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For further study on a moon that is astronomically expected to be visible (not borderline) but is not seen due to weather, here is a synopsis of opinions on this subject from the Karaite Jews, who also follow the scripture commands to begin our months at the sighting of the first visible sliver of the new moon from Israel as well as using the abiv barley to determine the beginning of the new year.

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You are welcome to link to the free calendars we provide. We request that you please link to instead of directly to the calendar .pdf or .gif files unless you are updating your link every month. We only keep the old .pdf and .gif files on the server for a short time. Each calendar has an anchor, so you can append the URL to link directly to the month. The anchors use the 3-letter month abbreviation followed by the 2-digit year designation, such as #sep09 or #dec12.

Planning Ahead for the Moedim:

Only YHVH sets the dates for his Moedim and he tells us when these times are in Scripture. We understand that we live in a fast-paced society that can be difficult to make plans if we don't know the dates much in advance. This is one reason many give for holding on to the traditional Hillel II calendar... because it just simply makes planning easier. We run into these same hurdles when reserving a venue 6-months to a year in advance, so we know it is doable, and when we sign contracts with venues, they have always worked with us when we explain why our dates may move a day or even a month out.

We publish the planning dates (anticipated and/or confirmed) for the Moedim on this page as well as flyers for the dates of the Miqra Kodesh once they've been established. Each year we receive e-mails asking when this or that Miqra Kodesh will be farther out than our published calendars and flyers cover. Again, we do not set the dates, but we are now sharing Sandi's personal planning calendar for the Moedim (view by month is recommended). The usual disclaimers apply as this is only a personal planning calendar that we are sharing in hopes that it is helpful to you and all dates must be confirmed. Just ignore most of the times of the day (such as "7:00 pm") as that is automatically added by the calendar software and Sandi ignores it, not bothering to change it, so it has no meaning. This calendar will automatically update online whenever Sandi updates her calendar. Please give Sandi any feedback or suggestions you may have.

Holiday Dates (Anticipated only Until Confirmed):

These dates are anticipated until confirmed. Spring dates will be established when the barley in the land of Israel has been found in the aviv stage of harvest and the actual sighting of the new moon of the first month from Israel. The Fall dates are additionally set with the sighting of the first visible sliver of the new moon of the 7th month.

For those needing to request time off work well in advance in order to get the days they request, we are providing this PDF document for your reference. The dates are estimates only based on the sighting of the new moon in Israel and may change:


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