The Torah of YHVH Vs. the Law of Moses

Luke 2:24, Law of the Lord/YHVH. This phrase is found only three times in the NT—here and in vv. 24 and 39. The same phrase is additionally found 18 times in the Tanakh and obviously refers to the Torah (e.g. Pss 1:1; 19:7; 119:1). Is the law of YHVH the same as the law of Moses?

The phrase the law of Moses is found a similar number of times in the Bible: 15 times in the Tanakh and seven times in the NT. Obviously the phrases the law of YHVH and the law of Moses are synonymous terms in that they refer to the same thing: the Written Torah. From the obvious meanings of these two terms, we learn that YHVH Elohim is the divine source or origination of the Torah, while Moses was merely the one who first wrote it down or codified it, and as the leader of the nation of Israel, he administered it.

It is interesting, if not ironic, how the mainstream church chronically refers to the Torah as “the law of Moses,” when Scripture refers to the Torah as “the Torah of YHVH” the same number of times less one. The mainstream church’s choice of one term over the other seems to reveal, sadly, its apathy, if not, at times, its outright antipathy, toward YHVH’s Torah. To justify this ungodly attitude, it has chosen to use the term that casts the Torah-law of Elohim in the most negative light possible by inferring that its source is man and not Elohim. This furthermore underscores the truth of Paul’s words in Rom 8:7 about the carnal mind of man being at enmity with the laws of Elohim in that it refuses to be subject to them.


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  1. The Word of YHVH is foolishness to them that are perishing and this is how you know you’re a fool-f you say in your heart that there is no God! Everyone wants to do whatever the hell they want=hell they want? When will we learn that obedience feels good?

  2. Hello, 1st time reader here. I was saved last march 24th age 24 then even though growing up being a pastors son, that day when i was filled with the Holy Spirit i realized my family most do not know Jesus, they know the Catholic Jesus, but not the one of the bible.

    Ive been diving into the hebraic roots movement, God has been teaching me in my bible studies how walking in his commandments outlined in Torah is the sanctification process of becoming more like Christ.

    The largest issue i meet with other christians, no matter the amount of scripture I show said by Jesus, John, Peter, Moses, Solomon etc is they say Paul broke away from Torah observant, can you show me where he is being torah observant and other than romans(they dont listen) where Paul teaches on the Law, scripture doesnt contradict itself so it is very likely people take Paul out of context. Thank you.

    • I have a number of resources proving that Paul upheld, practiced and even promoted Torah observance contrary to the lies of the mainstream church in this regard. You can find several written articles on the subject at

    • and a number of videos I have made at

    • . Scroll down until you find a video that pertains to your subject.

      May YHVH guide and bless you on your journey in seeking him and his truth.

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