Greetings from Oregon, the Hitlarian, Holocaust Capital of America!

I live in one of the most scenic states in America with our world class coastlines, glaciated mountains, river gorges, canyons, pristine forests and waterfalls unparalleled for beauty anywhere. My great-grandparents moved here in the late 1800s. My children are fifth generation Oregonians. But spiritually and morally, this place is a cesspool hell hole! How can humans take such a beautiful place that Elohim has so graciously given to us and then turn into the murder  capital of America? Legalized suicide and now forced baby killing? Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin and all of history’s other demoniacs would be proud!

That’s what’ll happen if our leftist bisexual governor signs a bill that has just passed both houses of our state legislature, which she has apparently promised to do, that will force insurance carriers to provide free abortions to their members including illegal aliens as the article below explains and allocates state tax dollars to help pay for  it.

If this happens, all I can say is mega-shame on all of these baby murderers and may the Creator’s judgment come upon them all!

Please join me  in praying that somehow at the eleventh hour, this bill does not get signed.


Now the article.

Oregon’s Radical, Grisly Abortion Law

From  the National Review at

by THE EDITORS July 13, 2017 4:00 AM

Once upon a time, Democrats wanted abortion to be “safe, legal, and rare.” Today, that mantra is “unregulated, on demand, and” — in the state of Oregon – “free.” Oregon is preparing to enact a law that would force all Oregon insurers to cover abortions, whatever the reason, at no cost to patients. House Bill 3391-B compels insurers, public or private, to provide a whole swathe of “reproductive services” free of cost and regardless of income, insurance type, citizenship status, or gender identity. Because the bill prohibits insurers from shifting costs to customers in the form of higher deductibles or co-pays, private insurers will be forced to eat the costs — or, more likely, to distribute them among their customers through higher premiums. Medicaid (read: Planned Parenthood) will receive an extra $10 million from the state to cover the procedures. Rammed through both chambers of the state legislature on party lines, the bill now awaits the signature of Democratic governor Kate Brown.

Both California and New York mandate a certain degree of abortion coverage, but Oregon’s is especially aggressive. The legislative language is almost entirely unqualified. It does not exclude grisly late-term abortions (which take place long after the fetus can survive outside the womb), nor does it prohibit sex-selective abortions. If a woman wants to kill her unborn daughter because she wanted a son, her insurer has no choice but to cover that.

Oregon may have one of the most liberal abortion regimes in the country — the state has no informed-consent laws, no waiting periods, and no parental-notification requirements for minors, and conducts virtually no supervision of abortion clinics — but even so, the new bill is radical. Almost every state accepts the consensus represented by the Hyde Amendment, the budget rider attached to federal spending that steers most taxpayer money away from funding abortion procedures: namely, that abortion is a uniquely sensitive issue, and no one should be coerced into supporting it against his or her conscience. Oregon’s bill is a middle finger to that longstanding consensus.

Indeed, its exemption language makes that clear. In order to qualify for an exemption from the mandate, an employer must be a nonprofit whose purpose is “the inculcation of religious values,” and it must primarily employ and serve people who share the employer’s religious tenets. This is, obviously, a standard that almost no religious employer meets. Oregon’s Democrats are, apparently, only interested in one type of evangelism.

Needless to say, this mandate will almost certainly increase the number of abortions in Oregon. Liberal abortion laws correlate with higher abortion rates, and whenever something is free, there is more of it.

But, in the end, this mandate isn’t just about Oregon. In 1994, Oregon voters passed the nation’s first measure approving physician-assisted suicide, which, after surviving several legal challenges, was implemented in 1997. Since then, five more states and the District of Columbia have legalized physician-assisted suicide. Oregon has a way of being at the leading edge of troubling trends involving life-and-death decisions, and this would be one more alarming precedent.

Governor Brown, who is likely to sign the bill, has called opposition to it “an attack on all Oregonians.” In reality, of course, precisely the opposite is true.


11 thoughts on “Greetings from Oregon, the Hitlarian, Holocaust Capital of America!

  1. Never occurred to her that if some predecessor enacted such a bill, she may not be here, did it? What part of “Thou shall not MURDER” do they not get? If murder is the taking of an innocent life, who is more innocent than the unborn? I fear this is just a sign of the times yet in praying over this, maybe we should pray for her as well! May she have some divine revelation that will change her mind, soul and spirit…it has been my experience that He can use anybody, anytime, anywhere for His purpose…and so we do more than just occupy till He returns! Stay blessed, Natan and thanks.

