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  1. (Titus2)
    “…about Elohim(LORD or Master)
    our Deliverer(Savior or Redeemer)…”
    “…of our great Elohim &
    the appearing of our Deliverer,
    Yeshua the Messiah…”
    (Yeshua is God also
    not just Father YHVH).
    Greek Grammar Rule:
    * The Elohim and Deliverer
    (1 person)
    * The Elohim and the Deliverer
    (2 persons)
    ~When the copulative
    “and” or KAI
    in Greek
    connects 2 Nouns
    of personal description;
    ~If the article
    “the” or HO
    in Greek
    precedes the first noun
    & is not repeated
    before the second noun;
    ~The latter
    always relates
    to the same person.
    Elohim should be our
    LORD & Savior
    not one or the other
    but both.

    • We will have to disagree on what you have stated above. The Bible clearly reveals YHVH Elohim as Father, Son and Holy Spirit—three entities although they are still one as a compound unity. Our finite minds cannot comprehend this, so why try? Just before the creation, as I understand Scripture, Elohim split himself into three. It is revealed in the book of Revelation that after the earth has passed, he will compress himself back into one again, although still remaining compound unity. That said, we must be very careful about making definitive statements about the nature of the Godhead for fear of making a god in our own image, which is idolatry. I say this as a warning to all of those people who feel the need to categorically assert that Elohim is one person, two persons, or even three persons. He can be whatever he wants to be whenever he wants to be, and our feeble minds cannot comprehend these things. As far as my pea-brain can comprehend, all of these truths (i.e., he is one, two and/or three) have elements of truth and elements of error in them. Also, be very careful about reading the writings of others who claim to understand the unsearchable and univestigatable mysteries of the universe and then parroting what they say as definitive truth. We must all carefully research out what Scripture says—every word of it—before coming to definitive conclusions about anything. Also, please be careful about teaching about biblical linguistic grammar unless you are a trained expert, or can quote trained experts. This is very dangerous ground to be walking on, and many well-meaning people make a lot of errors thinking they know more than they really do. A little head knowledge in the area of linguistics can be very dangerous if we don’t know what we’re really talking about. Blessings.

  2. Shalom Natan,

    B’Har, LORD, Master, Slave, Servant, Oved, etc was a very good teaching for me from you recently. Lots of good information in that video. Around 57 minutes into your teaching video it came to me. You spoke much about serving, but around 57 minutes into it, a Bob Dylan song hit me and I had to pause your video and listen to it again. It’s called, “Serve Somebody”. I’ve always liked this song especially since there’s a verse where he speaks about me… “you may work in a barber shop, cuz you know how to cut hair…. but you’re gonna have to serve somebody”. Anyway, I thought you might like it too.

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