. There is a large grassy area and an outside fenced play structure you are welcome to use if your child needs to stretch and be noisy for a bit during nice weather.


Please bring at least two dishes to share, enough to feed your family and extra for guests:

a main dish PLUS one of the following:
1) a side dish of vegetable or fruit (or fruit juice), or
2) a dessert, or
3) finger foods for the late afternoon coffee & snack break.

Please bring Biblical foods only. To understand what Biblical foods are, click here. To read Congregation Elim’s specific community meal halakha (guidelines), click here. If you're new to this and are unsure or if you are traveling, come as our guest. If you are a bachelor and don't know your way around a kitchen, do the best you can. There are always chips & dip or veggie platters you can contribute. (And we might add that we have wonderful single women of all ages in our congregation who are great cooks!) If you have any questions about food, please call Sandi at (503) 570-3376.

Meeting Location

We meet at Hall Blvd Baptist Church in Tigard, Oregon
Located at 14145 SW Hall Blvd (between SW Bonita Rd and SW McDonald St) in the SW Portland Metro area with easy access from I-5, Hwy 217, and Hwy 99W. For a map and directions to Hall Blvd Baptist Church, click here.

If we are experiencing hot weather and the heat bothers you and/or you have health conditions that are affected by the heat, please be aware that the building we meet in is NOT air conditioned. There are fans to keep the air moving and two small portable a/c units that are insufficient for that size room. If you plan to attend during the heat, feel free to dress for comfort in the hot weather (i.e. sandals, lighter clothing), while keeping modestly covered. Please bring cold foods that don't need warming for oneg and snack time to help keep the building cooler.

Contact information

Should you have any questions or comments regarding Congregation Elim or Hoshana Rabbah, we can be reached by phone at (503) 570-3376, by e-mail, or via USPS mail at: Hoshana Rabbah, PO Box 641, Wilsonville, OR 97070-0641, USA


An offering plate is not passed in the congregation. An offering box is provided at the front of the room or checks or money orders may be mailed to: Hoshana Rabbah, PO Box 641, Wilsonville, OR 97070-0641, USA

Or you may use PayPal by clicking on the donation button below:

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