Kundalini Spirit Vs. the Set-Apart (Holy) Spirit

Several people have written me expressing concern about whether they received a kundalini spirit when they received the baptism of the Spirit in their church years ago, instead of the genuine gifts of the Spirit as outlined in 1 Cor 12. Here is my answer to this important question.   Natan

This is a good question and the very same one I asked myself some 20 years ago when I first learned about the Hindu kundalini spirit. YHVH was gracious enough to give me the answer to the question at that time, and I have been going strong and operating in the gifts of the Spirit ever since without fear.

Remember this. Satan has counterfeited nearly everything that is biblical in his demonic false religions including the gifts of the Spirit. Because of this, some people have walked away from the gifts of the Spirit and have taken what’s called a cessationist viewpoint in that they believe the gifts of the Spirit are no longer for us today. This is a reactionary view that is not supported scripturally. It’s a spiritual cop-out. I used to believe this until I got so hungry for more of Yeshua and so sick of dead religion that as I was crying out for him that  one night while worshipping and praising Yeshua, he baptized me in his Ruach 27 years ago. I was in my living room when it happened and had never been in a Spirit-filled (Pentecostal or Charismatic) church in my lift up to that point.

Yeshua told us to judge with righteous judgment (John 7:24). How do we do this? By examining the fruits (Matt 7:15–20) of our actions and insuring that everything lines up with the Word of Elohim. When operating in the gifts of the Spirit including the gift of speaking in tongues, what are the fruits? Are they the fruit of the Spirit as outlined in Gal 5:22–25 and not the works of the flesh (Gal 5:19–21)? Does it bring you closer to Yeshua? Does it result in praise, worship and the glorification of Elohim? Does it edify and build us up in our spirit man? Does it promote holiness and righteousness? If yes, then this it is a good thing. If not, then it’s from another source. Satan isn’t going to give us anything that expands the kingdom of Elohim at his expense and promotes our spiritual well-being before YHVH.

Twenty years ago YHVH told me that if I loved Yeshua by walking faithfully in his Torah commandments that this would keep me on the straight and narrow path and that I wouldn’t be deceived or led into some spiritual counterfeit. You see, Torah is both a fence and a guardrail. It’s a fence that protects us by keeping the spiritual predators out, but it’s also a guardrail that keep us on the road of life and prevents us from going off the edge and over the cliff spiritually.

I suspect that some in the church world have picked up a kundalini spirit not because they were seeking Yeshua with all their hearts, but because they were seeking an experience. This is idolatry. When we seek anything other than Yeshua, especially supernatural experiences, we’ll get it, for sure, but it won’t be from the Ruach! When, on the other hand, we’re seeking Yeshua with all our heart to love and serve him as it says in Luke 11:9-13, he won’t give us a serpent or a stone (i.e. demonic counterfeit), but will give us good gifts. You can trust YHVH on this!!!!

For more on the kundalini spirit and what Yeshua and the Bible has to say about it, go to https://hoshanarabbah.org/blog/2019/11/17/from-the-mail-bag-did-yeshua-encourage-his-disciples-and-us-to-receive-a-kundalini-spirit/.


12 thoughts on “Kundalini Spirit Vs. the Set-Apart (Holy) Spirit

  1. without the original, the counterfeit is meaningless! The enemy goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour…but the Lion of Judah is our protector..learning Torah obedience I see as being an in-law and not an outlaw-then the law is your enemy and you’ve opened that door to the enemy
    -I see His Torah as not only a hedge of protection but as staying in the family…if we step outside we are subject to the “thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to” (Hamlet) We are supposed to test the spirits to see if they are of God…at times I wondered who was speaking and how could I know in that moment for sure…well If it’s something I would never say to myself, that was one way, for instance if I was to make a donation and I heard “empty your purse’, I wouldn’t say that to myself, just a for instance..so yes I agree that if it doesn’t edify or isn’t building up, it’s tearing down…I feel for that person, we should never open doors He has closed to us…

      • I read once that there is a Universal Law of Opposites… like you said Carol… in order to understand one, you need to understand the opposite. Day and night, light and dark, etc.

        Great words. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great article and teaching Natan. I had been to a few of these counterfeit gatherings years back attending with friends from the local prayer group.