    • Pray that she repents. If not, maybe as she’s signing the murder legislation her arm will become leprous, or her hand will become wither up or she’ll go blind so she can’t see the paper as a sign of heaven’s disfavor. That might put the fear of Elohim in someone, but then maybe not. These type of things happened in the Bible as warnings to the wicked!

  2. At the eleventh hour…yes, in the mighty and holy name of Yeshua! I am numb after reading this. It is the sin nature I hate so much. If they only knew what we know.

  3. Shalom All,

    the 11th hour is always possible but when 12 strikes look out all those who have not grasped hold of the mercy to turn from sin and be forgiven.

    Have recently watched a vid of a European Abortion Doctor who resigned after a disturbing dream about the parts of babies he had aborted beginning to move on the trays after 35 yrs of ‘work’ being followed by the very next day by the reality. …….

    When doing a late term procedure where the “tissue” had to be dismembered to be removed…. the fully formed arm and hand he placed on a tray but for some reason he placed it to touch a solution on the tray which made the nerves start twitching the arm and fingers and this happened to 3 separate parts of the baby & had NEVER happened in a procedure he had performed before.

    He then went home to be haunted by dreams of children playing in a field. In the dream he asked who were the children and was told these are all those you have aborted.

    Never before having any problem to perform such procedures as all his training had related it is “only tissue” and not human life. Now he associated his ‘work’ with the death of children at his hand…..

    On resignation from that work his pay went down to a third (if I remember correctly) and his family had difficulty with the institutions they worked & studied at too.

    He repented and asked Jesus into his life.
    Praise the mercy of such a wondrous King.
    Pray expecting to receive.
    Blessings to All.

  4. Luke 9:53 And they did not receive him, because his face was as though he would go to Jerusalem. 54 And when his disciples James and John saw this, they said, Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them, even as Elias did? 55 But he turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of. them. And they went to another village.’>56 For the Son of man is not come to destroy men’s lives, but to save them.

    • Okay, I get your point and your gentle rebuke. However, the time is coming when YHVH will no longer tolerate the murder of the innocents. If you read my post carefully to see what I really said, you’ll see that my prayerful desire is for repentance and if that doesn’t occur, then judgment. YHVH Elohim always starts with judgments unto repentance and goes from there. There comes a time when the righteous have to stop acquiescing to the wicked. This is why we have abortion in the first place—the church didn’t stand up against it! They took the wimpy, mealy mouthed approach. We’re talking about the murder of millions of innocents here!!!!!! Please, with all due respect, let’s get real!

      “Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? Who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?” (Psalm 94:16)

  5. I get your point also preacher, we should “speak for those who cannot speak for themselves” and definately make a stand politically for civil morality. But to say “Oregon’s Democrats are, apparently, only interested in one type of evangelism.” and “our leftist bisexual governor”. This type of speech alienates people instead of leading them closer to the Saviour. Yeshua was not a Republican OR a Democrat. He wasn’t a leftist or a right-ist, He was perfectly balanced between His Left and His Right (Gevurah and Chesed) and totally centered. (Tifferet) (one of the many meanings of the Cross is complete and Perfect Spiritual Balance.) Of coarse He did not condone sin but was much more harder on the ‘religious leaders’ than on the heathen politicians. He was training His disciples to be fixer/healers not alienators.

    2 Corinthians 5:19 “That is, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and has committed unto us the word of reconciliation.”

    With all due respect preacher. I think you do a great work for the Kingdom,but you are better than all that typical Jerry Falwell/Rush Limbaugh type of political jargon that only keeps sincerely seeking folks further and further away from Yeshua.

    • With all due respect, what are you doing to actively combat evil around you besides criticizing those who are? Please share your testimony with us.

      In all honesty, some of us have been in this battle for many decades and have even put our lives on the line in the process, and we’ve seen it all and seen and tried every approach to awake the sleepers and lukewarm. The time is late. The days are evil. Yeshua is returning not as a babe this time, but as a conquering king. In preparation, the Elijah and John the Baptist generation are rising up to prepare the way for Yeshua. That means confronting evil and calling a spade a spade, and calling people to repentance. Yeshua said that he came to bring a sword, and to set at nought even those of the same household with the truth and message of repentance. I can think of no better example to follow when confronting pure evil.

