2 thoughts on “Science Fiction Futurists Predict Biblical Babylon the Great

  1. Thankyou Natan
    Shalom to All.

    Praise Abba that He puts forth light to those who seek to walk in the Light!!

    Just found out something Natan that really helped me. I don’t have enough time to view a lot of the content that is around that I am led to look at. So I preferred your written articles which have a lot to say.
    Today Abba prompted me to look at the cog and change the play back speed and wow you are really excited at 1.5 times.
    Now I can view the other video all on one day.
    Praise our Mighty Yeshua.
    The one sent by the Father to terminate darkness on this earth & bring forth the Righteous Kingdom.
    Shalom to All

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