    Before going anywhere, I would always first ask HaShem, Yeshua, and His Ruach if I am to be there since I was invited. In all times, I had a check in my spirit even before asking. And, before leaving, I’d increase that “hedge of protetection” around me on all sides and ask that I only receive that which He wants me to receive. After arriving at these gatherings… my spirit is telling me to run, but was was assured that I was protected and that I needed to experience what was happening so that I understood what was going on around me. My friend encouraged me to get in one prayer line with her. She went down in the spirit and was down for a while. I was next. I realized that I was in the line of the speaker. When he laid his hands on me… I could physically feel being in a cocoon of protection and I could feel that my protection was pushing back that which was coming at me from him. After a few moments… he said “why are you rejecting this?”. I smiled and said “I am not intentionally, but it is obviously that the Ruach does not want me to receive what you are trying to give me and that He has shielded me in His protective shield. I asked HaShem, Yeshua, and His Ruach to only allow me to receive that which He wants me to receive, nothing more. I am sorry.” Then I walked away. Another time, the priest pushed me to the ground so that it would not look like he couldn’t “slay me in the spirit”. I smiled as he stared at me with an evil look. I was beginning to understand about these counterfeits. I had always prayed for an increase in His protection around me, I still do. On one occasion… I was in total peace at a Healing Service… the woman at the head of the prayer line smiled and told me that she was just to assure me that my protective shield was very thick and quite strong. I tha ked her for that conformation. After that I never doubted my protective shield again. I am not sure that I ever doubted, but He was allowing me to understand that when I ask in a good way and for the right intention… that I receive what I asked for.

    You are right Natan that it is your intent. So many want to see signs and wonders that we loose our focus and that is why we are to Test the Spirit, ask why do I need to go here, and to never let your shield down. I could share more horror stories, but I shared my point here in agreement.

    Yeshua always pointed to His Father in heaven and reminded us to keep our mind, heart, and spirit… all of us focused on Him and that which is heavenly.

    I still check in with HasShem whenever I go somewhere and always understand once I go why it is so important to put our Amour of God on… our protection. I always thanked HaShem, Yeshua, and His Ruach and the angels that He has placed around me for keeping me safe. They do.

    I hope that this gives a bit of conformation to some.

    Thank you.

    • Excellent and wise counsel. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for emphasizing the need to pray over every situation and keep our spiritual armor up, and to submit everything we do and everywhere we go to the leading of the Ruach. This is called walking in the Spirit. You’re words are very timely and à propos to the subject at hand.

      • Thank you Brother Natan. It just bubbled up. Those experiences still are fresh as they just happened.

        My mom always reminded us kids that we don’t have to run here and there to see God working, He is in us.

        There is a great old song that quotes scripture that reminds us that “He who began a good work in you, He’ll be faithful to complete it, that good work that He started in you. Boy, that just got the tears flowing. I sing it whenever I find myself wondering.

        Be Blessed.

  3. Brother Natan, what just came to me while I was outside with my dog. I was enjoying the moment as he ran around to see the birds… I was then reminded that HaShem, nor Yeshua, nor His Ruach would never cause us to be uncomfortable in His presence. Nor would He cause you to want to flee if it was not His will.

    Yes, If we needed correction, or a conviction, or that He wanted you to leave from harms way should He not want you to be there He would let you know in a peaceful way… yes, but our heart and spirit would not be troubled… convicted yes.

    Things that I saw, things that came out of some mouths made me cringe, but all the while… He assured me that I needed to experience this through Him, under His protection. Over the years when I met someone that had that “counterfeit spirit”… I wondered why my spirit was on guard. After learning that they had been here and there, I understood. This has been my experience.

    Even now, when I always run into this one person, I can feel them knowing that I know who they really are. I am polite and say hello, but my shield, my protection is ready and on guard. And, they know it. I can just feel it getting alert as if to say “heads up kid, the enemy is about”.

    In India.. many say Namaste and nod. I love this word as it reminds me that the same spark… that fire of HaShem is in all of us and that part of those troubled still need HaShem’s unconditional love and light to shine bright through us to them in the midst of the darkness and trouble. We are to bring His light to the world through us.

    Trust your spirit to Spirit connection. It can be the spirit in the church, a friend or family, a stranger… trust your gut feeling. I went to a community event years back and my spirit alerted me to something extraneous going on nearby. I just prayed for an increase in my shield, armor, my protection and trusted it to be there. As the day went on, I was introduced to a friend’s friend. Then, I understood the change that I was seeing in my friend after that person said this and that. That is one of those “ahh ha” moments.

