Can you receive the fact that Elohim is the Author of godly leadership?

Deuteronomy 31:23, He gave Joshua the son of Nun a charge. Upon Moses’ passing, YHVH didn’t leave the children of Israel in a leadership vacuum to wander about aimlessly in a confused state. YHVH isn’t the author of confusion! YHVH is the author of godly leadership. He prepares and trains leaders and then raises them up to lead his people in the paths of righteousness leading to his spiritual Promised Land. 

Beware of leaders who raise themselves up and promote themselves. To ensure that we don’t follow unrighteous, self-promoting and greedy leaders, let’s ask ourselves the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of righteous leadership? (See Eph 4:11–12.) 
  • What are the qualifications for leadership ? (See 1 Tim 3:1–13.) 
  • What is the premise of true, Spirit-ordained leadership? (See Matt 23:11.)

Many believers have been hurt by kingdom-building, money-grubbing and self-seeking leaders in the church world and now trust no one. They pride themselves on being “independent.” Is this good? Did Yeshua ever speak of his sheep as being “lone rangers” or did he refer to them as “a flock?” Does he ever speak of his flock as being shepherdless? 

Of course, Yeshua is the Chief Shepherd, but does he not also speak of undershepherds or humans shepherds who faithfully work under him? (Read John 10:1–18.) In this regard, consider the following:

  • Isn’t a flock that is under the guidance of a true servant-shepherd of Yeshua a place of safety or harm? 
  • Is being outside the flock a place of safety or harm? (See Matt 18:12.) 
  • Yeshua says that those who are outside of a flock are “lost” and have “gone astray” and are in danger of perishing (Matt 18:11–14). Are you part of a literal flock of believers, or have you spiritualized this passage away to justify your independent (rebellious?) spirit against YHVH-ordained authority?

5 thoughts on “Can you receive the fact that Elohim is the Author of godly leadership?

  1. Whether you like it or not, Natan, you are it. We consider ourselves as your flock!
    Occasionally, we spend the Shabbat with a family who consider themselves Messianics. They seem very dedicated to YHVH but got their festival timing wrong this year. I have encouraged them to visit your blog but don’t think they did yet.
    Without Hoshanarabbah, we are just lost sheep, that have been scattered to the corners.

    • I don’t know what to say, except that I’m humbled and immediately want to point it all to Elohim and give him the glory. I’m happy that I can be his servant, and that there’s a few people out there who are loving enough to give out some encouragement that helps us to keep going on serving him. Soli Deo gloria!

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