Laban—A Picture of Babylonian Power Over and Destruction of the Family

The family is the foundational building block of society. It is a picture of the Godhead and the means by which the Creator intended not only to replicate himself, but to redeem man back to himself and then spread his kingdom on earth. What a glorious concept! The family is a most  beautiful thing because of what it represents and because of its Elohim-deisgned mission. Guess who hates Elohim and therefore wants to destroy the family?

Genesis 31:43, These daughters are my daughters. Laban claims that Jacob’s wives and children belonged to him. Laban was also steeped in the idolatry of Babylon having in his possession idols or images called teraphim (Gen 31:19, 34–35), which also represented his wealth and were good luck charms.

Is there a modern-day counterpart to this? Yes. Doesn’t modern Babylon want to control and possess the wives and children of redeemed Israel, indoctrinate them in its pagan religious system, and then keep Jacob’s modern descendants from returning to their spiritual and physical homeland and birthright inheritance, and from returning to the Torah-faith of their fathers? Are governmental institutions (e.g. public educational institutions and state and federal Child Protective Services agencies, social welfare programs, various government regulations that have greatly diminished or eliminated many of our personal freedoms along with Elohim-given parental rights), socio-political organizations (e.g. ACLU, UN) and greedy corporate systems (banking systems that enslave people through debt, corrupters of our food supplies that destroy people’s health, pharmaceutical companies and the mainstream medical establishment that enslaves and destroys people’s minds and bodies through drugs) modern-day Labans who want to kill, steal and destroy for the benefit of money, power and control? Again, yes.

Revelation 18:13 says that end times Babylon the Great will traffic in the souls of men. This speaks at some level of the modern day enslavement of people—of their religious expression, freedom of thought and action. In these end times, the saints of Elohim must protect themselves and their loved ones from idols and the evil machinations of the Elohim-hating, devil worshiping idolators.

Let us not forget John’s closing words in his first epistle: “Little children, keep yourselves from idols” (1 John 5:21). An idol is anything that gets between us and Elohim, and which moves us downward and away from him on our spiritual path instead of upward and closer to him.


2 thoughts on “Laban—A Picture of Babylonian Power Over and Destruction of the Family

  1. Though I never thought of Laban as nothing more than an abusive employer/father-in-law/uncle, I now agree that he represents more than that. As you point out, he is a type of modern day babylon whose mission statement is to kill, steal and destroy.
    Destroying the family is a tool from 1500. It was the means by which the slaves conform and did not rebel more than they did.
    Today black families are so dysfunctional because of such cruel means to control them.
    The family today is threatened because of the brainwashing to purchase that which we do not need. As a result we ignore the family responsibilities and work ourselves to death. Also isn’t money and expenditure one of the main reason for divorce?
    If I sound angry it’s because I am. I cant seem to get over slavery since the industrial Revolution. It came from babylonian thought. The consequence is still very much overpowering. It is still in my face on the road, in my pastor and the church, my community, my family and the nation. It is in our DNA, our economy is structured accordingly. It is on the news.
    How can we escape or get over Laban?

    • I’m not intending to diminish from anything you have said, but to expand on what you have said. I see slavery as an outgrowth of man’s sin nature such that the strong and powerful tend to want to control and exploit the weak and powerless for personal for money, power and fame.

      In no way to excuse or lessen the barbarity or vileness of European colonial slavery, but some of the black African tribes had been enslaving each other for millennia before the white man came. The same is true with other indigenous peoples in many other parts of the world. Some of the Moslems still practice slavery. In fact, the Koran advocates the slavery of the infidels (those who refuse to convert to Islam). Presently, think Isis! Also presently, think human including child sex trafficking!

      These facts speak to a greater problem of the sin nature of man of which the Babylonian system is merely a governmental-economic-religious system outgrowth or institutionalized form. Slavery is all evil and we should be angry at evil and even hate sin as our Father in heaven does (Ps 5:5; 11:5).

      All this evil is totally antithetical to the message of the Bible and gospel.

      Lest there be any confusion, the “slavery” of the Torah was not the slavery we’re talking about above. It was a form of indentured servanthood where someone who had fallen into hard times financially could be taken in by someone who was wealthy and could pay their debts and work their way out of poverty. This is very different from the modern socialist welfare system where the government forcefully takes money from those producing and gives to those who are not producing anything without requiring them to work for it. This evil system is also antibiblical. Excluded, of course, are those who are truly unable to work due to age and physical defect or illness. The Bible enjoins us to care for the truly poor and needy.

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