The menorah, not the cross should be the Christian symbol

Numbers 8:2, The menorah. The phrase toward the face of the menorah is an interesting one. The Jewish sages teach that the three wicks on the right and the three on the left were all directed toward the menorah’s central stem, thus concentrating light toward the center. The menorah symbolized that YHVH is the Source of all light (The ArtScroll Stone Edition Chumash, p. 775). What are the connotations of this for a believer in Yeshua? How did Yeshua describe himself? (See John 8:12; 9:5.) Moreover, what did he mean when he said that “I am the vine and you are the branches?” (John 15:5) What does this mean and how is this pointing to a type of human menorah? Now relate this to the seven Messianic assemblies of Revelation 2 and 3 being likened to menorahs (Rev 1:13, 20). Is Yeshua the center of all that we do? Do we place all of our focus on him? Can we say, as the Apostle Paul did, that “in him we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28)? Does the power of his resurrected life and anointing flow through you even as oil was in the menorah and sap flows through a tree to its branches?

Redeemed Israelites Are That Menorah

The Scriptures plainly states that Yeshua and his body of followers are likened to a tree of which the seven-branched menorah that adorned the mishkan (tabernacle) in the wilderness as well as the sanctuary of Solomon’s Temple is a picture. Furthermore, remember what Yeshua said in John 15:5? “I am the vine and you are the branches …” This is a perfect picture of the menorah, which has a central trunk with six (the number representing man) branches growing out of the trunk. Remember what Yeshua said in Matthew 5:14–15, that his followers were to be lights upon a lampstand on a hill for all the world to see—a clear allusion in the mind of anyone in Yeshua’s audience to the temple’s menorah (which was upon the Temple Mount like a light on a hill).

Additionally, when a redeemed believer in and follower of Yeshua is in a sacred state of worshipping his Master and Savior, he will often lift his arms heavenward. Not only is this the universal sign of surrender (in this case to one’s Heavenly Master), but when we lift our hands our bodies are actually forming a human menorah. By doing this, in worship we are acting out what we are—a lampstand to the world radiating forth the good news of the truth and love of Yeshua.

In fact, The Scriptures shows us that the menorah, and not the cross, is the symbol of Yeshua’s spiritual body of believers. We see this in Revelation 1:12, 20 and 2:1 where the seven congregations are symbolized as a seven-branched menorah! The menorah here is the symbol of the congregation of redeemed believers.

Though the cross is representative of the redemptive work Yeshua accomplished on our behalf, it is not the symbol of the body of believers, commonly called the “church,” but the menorah is! Furthermore, in Jewish thought, the menorah is analogous to an olive tree (the ancient temple menorah was constructed of hollow tubes of solid gold filled with olive oil that burned when lit), to which the Apostle Paul makes reference in Romans 11, as representing the tree of life (which ultimately represents Yeshua) into which all must be grafted if they are to be part the spiritual body of Yeshua and have his eternal life.


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  1. Thanks for the post. It s very amazing how EVERYTHING is related in the Scripture.
    I enjoyed reading about Elohim’s people being reveled in all those scriptures you mentioned.
    What want to say is that the title is ‘The Menorah not the cross should be the Christian symbol’ I personally think that Christianity is a religion and as such it is NOT the people of Israel, the chosen ones and the ones with His Torah written in their hearts.They are what they are and we have nothing to do with Christianity. They have their religion with its symbols and on, and we have the Covenant, the Promises, His Torah and His Messiah.

    Mat 1:21  And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name YESHUA: for he shall save HIS PEOPLE from their sins.

    Even when among the people who called themselves Christians now, ELOHIM has some elected ones to come to be part of HIS people,( and the same applies to any other group of people or religion) we cannot refer to Christianity as some group of people that are included in Messiah’s flock. So I would prefer to say that: “The menorah not the cross is the true symbol of YESHUA’s people”
    Thanks again for your teachings I’ve learned much from you…and for the opportunity you provide for others to express our point of view.

  2. Natan,

    SORRY, I respectfully and TOTALLY DISAGREE with this premise!!

    Although one should understand the Hebraic Roots of Yeshua’s birth and death, it was NECESSARY that Yeshua DIE on the cross to atone for Man’s sins. ONLY in this way (by dying on the cross) does Yeshua’s substitutionary death on our behalf fully satisfy God’s requirement of death for sins.

    This being so, I don’t understand the purpose or premise of your post!

    It seems to me that Yeshua’s death (on the CROSS) enables believers to receive the Set-Apart Spirit (providing light to the world, as symbolized by the MENORAH).

    Maybe this is what you originally had in mind when you started this writing !!

    • You totally read something into my post that was not there. The point I was making in my post my was not about the validity of Yeshua’s death on the cross or whether he died on a cross or not. Surely, since you have followed my blog for a few years now, you know that I affirm that he died four our sins as our substitutionary sacrifice and that he died on a cross. This I have done over and over again. But this was not the point of this post. I feel as though you have over-reacted emotionally. This I can understand, since many people have denied or are denying the basic truth of what Yeshua did at the cross. I AM NOT ONE OF THESE PEOPLE, so please don’t react as though I am. I cannot state this strongly enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Since Yeshua in the Book of Revelation uses a menorah to symbolize the churches, perhaps he’s trying to tell us something. Moreover, in the Gospels he likens this disciples to lights (or menorahs, probably) on a hill) Your argument over this symbolism is with Yeshua, not me.

      I hope this resolves this issue in your mind.


  3. Shalom Natan & All

    Would you believe it I just read about the menorah and that it was a wonderful work made on Elohim’s command as symbol!!?

    The article also put forth that, that particular item was so Holy that no man could gaze upon it except for the Kohanim of the Aaronic line alone according to Elohim’s command.

    The Aaronic Priests were those permitted to cover it before the Levitical Priests were able to carry it from one location to another on the Exodus journey in safety.

    The article also suggested it was idolatrous to take what is Holy and make it common. Sort of like what happened to the snake on the pole that ended up being worshipped instead of the unseeable Elohim.

    That physical item was destroyed because it’s Holy purpose had been defiled.

    Any thoughts about this interpretation?
    Glad you and Sandy had time together, on your time away in Europe.
    Blessings to you and all who seek to live Truth for His Glory.
    Shalom Shalom

  4. Rev. Alexander Hislop in his book ‘The Two Babylons’ has very convincingly demonstrated that Rome (papal system) is the second Babylon as mentioned in Revelation.
    He has investigated many of the ceremonies, rituals and symbols of this “Christian Church” and in my opinion has shown without a doubt, the pagan nature of the lot.
    To my surprise, he proved that almost all pagan religions use the cross as a symbol or even an item of worship.
    YHVH has made it very clear that His people are not to worship Him in the pagan ways; that’s enough for me to reject the cross as a symbol of God’s salvation.

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