Is this really necessary in today’s gender confusion climate?

This is just what we need—one more television show to promote gender confusion and to break down the two classifications of humans that the Almighty Creator made: male and female.

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. (Genesis 1:27)

Elohim created male and female, husband and wife as the foundation for accomplishing His divine purposes on this earth. From a marriage between a man and a woman come children. It is the lofty and Elohim-ordained goal of parents to produce children, and to teach them His ways of of life, wisdom and truth, which, hopefully, will result in all of them  being adopted into the divine and eternal family of Elohim.

From healthy, Elohim-oriented marriages and families come strong, vibrant, morally and spiritually solid societies. The biblical record and secular history show this to be a true pattern. It also demonstrates that with the breakdown of the family, including genders, comes confusion, licentiousness, moral breakdown, lawlessness and criminality, depravity, rebellion, anarchy and, eventually, the collapse of the society. Those who fail to learn the lessons of history will be condemned to repeat the mistakes of history and to suffer the consequences thereof.

So why is Hellywood producing television shows that promote gender confusion? Give me a massive break! Aren’t there a million other things that television producers can depict a young boy doing other than crossdressing? It’s because behind most of the entertainment industry is a bunch of Satanic God- and Bible-hating, morally depraved hedonists. Make no mistake. For them it’s all out war against anything that’s good and decent and promotes biblical values.

Turn this garbage off and resist this moral rot every way you can. That’s why I got rid of my television years ago.

After boycotting the filth, let’s resolve to be a force for good. Parents, let’s help our children to embrace and even celebrate their Elohim-given gender, and help them to express who they are as His unique creation without encouraging them to color outside the lines of their particular gender. 

No matter how politically incorrect it may be, those of us who hold to the divinely revealed and transcendent standards of the Bible must work hard to instill these values in the next generation, and give them good reasons to resist the tsunami of moral depravity that is trying to overtake and drown us.


ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Does Mark see himself as a girl?  
SARA GILBERT: He doesn’t. That’s something that got out in the press that’s not true. He’s not a transgender character. He’s a little boy. He’s based on a few kids in my life that are boys who dress in more traditionally feminine clothing. He’s too young to be gay and he doesn’t identify as transgender, but he just likes wearing that kind of clothing and that’s where he is at this point in his life.


How much do you address his desire to wear girl’s clothing?
There is an episode that addresses it. He dresses that way throughout the show, but there’s one episode that focuses on it more heavily. We did a lot of research because we wanted to make sure and do it properly. This character is not transgender.

What made you want to create this character?
It represents the world. This is a show that’s always been able to represent the world and talk about it without being so issue-heavy. We can do it through the dynamics of the family. I know kids like that and it seemed like a great character. One kid in particular that I know is so sweet, funny, charming, and great. In a way the character— that’s one element of the character that he dresses that way, but he’s also based on this kid I know in a lot of other ways. I don’t want to pigeonhole him and say just because he dresses this way that’s the only thing about him. He happens to dress that way but he’s an amazing, creative, brilliant kid, which you will see, and so is the kid, Ames, who plays him.


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