      Instead of finding fault with my choice of words, you should be glad that the watchmen are calling the nation to repentance as imperfectly as the vessels may be. Please reconsider, and perhaps pray for those who are sticking their necks out for the kingdom.

      Yes, we’ve been called to the ministry of reconciliation, but it is sin that caused us to become unreconciled from Elohim, and identifying sin and calling the sinner to repentance is the essences of the gospel message and will reconcile us to Elohim. Too many in the politically correct church have forgotten this. I am not one of them. Selah.

      • Shalom a lechem., I get the fact that you are angry with sin.So am I. (And wha I do for the Kingdom is between me and my Saviour) I am just saying that we can be much more effective in getting these laws implemented (while sharing the gospel with people form ALL walks of life) by just maybe refraining from sweeping generalizations like “Democrats are” and “Bisexual leftists” that. Plus, I haven’t read anywhere in the Torah where’ it was a sin to belong to the American Democratic Party and I still haven’t found anywhere in the Torah where it was a sin for a woman to ‘Be’ a bisexual. It is a sin for men to’ have ‘ sex with each other but it isn’t a sin to ‘be’ gay. Btw breaking any of the prohibitions of the Sabbath were punishable by death also which we are all guilty of. (I think John, Elijah and Jerimayah would all agree) I just think we would all be much more effective in our Kingdom Work by being a bit more selective in our choices of words.I have said and done worse things and the Savior has and is still dealing with me.I just thought that I could be of help from one good brothe to another. I guess I was wrong. I am not trying to make you look bad in front of your bloggers. That is not my intention.Please forgive my meddling into places where I should not be. Shalom to you always and your family and to all of the Mishbracha of Messiah.

      • First, thank you for you courteous response.

        When I asked you what your ministry involvements were, it was a polite way of asking what you have done personally to take a stand against the slaughter of the innocent called abortion. I personally know the evil, demonic spirit that is behind abortion and those who practice and promote it. I literally have stood on the front lines agains this evil with my life in physical jeopardy preaching the message of love, and I have seen the face of evil starring back at me. I hope you can respect that. At the same time, I have also seen the armchair quarterback Christians who have never been in the fight attack me and those with me for our style of activism, when in reality, they haven’t a clue what they’re talking about. I kind of have a problem with this! When I was more in the frontline battle trenches than I am today, I used to hear it said in response to those Christian folks critical of us, “I like better what I’m not doing very well better than what you’re not doing at all.” Wonder what the Father thinks? I recall what Yeshua said to the Laodiceans in Rev 3 about being hot or called instead of lukewarm.

        Second, the Democrat Party is the party of abortion. It’s in their party platform. No Bible believing disciple of Yeshua should be a member of such a party that has this as part of their core belief. Period.

        Third, are you kidding me that you don’t think the Bible teaches against lesbianism? So it’s contrary to Torah and the rest of the Bible for men to have sex with each other, but not women? All I can say is oy vey! For starters, this wasn’t Paul’s opinion re the Torah in Romans 1. In other words, are you saying that any spiritual principle found in the Bible that addresses a specific people, situation, gender, situation is only applicable to that specific people, situation, gender, but to any other. If so, we can make the Bible say just about whatever we want. This is dangerous territory to venture onto!

        Finally, I suppose you’d have a problem when John the Baptist, Yeshua, Paul, et al who, on numerous occasions, called political leaders, religious leaders and whole groups of people fools/idiots, snakes, sons of devils, white sepulchers, foxes, dogs, etc., etc.

        The bottom line Tony is this: We have to be led by the Spirit in everything we do. There is a time to be gentle in our speech and a time to be tough and categorical. There is a time to kill and to make alive, a time to build up and a time to tear down. If we kill when the Spirit is leading us to make alive, now we have done harm and we may be guilty of sin at that point. The politicians who are passing these abortion laws (in the state where I live) to kill more unborn babies and making me pay for it deserve a slap in the face and much more. They are reprobates and murderers. How do you deal with a murderer who wants to your children and grandchildren? By sweet-talking them? Get back to me after you see how that’s working… (At this point, think Isis!)

  6. Shalom all. It is good to see the body at work in honesty & the comments being shared even when not in agreement. Shared humbly. May we all grow to the height and stature of our most wondrous Master, Yeshua. FJ

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