    My mom would always say that your spirit knows all things. Scripture says that He placed within us all knowledge of Him and of good and evil so that we… in our spirit can learn to trust it as we grow in Him.

    That day, I understood and the next time that I was invited, I was warned in my spirit not to enter that ground… a field. When my friend saw me, she called out to me to join her. I just said that I needed to go home since I was not feeling well. I found that He had me see things for me to learn was was around and why I would experience changes in good Christian folks and why my shield… my armor and protection alerted me

    Trust that feeling.

  4. Been going to a church I loved and sitting there one day that still small voice said “you need to leave.” I was stunned, like what? again He said ‘you need to leave, you’ve gotten everything you’re going to get (learn) here and you need to leave.” I turned to my friend and told her I need to leave and she said ‘so leave.’ and I left….and now I know the Truth!

  5. Interesting, because as I was thinking about this, the very scripture you listed at the end is what the Holy Spirit brought to my heart. Interesting that the counterfeit is represented by a snake, and the scripture is about the Father giving the Holy Spirit to those who ask. Also the Holy Spirit was bringing to my mind – you will know them by their fruits. Amazing your article said about what I felt the Lord was telling me.

    “If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a stone? or if he ask a fish, will he for a fish give him a serpent? Or if he shall ask an egg, will he offer him a scorpion? If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?”
    ‭‭Luke‬ ‭11:11-13‬ ‭KJV‬‬

    • Oooo! I like it! I didn’t even think to bring Luke 11:11–13 into the discussion about what Yeshua said about the snake. I’m going to go back and add that excellent point into the article, if you don’t mind. One thing I like about this blog is that we can all learn from each other, which makes us all better and stronger disciple of Scripture and Yeshua the Messiah. Thank you!

      I didn’t even add this into it, but the serpent spirit goes back to the ancient pagan Brotherhood of the Snake Hermetic secret societies that were rife in all ancient post-flood cultures. Many ancient native cultures tried to reform the skulls of their babies into serpent-like shapes, and skulls have been found in this shape pointing to the demon-nephilim, but that’s a whole other discussion. Bottom line, stay away from anything that has a serpent in it.

      The Hermetic societies all taught and teach and believe that there’s a truth in all of the religions, and that all paths lead to Elohim. Those who try to synch kundalini with Scripture and the gospel message have fallen under this demonic delusion to be sure!!!!!!

  6. I got the kundalini false Holy spirit. Its just a demon that masks as the Holy Spirit. I had the true Holy spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues and during my time with the counterfeit I couldn’t speak in tongues nor was I led to. I believe God allowed it becasue it was part of my spiritual discernment training.
    I think I got it in a prayer group brothers laying hands on me. Afterwards I started wrestling with GOD since this false spirits fruit was flesh and dark thoughts. After having it for a couple of weeks I started crying out to GOD ” how can I have a bad Holy Spirit”? It was on the second time that I started manifesting a demon. I started shaking and felt like I had drunk buckets of coffee. I went and self delivered the demon by commanding it out and praising and worshiping GOD!
    At first I thought I was stricken with a demon by GOD because I was blaspheming the Holy Spirit. I said afterwards to the same brothers who I got this from ” I will never blaspheme the holy spirit again” I got whacked by GOD it.
    It was months later that I asked GOD why don’t I have the drunk in the spirit, convulsions and waves of emotion anymore? then GOD connected the whole picture. I had a bad spirit got delivered and all the manifestations ( drunk, waves of emotion, convulsions, ticks) I thought were signs of the holy spirit were signs of a demon.
    My mother has a false spirit and had it so long that she cant hear truth because when she checks any truth about the spirit with ” the NOT holy spirit” it lies to her. When she speaks in false tongues its like the sound of an animal tortured in pain. I have told her but the demon simply tells her I am wrong and I am blaspheming the holy spirit.
    I hate the false spirits. Demons like anger or rage people may not realize the demons behind it but at least it isn’t trusted like GOD. Its recognized as bad even if it isn’t identified as a spirit.
    GOD is good and he has a sanctification process for his children.
    It is very important to close all sin doors, since if we willfully sin it opens us up to demonic oppression.

    • Amazing testimony. Thanks for sharing.

      In Luke 11:9–13, Yeshua said,

      And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened. If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a stone? or if he ask a fish, will he for a fish give him a [ kundalini] serpent [spirit]? Or if he shall ask an egg, will he offer him a scorpion? If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?

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