So what’s keeping you from celebrating YHVH’s feasts?

Leviticus 23:2, Feasts. These feast (moedim) days are set-apart times for YHVH’s consecrated people. They are divine appointments between the Creator of the Universe and his called-out ones. Furthermore, they are love feasts (Jude 12) between YHVH-Yeshua and his bride, the saints of the Most High Elohim. The seven feasts of YHVH are also the perfect seven-step divine plan showing how YHVH-Yeshua will redeem his backslid people Israel, his adulterous bride, back to himself. These days are the embodiment of the gospel (the good news) message of the coming marriage between Yeshua and his bride and the establishment of his kingdom upon this earth in a full and universal sense! We show our belief, faith, love, anticipation and obedience to him by walking them out. 

To not set aside time for YHVH feasts from one’s secular schedule is to ignore the call of the Bridegroom, Yeshua, for us to go out to meet him. It is to deprive oneself of the joys of communing with the Set-Apart (Kadosh) One of Israel in this special and set-apart way. It is to disregard and treat as common and profane the consecrated times that YHVH established for him and his people to come together. It is to disregard the covenants, the national constitution and marriage agreement between YHVH and his people—redeemed Israelite believers who have been grafted in to the olive tree of Israel through a relationship with Yeshua, the Messiah, the Anointed Sent One of Israel (Rom 11:13–24; Eph 2:11–19). To disregard YHVH’s feast days is to show disregard for his Torah-commands—his precepts, teachings and instructions in righteousness. To do this is to violate his commandments, which is sin (1 John 3:4)!

So what’s keeping you from celebrating YHVH’s feasts?


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  1. Even if you don’t understand all the deeper meaning if each feast, I believe you are aligning your spirit with the true meaning of the feast This is no small thing your spirit is set to a “default setting to agree with and obey Yeshua’s work of each feast. my thoughts anyway!!

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