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Chanukah begins on the 25th day of the 9th month (aka “Kislev”)

In 2020 the first Chanukah candle is lit
Thursday evening, December 10th

(If you light candles for Sabbath, halakha is to light Chanukah candles before the Sabbath candles)

2020 Chanukah calendar showing how many candles lit for each night

When the holiday is a traditional holiday and not a moed (appointed time) or miqra kodesh (commanded assembly), our congregation celebrates on the traditional calendar dates except for the years when the two calendars are a month apart. In those years we follow the Abiv calendar dates for the traditional holidays as well so that Purim does not conflict with Pesach (Passover).

Messianic candle lighting blessings and daily scripture readings for the eight nights of Chanukah

Includes blessings and instructions for lighting the Chanukiah (9-branch menorah) as well as scripture readings for each night a candle is lit.

Chanukah Recipes

Traditional foods for Chanukah include Latkes (potato pancakes) and Sufganiyot (jelly donuts) and any foods fried in oil to remember the miracle of the oil. Some also include dairy to remember the brave woman Judith.

  • How to Make Perfect Potato Latkes Every Time (article)
    “...when it comes to potato perfection, nothing compares to the crispy, oniony, savory latke.” Here's easy-to-follow instructions and troubleshooting help for how to make these!
  • Classic Latkes Are All About the Details (article)
    “Classic Hanukkah latkes are little more than potatoes with a hint of binder and an oniony perfume, fried to perfection. These humble patties can easily hold their own against any fancy-pants variation, as long as you keep a few points in mind...”
  • Feed Me Bubbe: Latkes (video)
    A fun and informative video showing how to make Latkes (uses a blender instead of grating).

So... what is Chanukah all about?

Is Chanukah the Jewish Christmas?
A pictorial cartoon explanation of Chanukah, for the uninitiated. Look at the side bar of this linked page for many links to much more information on Chanukah. Jewish website.

Judaism 101: Chanukah
Jewish Website.

Historical Overview of Hanukkah From History.com
Short historical overview in today's modern english

Read the History Yourself:

1 Maccabees

2 Maccabees

Josephus (very short and condensed)

At that time the Feast of the Dedication (Chanukah) took place at Jerusalem; it was winter,
and Yeshua was walking in the temple in the portico of Solomon.
Yochanan / John 10:22-23

Dreidle Game Instructions:

Additional Resources: Chanukah Party Checklist
Happy Chanukah! Chanukah Sameach!