Beautiful Churches Europe

Every hamlet and city where we went in the British Isles, Ireland and France has a spectacularly beautiful church in it. The larger towns all have Gothic-style cathedrals, some of which took decades if not hundreds of years to build. Some of these churches have been standing for nearly one thousand years. It is truly amazing. The art and work that went into them is unimaginable, and all of this before the modern age of power tools and machinery!

When you step into one of these buildings, it simply overwhelms your senses. You have to see and experience it for yourself to understand the power of art and architecture.

What do I think about all of these religious endeavors? In the big picture, what I think really doesn’t matter. More importantly, I kept asking myself, “What does Elohim think about all of this effort on man’s part to reach him?” In a subsequent blog post, I’ll share some of the thoughts that came to when asking this question.

In the mean time, please enjoy some of these pictures.

Westminster Abbey—London
The Cathedral in Chester, England
Chester Cathedral
Chester Cathedral
Chester Cathedral
Cathedral in Cobh, Ireland
Cohb Cathedral
The Little Chapel on the Island of Guernsey. The smallest chapel in the world made of pebbles, sea shells and pieces of china.
St. Peter’s Port, Guernsey Church
Some church in Paris
Sacre Coeur in Paris
Sacre Coeur in Paris
Sacre Coeur in Paris
The Cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris
What’s left of the Cathedral of Notre Dame after the big fire.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Churches Europe

  1. Thank you for the wonderful tour of beautiful churches on your journey this spring. You’ve moved me to want to see them for myself, now even more.
    Blessings, your words speak volumes to the world.

  2. While these churches are certainly works of arts and can be admired as such, I want to say: Elohim didn’t ask for those. It seems to me they were used to intimidate none Christian people like the Jews and help to control Christians in as far as they taught their doctrines there and forbade many of Elohim’s laws like the Shabbat and His Holy Days. If people would have been still allowed to meet in their homes, the power of the clergy would have been restraint. To come together in such a large building, discussions or questions were made impossible and certainly unwanted anyhow.
    The church leaders squeezed money out from even the poorest people, to build these monstrosities. I find it hard to believe they were built for the glory of Elohim; more likely for showing off the power of the Church.
    John calls the Notre Dame Cathedral the temple of Molech.

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